Ross Kemp on Gangs – Homosexual Freemasons…& Wrist Band Insignia


Featured Image – Ross Kemp – dressed in Freemason gang insignia

Wondering if perhaps ol’ Ross Kemp may have missed an episode?

Seems he may have missed the biggest gang in the World.

They like to use pyramids and nice 90 and 60 degree angles on their patches and logos. As well as the colour black.

And often use wrist band insignia.

Tried to do some research on it the other day actually.

Apparently black leather wrist band means bend me over and take me right now – or something similar…

While the multicolored ones just mean universal gay rainbow love apparently. Each to their own of course…

We shouldn’t knock the guy too much really – he did some very very brave work in that Syrian ‘war zone’…very very brave man….a real crime fighter…..


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