The Kim Dotcom Hoax – Reptilian Alien Shape Shifter DNA, Pizza Gate, 911,Flat Earth..& Bitcoin #TheyLive


Featured Image – Kim Dotcom. A total fraud and elaborate Jewish hoax – from start to finish. 

There is a demon/ alien race living amongst us human beings.

They give themselves fake names, then seem to come out of nowhere and suddenly have immense wealth and success…

Kim Dotcom (born Kim Schmitz,[6] 21 January 1974), also known as Kimble[7] and Kim Tim Jim Vestor,[8] is a GermanFinnish…Wikipedo

They like to refer to themselves as “Jewish” – but are in fact of the so called Synagogue of Satan

“It should be noted that Dotcom is Jewish” – Daily Blog (another ‘family’ member- leaping to his defense)

Judaism was once referred to as a religion – now it is apparently a blood line.

And a blood line of ‘shape shifting’ lying dishonest cover up merchants – who claim being “Jewish” can only come from your mother’s side of the family.

Eve in the Bible was said to have been seduced by a snake in the Garden of Eden – and presumably gave birth to a half breed lizard as a result.  With snake/ reptile/ skin shedding / shape shifting DNA. Cold blooded pasty looking types that seem to be afraid of the Sun, that then went around the Earth killing and eating animals, and trying to convince the human race to do the same. There was no abattoir in the Garden of Eden folks – rest assured.

And thus we – the human race – all ‘fell’.

Snakes are often said to have their ‘third eye’ open and are prone to what we call telepathic ability (can sense their prey coming without looking). This is most obvious if you go hang around a bunch of German tourists one day – and this is presumably how these lizards convinced  a human woman to have sex with them to begin with…so called ‘whispering in the ear’.


These people have also been referred to throughout history as The Children of Saturn/ Satan….and the Children of the $nake. You will see their snake on the tree $ symbol everywhere they invade and live and also in the words and symbols they use. Roth$child, I$rael, Per$ia, Ru$$ia (double whammy for the motherland) , the U$A,  (originally called America before it was conquered by these $nakes and their Federal Re$erve) etc.

They obviously control the World’s money supply – there is no S in the word dollar, or money – so why do we use a snake on the tree as the symbol? $. Because the lizard snake race own and run it – that’s why. And now also hidden in plain site on the Bitcoin symbol – the means by which human beings will all finally be microchiped and tracked everywhere they go, by these same globali$t snakes…..


Human beings are in fact the real “Jews” of the Bible – the so called children of the Sun (as opposed to the children of the $nake or Saturn/ Satan). We are the so called 12 Tribes – Aries through Pisces – despite the fact that we all look different and have different languages, which is just from living in different parts of the World (different climates and diets). Scattered around the World to be precise. These other guys – the half breed lizard people are the so called 13th Tribe of Levi/ Evil – because they constantly do Evil to the rest of us……

The shape shifting half breed snake children of Saturn are afraid of the Sun and usually hide under rocks and bushes from it – then only come out at night – to play computer games and work on their plans for World anal domination/ sodomy ……working at night against mankind. Oh dear…..doesn’t feel quite right does it lads…

False Image/ Idol 

The reptilian snake people are said to have arrived here on our plane-T along time ago – possibly fallen from the plane’T Saturn….then seduced human women – using telepathy perhaps – and had children with them. Yes, sex with snakes …….but many still do, attracted to the money mostly….

They are said to eat more red meat/ dead animals than your average Komodo Dragon (possibly a distant relative)…..while it is said that the very most ‘elite’ and worst of them actually feed off the “virgin blood” of human children – which allows them to keep their human form… well as shape shift……..oh dear…..

False Idols and Images 

Are the ‘Elites’ Drinking ‘Virgin’ Blood to Reverse the Aging Process?

They have slowly gone about infiltrating and controlling the minds of human beings/ the children of the Sun and our peaceful way of life by using an artificial/ alien masonic system and plan which basically perverts the laws of nature / creation and replaces it with a strategy of Divide and Rule instead eg) Apartheid Israel/ East v’s West Germany/ Red v’s Blue politics / Islam v’s Christianity / Key v’s Dotcom/ Dotcom v’s Hollywood ..and on and on. This has always allowed them to rule over the divided human population while they all became incredibly wealthy…and fat. They parasite off our attention, labour and energy ……..Oh dear….

False Idol/ Image 

They have given humanity an artificial counterfeit money supply which they control – soon to be replaced with a new digital counterfeit money supply that they also control (digital = die God T all = number 10 = SayTen)  and have used fake Masonic religions throughout time to also better farm and control us. Christianity being one obvious example – with Jesus dying at age “33”. Human Beings are supposed to all be Christs – not Christians. Christian being a subtle masonic reference to Christ-Anti/ the AntiChrist. Islam being another one that these alien lizards invented to control the Muslim World and better rape their resources. Islam meaning ISIS Lamb – the sheep of ISIS/ the Zodiac.

All of us are led to the slaughter by these alien shape shifting reptiles.

They have made their way slowly around the World – like a snake – eating and devouring everything in their path – and leaving a trail of pollution, poverty…and pedophilia everywhere they go.

They usually stage terrorism, war and other types of elaborate hoaxes designed to engineer the human race – while  their ‘tribe’ of snakes actually control all sides the whole time – even the justice system and of course the media.  This helps them give the illusion of being victims and allows them to rise up once again …like some kind of reptilian phoenix….oh dear…

Kim Dotcom suing NZ tax payers for “billions”

Hitler was a Jewish Transvestite Freemason

They invariably treat woman like shit – just as they treat everything else like shit – and almost always end up with failed marriages and an aura of sexual deviancy about them, with many more these days seeming to be becoming transvestites and / or married to transvestites…erm…not that we would wish to suggest this is the case here….but something to do with the snake DNA – the snakes actually being hemipenes/ A sexual/ homogenders. Thus the a-gender agenda we are witnessing in the World today as they build power and rap their homosexual / transgender tails around us…..

And with that brief introduction to the problem that we human beings face – we thought we might ask Kim Dotcom for comment – given he has so far remained tight lipped on it all – as far as we can tell – from Pizza Gate & the Justin Davis Files, to 911, the chemtrails, to the reptilian agenda – and to the flat Earth reality – just to mention a few.

Not a word, zip, nada.

Seems to have missed all of it in fact.

The so called king of the Internet – protecting every one’s privacy and our new age digital rights – has not said a word.

Incredible isn’t it?

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