Google Censorship – Drops Media Whores Down Search Results


Featured Image – the Google Chrome logo which is clearly another 666.


We have noticed this morning that Google have dropped us down their search results – to the extent that when you search “media whores nz” which we have done every day numerous times for the past 18 months – you would usually see our website at the very top, with all of the various categories and sub headings/ articles listed neatly underneath the main website link.

Today all of that has been ‘wiped off the map’ and you can only find various tags and links further down the page. Perhaps they plan to remove those slowly over time also.

We always had to add the letters “nz” after “media whores” when searching anyway – because Google were obviously already making it difficult to find our site with a search on their search engine – when you searched just “media whores” they would bring up a link to a Wikipedia page showing details of someone in the USA over a decade ago who called themselves “media whores online” instead.

Despite our website having received well over 200 million visitors World wide in the past 18 months – if not double that – with the top article showing over 150 million views in the back end / hosting environment – Google’s ‘algorithms’ show a link to a now defunct “media whores online” from over a decade ago.

In fact we mentioned the other day that the entire site disappeared for a couple of hours last Sunday afternoon – including search results – with “database error” showing up instead – but then all reappeared later in the day. The Jewish / Khazar / German military high command – most likely based in Israel – or Putin’s Russia – must have thought better of it – but have clearly met again this week and decided to remove the site off their search results instead. Perhaps more thought police “sanctions” are to follow.

Oh yeah – and the Justin Davis Files now wiped off search results at the same time.

That is what we are dealing with here folks.

We are quite possibly one of the most well read blogs on the Planet currently – anyone and everyone with any political common sense is reading it daily – and Google are taking it open themselves to censor us. Not completely as yet we would note – but none the less, the lesson here is very clear…….

Google does NOT rely on “mathematical algorithms” – it is quite clearly another political tool of these demonic inbred ‘elites’ as they continue their quest to take over and control the entire World – and all of the Goy in it – using computers. We will be their ‘microchiped’ slaves. The likes of Google will determine your ‘success’, the size of your digital voice, they can wipe your business off the map if they don’t like your political views – the same language Netanyahu uses in his speeches – and the same thing these inbred psychopaths have done to Palestine, Christchurch, Kaikoura, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Argentina etc etc – using a mix of financial and military – and now digital – means.

Now lets do some simple math…..

Who controls Google ? Ashkenazi / Khazar/ German Jews

Now what has media whores been posting since last Sunday afternoon when the shit hit the fan and this top level military industrial complex (Israeli/ German/ Soviet /Jewish) decision was made? Well just go back and look at article headlines from Saturday March 10th when they started getting upset/ more upset. That is apparently the date we finally ‘crossed the line’. Also the first time we started mentioning the word German/ Germ-man with any real seriousness.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”  Voltaire (and yes, it was Voltaire but the inbred fascist reptile homos are trying to confuse his history now also – as they do with all of the great human beings of time – they make up shit, rewrite his-story and ruin them). 

We are governed over folks – by what might as well be an alien race  – and they are a bunch of highly inbred deceptive, lying, dishonest, cheating fascists. Who want you all on Bitcoin – the digital world order’s wet dream – a microchiped population – tracked on everything you do.

Oh yeah – and the first time we have even mentioned Kim Dotcom also……..said to eat more red meat than your average Komodo Dragon. Like most Germans. Get on a diet you half ass fascist – you are not our fkg hero……in fact the sooner you and the rest of your new age German/ Jew fascists are booted out of our once peaceful and prosperous Nation – the better….They are snakes folks – what some refer to as reptilian DNA…..cold pasty skin, always hiding behind reading glasses – can’t handle the Sun. They work against mankind – at night – on computers – the Synagogue of Satan – black is their colour…….showed up in NZ around the same time as the CIA Super Cities, smart meters….and meth……..Kim Dotcom and Julian Assange – two of the top hackers in the World – or the face of it at least –  the Justin Davis Files gone, Media Whores on its way out……anyone who mentions the Jewish / German pedophile rings – Reddit also censored over Pizza Gate – all of our politicians being bribed and controlled – while they remain silent – and push Bitcoin….and buy citizenships & refuge in 3rd World embassies. Apparently haven’t even figured out 911 was an ‘inside’/ Israeli job,  or that the Earth is flat. Assange kept back 99% of the Israeli leaks. Do the math.

Stay tuned for this shape shifter’s reaction……it could be swift…… probably has a kill switch ready to go…….they don’t like sunlight…….

Lights on – Rats Out……

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    I see they’ve taken Abel Danger down. Proves your point entirely.

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