The Tall Red Head ‘Homeless’ Jew who Runs the Meth on Auckland’s K Road


Featured Image – St Kevin’s Arcade K Road – Auckland – the hub of Jewish Sayanim intelligence for the Auckland CBD. Owned by Jews most likely. Would be interesting to confirm that…


Somebody sent media whores this article the other day and thought we would comment.

It actually ties in with something we wanted to post soon – another summary of all of the Jewish Sayanim spying activity around us – everywhere we go. Like a plague of locusts. Commie homo and pedo locusts at that. We think they are actually paid money to get our photograph, or any other information they can provide. Helps them build their psychological profiles and comes in handy for any future framing/ set up they are planning – which they do to most people who ‘wake up’ to the Jewish problem/ reality. Frame them or set them up somehow – and now a walk in the park with the new digital / 10/ SaTen control grid – anything can be faked.

And they are all pedophiles as far as we can tell. If they are using that spy App – they are part of the pedophile club – that much is clear. The ugly old fat evil commie women also. They were all abused as children and then pass it on down the family line. We even get these demonic old fat commie women trying to pass their daughters onto us – like scream up in their cars and race into the cafe etc, clear the only dirty table in the restaurant right next to us, then sit down and ask us about “Jacinda Ardern” or some such. Biblical. We are NOT joining the fkg family you sick cnuts. And stop pimping out your children for fks sake.

We have posted those Talmud quotes many times about how raping kids as young as 3 years old is deemed forgivable – but we suspect that is the watered down English version and that you will find it is actually required of them. They are all sexually and emotionally abused as children, then carry on the tradition. The seed of satan.

We need to sit down for a week and go over all of the footage we have of these inbred satanic freaks following us around and make a short clip about it. It is unbelievable. Some tourists, some locals, across races etc – but all Jews/ the Israelite children of Saturn.

Anyway – this article reminded us of some of the footage we have of Queen St and K Rd in Auckland.

Firstly you will notice in the article the number 33 again. In fact we posted this as an example the other day perhaps, in that article about the Nelson car crash, which featured the number 33.

Secondly you will notice that the article is actually in the news – meaning it has a 90% + rate of being fake Jewish/ Masonic bullshit to begin with.

Without looking into it too closely – we suspect you will find that the Jews are having trouble in Russia again. And fair enough. Putin has been exposed as a another transvestite Jew in drag – playing hard man – and the Jews are currently being kicked out of Ukraine – again (Vice news)  – and there are rumblings in other parts of Europe also. The World is well awake to the problem we all face now – just don’t expect it to be televised. And so it seems that the Jewish owned (mainstream) media are coming out with all sorts stories to help control the narrative.

There is some truth to what the Russian says however – because Media Whores has a few hours of footage of being followed around on K Rd and Queen St, and Ponsonby Rd – all of Auckland really – and we can confirm that some of the ‘homeless’ people are actually Jewish sayanim agents.

We have received some other information with this article above and been back today to go over some of that footage – and we have been able to put something quite interesting together.

One of these ‘homeless’ actors who is based up on K Rd – a tall skinny red haired guy – is the Mossad/ sayanim spy in charge of the meth dealing in that area. Said to actually be a Dutch origin Jew or something similar. Easy to spot – the only tall red haired ‘white’ homeless guy up there – and always hanging around, making a deliberate fool of himself. We also clipped him and mentioned him in one of our videos from up there – found it today but needs to be edited and put together really. Will try to get that done. K Rd and Queen St are littered with them – they own most of the businesses on those streets – the ones with money at least. Keep an eye out for the symbolism, black cubes, black suns, suns, hexagons, hexagrams, pentagrams, 33’s, 666’s, pyramids all seeing eyes etc. A few of the Muslim businesses also we should note – they try not to import antisemetic Muslims folks – rest assured – and certainly do not let them rent shops on K Rd – the awake ones have to drive taxis.

According to our information – the tall red haired Jew doesn’t sell bags of meth as such – he just runs it all. Mostly via the hookers and the businesses owned by Jews up around there. Most of the meth itself is kept at those businesses, many of them up stairs – as well as at a house down Great North Rd – number  676 or 678 or 680 we are told. Which is really a meth supermarket run by another Jew – people in and out all night long – been there for many years – local cops all paid off. Just watch the foot traffic to verify the number. Like a Mac Donalds restaurant they say.

So if the tall red hed were to be arrested and searched, the police might not find any actual meth on him – although probably would. The key to any investigation would be his cell phone. These ‘homeless’ Jewish spies have good cell phones – because they all need that spy APP they use to track targets – and how he found us of course. Plus they use ear pieces. Keep an eye out for ‘homeless’ people that actually look perfectly healthy – behind the beards and disguises – and with ear pieces in – they are communicating with each other right across the City – and the Nation.

The Jews run the meth trade folks – always have – everywhere they go. Not least in Nazi Germany as they took over. And the heroin. Illicit drugs are a weapon of war – and the only reason they are illegal to begin with. You can’t have crime if they are legal – and the Jews run the crime. As well as the prostitution – The Pelican Club, Felicities and Calender Girls downstairs bar on K Rd being Auckland City hubs for hookers and meth dealing also – all owned by Jews we are told. It is a military operation – Jews at war with Kiwis – and your daughters – as they have always done. And all of the top police in their pockets – in Auckland at least. That is how you get promoted. Same with the judges.

Scribe goes off Script – but corrupt judge Neave / Naive looks after him (while selling out the cops who arrested him).

We would also note that St Kevin’s arcade is a hub for these Jewish spies – the building is probably owned by one – there is a bar and a theater place there that they own and run and you will always see groups of these Jewish spies outside there -all dressed up (might be a bit quiet tonight though) – they are all actors, they specialise in acting for the Goy – as we see in all of the fake staged crime, car crashes, murders and terrorism they stage in our communities. Theaters are a hub for these Jewish bad actors – always a crowd of them down in the Queen St theater as well (St James?). In one of our previous posts about how these criminals have been following us around – we detailed how they tried to set us up for a fight outside St Kevin’s one night – the very first night we went out from our new Auckland apartment – tracked by our credit card or apartment door beeper – it was all acting – and luckily we didn’t take the bait…got close though.

All the World is a stage – and the Jews are the puppet masters behind the curtain – Media Whores 2018. 

Shakespeare adds to 33 in Jewish numerology btw – so his quote was only a half truth of course 😉

They Live folks.

But that is now one Jewish criminal who will have to be relocated quick smart – as a few million people both here and overseas read about him in the next 24 hours. lol. If not 50 million. And just in time for his Saturday night feast.

Lights on …rats out.


The Media Whores Story – Stitched Up by the Synagogue

Do Jews Run the Meth, Brothels & Prostitution Industries in New Zealand?

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