Every Jew Will have 2800 Slaves when the Messiah Comes


Featured Image – apparently you must be at least 18 years of age to learn you are a slave….on Jutube.


Could this video below be the most definitive video on Youtube? Every ‘Jew’ will have 2800 slaves when the Messiah comes. Straight from the ass’ /snake’s mouth……note the quick shifty eyes, and the fat one’s teeth are shifting also – fkg snakes.

You have to be signed in and of ‘age’ to watch it to begin with.

Anyone would think it was porn.

Speaking of which – if you have ever actually visited a porn website – like a real porn one, as opposed to your everyday media whores –  you may have noticed that you can browse through just about any ethnic category – except “Jewish women”. Which is odd for two reasons really – one being that the Jews own and run the on line porn industry – and secondly because in our experience , Jewish women are the biggest whores you will ever meet.

Jewish Professor Says Porn Industry is a Weapon used by Jews Against Gentiles

Jews Control the Porn Industry – Youtube

Of course we are their slaves. We use their money to begin with. Every single transaction you do – a cut goes to the Rothschild banks. They slowly wiped out 10,000 bank teller jobs and replaced them all with on line software owned and run by Jews – then increased everyone’s fees by 3000%. Thieving dirty inbred snakes.

The Rothschild Family are the so called King of the Jews and the creators of the masonic / Satanic capital of the New World Order – Israel. Check out the new World Government ‘supreme’ (snake) court……

And seriously – where do you think all your taxes go? New Zealand could have rebuilt the bloody Tower of Babylon by now with all of the taxes we pay – and yet we can’t even seem to manage our roading network or hospitals.

Knowledge is the only power. They have all of the knowledge and feed you – the Goy / Lamb/ Cattle/ Sheep / Swine- a never ending stream of ball-shit – right down to the very shape of the plane-T we all live on.

They keep us all dumbed down so they can keep kidnapping and eating our children….that is what snakes do. The entire western political system is now run by pedophiles…..being bribed by the Rothschild snakes – so they can keep covering it all up…….

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States — that’s roughly 2,000 per day. May 8, 2013

They poison our food, our water and now even our air – with chemtrails.

Freemasonry is their ‘Satanic’ religion – designed to pervert the universal laws of nature. And you will see all of the same masonic codes, references and numbers in all three of the Abrahamic religions/ re-legions / military operations they run. When you put “ab” in front of a word – it means ‘ the aberration of’ something – abortion kills original Goy children – the Aboriginals are in fact the Original / or oldest traceable race on Earth – and Ritchie McWhore is of course the ‘straight white male’ leader of the AB’s…(cough cough).

The Abrahamic religions are simply the aberration of Ra – the Sun. The human race are the so called children of the Sun – the 12 Tribes of Israel – Aries through Pisces. These other satanic cnuts are the seed of Cain (or is it Abel – probably in reverse knowing these bastards) – the children of Saturn/ Satan. The 13th Tribe of Levi/ Evil. The snake people. And they farm us all like animals. Animal sacrifice and pedophilia – both came along at the exact same time – as well documented in their Bibles – with the Jewish dude Abraham – Christianity & Islam, behind which sits Freemasonry and Judaism. Christ is Christ – you don’t need to add anything after it – and when you do – it is NOT Christ – it is anti Christ. Christ-anti-y to be exact. Hidden in plain sight.

Now they have invented “the Illuminati” as another side show for the dumbed down cattle/ Goy…..and pay all of the transvestite / faggot Jewish and Goy entertainers millions of dollars to push the idea …..even coming out with a deck of cards which predicts everything they plan to do, so as to help sell the whole ball-shit conspiracy and scare the Goy away from seeking any of the actual astrological knowledge. And that is all it is – the cycles of the Sun – our savior – and the stars above …….the “all seeing eye” is just Sirius for fks sake – there above your head every night – also represented in the human body as the pineal gland…..man is the measure of the Universe…..

All of the aberration / anti Christ religions have ruled over the Goy for up to the past 12,000 years, throughout the so called “underworld” period…..Well guess what? We are now on the other side………

Keep in mind that in the Bible that these satanic fruit loop snake worshiping demons wrote – they are “God’s chosen people” – yeah well their God is a fucking shape shifting reptilian snake……..These fruit loops running around dressed in black – with their black Satan hats and black cubes – are the FAKE Jews – snake worshipers, of the synagogue of Satan. “The Red Dragon” /reptile is their God and the science of Saturn/ materialism / the black cube/ Kabbalah the means of control.

And they hide it all in plain sight. This is the only way to really get away with it. And they know that. Another Universal Law.

(Youtube blocking any of these – copy the links ! The Jews are the ‘fallen angels / the elohim)…

They currently hide behind a massive glow-ball-shit network of corporations, secret trust funds, monopolies and cartels  – which own almost every large company and service you can name – and tax you on almost everything you buy – a second time – after the pedophiles they bribe and control in the Government’s they own tax you a first time at source. In fact they tax you three times – also for the actual transaction. They tax the Goy up the ass – and back.

Just check out all of the satanic / Saturn’s rings symbols and matching black 666 cubes on their logos. Hidden in plain sight. Fkg snakes. 90% of all the World’s resources, funneled through this network of inbred, demonic snake worshipers. Leaching off humanity like blood drinking reptiles…which is exactly what the top ones are…….

Check it out – they own EVERYTHING….

Who Controls America?

Until NZ gets off the Rothschild pedophilia and blood sacrifice current-sea – we all continue to march off to our graves in ignorance – as soulless swine – like they refer to us all as – with “no direction”. Sacrificed in satanic rituals to their ‘God’ – surgery, fake medicines, fake diseases, chemtrails, abortion, avoidable road accidents, Jewish pedophilia rings, the fake Jewish masonic Churches etc etc…….

Hey Kim Dotcom – how about getting off your half truth black gown wearing NZ tax payer bludging fat lazy ass and design us a secure DOMESTIC digital currency. None of this secretive offshore “Bitcoin” glow-ball-ist ball-shit. Or you are out with the rest of them buddy – chased up trees – along with Peter Thiel – and let’s face it, you will not get very far. You will not be welcome here. Clock is ticking.

Most are blind to all of this – simply if you engage in their “blood sacrifice”/ satanic Jewish rituals – meat eating, porn, natural flavours, ‘thickeners’, preservatives, etc. You are what you consume….dumbed down Goy cattle and lamb for the $laughter.

They see us – and treat us – the very same as they see and treat their animals – rest assured. We are their food.

Somehow Santos Bonacci – while sharing all of the actual knowledge – has somehow missed all of this. If you listen carefully to some of his latest stuff, as he is interviewed by Jews and Masons – you can actually hear snakes slithering around in his roof. Even admits it.

We need the astrological knowledge – it is ours – it belongs to us. We don’t need the snakes………

‘Halal’ Animal Slaughter – straight out of hell

They are Reptilians. Slits if you remove 6 stars, reptilian Hegemony symbol. The 8 Ray star is the symbol of Reptilian universal ownership. They eat us and enslave us. The reptilian was the one that seduced eve in Genesis and made man fall. Reptilian was a shapeshifting supernatural being with psychic capabilities that seduced eve, putting reptilian seed in her. That’s why Cain murdered his brother able, reptilian seed. Able was from the seed of Jesus… Reptilians eat us and need too in order to keep shape shift human form. Over 800k people/children go missing in America every year. From alien( Demons/fallen angels) abducting humans at national parks across America. So it’s not aliens in the documentary They Live, it’s supernatural shapeshifting Reptilians. They Live.

ie) the Jews.


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