Jewish Passover – Easter Safety Announcement for the Goy


Featured Image – Jesus on the cross = Man in the 3×6 cube/prism/ prison. 666. That is all of you btw. Being slowly murdered, by consent.They glorify the violence of course. Love it. Blood sacrifice for Abraham – the Aberration of Ra for the Goy Swine/ Ham. 


“Even the best of the Goyim must die” – Talmud. ie) all of the Goy, even the most complaint of the cattle.

“Fk – it’s not us is it?” – Media Whores

Just realized Easter is approaching – spooky time of year really. The celebration of the Star that always rises in the East – our Saviour – and Father in Heaven – but marked by the masonic lizard people as a time of blood sacrifice to their snake God.

They say Jesus was crucified on this date of course. Most likely. They always choose special astrological / masonic dates. At age “33” – another favorite with the masons. There being 33 bones in the human back – regardless of what the ‘phd’s’ tell you. There is 33. If you can raise the oil / Christos up those 33 bones you will ‘ascend’ into the heavens – or activate the pineal gland in other words and be at one with God. AtOneMent.

Doing so requires cleansing the blood – and thus the mind. Only eating live food for one – no dead animals and thus no small feat for most Christians and Muslims. They remain blissfully unaware – as per Masonic religious design.

Read somewhere that Hitler was a vegetarian. He was said to have been killed on April 30th – although many claim that was another lie. That piece of history is about as confused as the time of Jesus.

It is anyone’s guess when Jesus died really but we would put that at roughly 12,000 years ago if we had to choose – at the fall of man. Or who knows, maybe one comes along at every change of season…..

Each time that Sun crosses into a new sign of the Zodiac/ heavens – roughly every 2160 years (360 x 1 degree shift every 72 years – we think that chart above is not quite correct, but you get the idea) – the Sun starts giving off a new energy. The Sun is reborn if you will. This in turn effects everything down here on this plane-T, not least human consciousness. Also what these fruit loops are calling ‘climate change’…and taxing you for of course also.

Human beings ‘wake up’ to which ever artificial matrix has been built around them and the lizard people (human farmers) have to scramble around trying to reorganize themselves so they can remain hidden…building new fences if you will. Human beings start to see them. Those who get too good at it are usually hunted down and silenced. They are like a plague of locusts. In fact insect people might be a better word than lizard people.

If you keep company with one or more of these lizard people – you will know it inherently. if you are human. Although probably can’t put your tongue to it. We are not given those sorts of words to use. It makes you a ‘racist’ for one. You are ‘racist’ if you care about your own race – that being the human race – all 12 tribes.

Cold eyes. Cold souls. The emotional reactions of a snake. They bite. They can only replicate (reptile) – and imitate (so they want to be your mate)  – no creativity of their own. Money is their God. $$ the snake on the tree. A never ending trail of blood sacrifice, wars and pedophilia cover ups left behind them, wherever they care to invade and rule. We are their food.

You will notice however – if you study that sine /sin wave diagram of long term history that this particular change of season is a little different. The Sun (and therefore all of us) have crossed over the dividing line and are now in the so called Kingdom of Heaven. Out of the dark ages/ the fall of man….where Abraham came along with his pedophilia and blood sacrifice. Out of the Old Testament and into the New would be another way of describing it. People hugging tries and going vegetarian – as we are all meant to be.

The so called Kingdom of God. Dropping out of the sky.

Man’s destiny is the stars. Rest assured. Just not in these bodies…and not before they stop killing things.

You know you can’t go past that Santos Bonacci stuff. Should be compulsory in schools – and always used to be – dating back to Plato and before. It would be again if we were free. Taught us almost everything we have learned simply by explaining what those letters in the alphabet mean. Highly recommend it if you ever want to decode the Matrix. You never will otherwise. Even if he does perhaps lack a little life experience so as to be able to see the snakes around him. Not least the ones living in his roof.

Anyway – Jewish Passover / Easter.

Everything starts in Aeries. You did too…


Technically the date is March 21st – but they ‘party’ on for a good week or two.

Keep an eye on your kids – because if they are going to strike you or your family – it will be like a military operation – with a small army of fake witnesses around to boot.

Car accidents are their favorite……..

TaXXX payer funded masonic image decoded – You are feeling sleepy, pull on over into one of these power poles……..

“The Christ” that they kill is each of us of course. All of the Goy. Some quickly, some slowly. Poisoned water, air and food. Fake medicines for fake diseases. Fake wars. And just good old fashion debt and inflation. 100 ways to die. usually death by a thousands cuts.


Until philosophers are kings, or the kings and princes of this world have the spirit and power of philosophy, and political greatness and wisdom meet in one, and those commoner natures who pursue either to the exclusion of the other are compelled to stand aside, cities will never have rest from their evils — no, nor the human race, as I believe. – PLATO, The Republic

#TrampleOnSnakes …..and lizards…..








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