Hellers is from Hell – 666 – the Zombie Apocalypse Explained


Featured Image – Hellers – is from Hell – more  demonic Eastern European satanists, posing as business and food….and charity. 


Christian, Muslim, Jewish Abrahamic Satan worshipers.

Brain dead fkg demonic zombies and blood drinking vampires.

You are what you eat…..you are the zombie apocalypse….but are too thick to figure it out.

If you buy it and eat it – watch it……
This is what they do to you……..albeit usually more slowly…..its called ‘human farming’……

“Oh but we only use humane killing methods”.

Fkg retards. There is no such thing as humane murder and killing…..of anything.

Brain dead cowards then go on about how much they “love” animals.

You are under Jewish satanic / snake mind control you dopey cnuts. You kill – so they kill you in return. That’s how it works. Then they abuse your children as well…that’s part of the deal.


Animal and child abuse/ sacrifice – both came into being at the exact same time with the Jewish Abraham – the Aberration / Abortion of the Sun/ Ra – for the Swine (Ham). AbRaHam.



Christianity = Christ Anti. The perversion of Holy Scripture. Re Legion. An Army of Retards.

Read the fkg book they gave you…..hidden in plain sight – they have to tell you….before they kill you…..

It is called Human Farming.


“Thou shalt not kill.” – lest you be killed.

Eat dead food – you die. You are what you eat.

Feeding it to your children – so they die also.

Eating dead animals is the reason all of the zombie retards all get sick and die……but they are too thick to figure it out. You are not supposed to die you fkg retards…that is what the Jews taught you in their government schools – along with the magic glow ball Earth. You are a human ‘being’ – not a fkg animal. Divine beings. At your very best, you are that Sun you see each day – never dies – never misses a beat – sol invictus – who’s path is replicated exactly in your DNA. Your Father in heaven. Children of the Sun. Not children of the snake death cult. You poison your blood with animal blood. Like demonic brain dead vampires….because the vampire living dead Jews told you to…..dragging you and your children to their graves…..as per masonic design….the worship of death and blood sacrifice…..

Brains………give me brains……..or just some tortured dead animal flesh will do…….

And fuel efficient car driving, meat eating ‘global warming’ fktards – meat being the number one cause of deforestation and emissions. Fkg brain dead ‘liberal’ spoon heads.

Seriously – look at this shit – what you call ‘food’……if you can’t watch it – well stop fkg paying other people to do it for you…….Eating dead animals is the number one reason you believe all that shit on your TV – worshiping transvestites as your Gods……and believing everything the Jewish snakes tell you. Unconscious.

The dead shall rise

The true / only religion of peace – vegetarianism/ veganism






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