Transvestigations – Is Vladimir Putin another Jewish Woman?


Featured Image – actually that might be Annie Lennox. A different Jewish tranny and world leader at something else entirely. 


Well – probably thee most censored story on the internet folks.

And thus why we post it again.

Russia’s ‘hard man’, spy poisoning, Jewish leader – hero to braindead/ TV brainwashed / mindless communist retards and pedophile worshipers all over the World –  yet to figure out the Earth is flat or that NASA is a hoax, – or even that 911 was an ‘inside’ job……and yet still worshiped as a saviour by hordes of castrated Goy……

But could Vlad also be another Jewish tranny?

Plumbing the depths of the latest Jewish owned and run global hoax ie) the internet – going where none of the homosexual and tranny run fake bloggers and ‘truthers’ will dare…….

With Love. From Ru$$ia……

Media Whores transvestigates…..Vladimir Putin…again….


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8 thoughts on “Transvestigations – Is Vladimir Putin another Jewish Woman?”

  1. Lee says:

    The poisoning in the UK of the ex Russian or M16 spy (and his daughter Yulia), seems in this particular case something more like what Theresa May and her gang of political elite pedophile enabling child mass murder scamrades would get up to. Theresa May has a pedophile enabler and cover up specialist profile that puts Jimmy Saville or extraordinarily even the Zionist Netanyahu to shame. Feminists like Therasa May are the ones that hate other women (who they refer to as breeders), (of children to cannibalise), so much that they want to torture to death and gang rape and cannibalise other women’s children. While disguising themselves as their best friends. Very much like how the Maori invaders dealt with the Chatham Island Moriori back in 1835, the very same synagogue of Satan breed. Pretend to be their friends and then proceeded to cannibalise and enslave the entire population. She alone was responsible for 3 different judges failing to complete the elite pedophile investigation in the UK. Including selecting the corrupt NZ Judiciary witch Lowell Goddard and no doubt organising for Goddard to railroad the entire investigation. And under her watch it seems that the entire elite pedophile evidence collection went for a permanent walk into a frozen ice cave. She has got be “totally evil” to enable that stuff. Her politics are also to ensure that pedopohiles get adoption access rights to children. To share amongst her friends and other pedophiles to infest society with, no doubt. Putin must have the wood on her and so it could easily be a joint scam, between both parties, to stop her having Wikileaks etc emails leaked as to details to expose her actual agenda. After all they have the wood on pretty much everyone, so it seems totally bizarre that this Theresa May is still in business, without doing some deal like that. To kill the daughter however, is something that one would associate with feminists as opposed to Putin and company. That this matter is Theresa Mays pedophile enabling circus. When she came into power Jock Anderson, the Herald mouth for the National Party, who suddenly disappeared, described her with a big front page media propaganda as “little miss goody two shoes”. Which translated into non media propaganda English means “there’s some kiddie killing fun happening, this witch is the most evil of them all”. The killing of the Yulia would be a risky recipe for disaster and would not be part of the Putin political circus, especially when there are woman’s votes to account for, that is much more likely to be feminist viciousness against other women at work. A VERY NASTY EVIL CIRCUS much more likely to be the UK elite pedophile child mass murderers at work. Who got rid of all the evidence so they can continue to torture and cannibalise and mass murder UK children.

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