Kim Dotcom Schmitz to Sue Kiwi Tax Payers for “Billions” #TheyLive


Featured Image – Kim Dotcom Schmitz – schmitz indeed. Are those teeth shape shifting?  Already cost Kiwi tax payers many millions after bribing his fat ass in here – now ready to order dessert. 


Kim Dotcom to sue Kiwi tax payers for billions – NZ Herald

Fk off cnut.

Bugger off you fat useless parasitic German/ Jewish lizard.

Nobody likes you

And we see through your bullshit

Fk off back to whatever rock you crawled out from – and take Peter Thiel and your useless fkg Bitcoin new world order slavery scam with you.

Fkg snakes.


The Kim Dotcom Hoax – Reptilian Alien Shape Shifter DNA, Pizza Gate, 911,Flat Earth..& Bitcoin #TheyLive

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