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Media Whores mentioned something in passing the other day which we had initially hoped to give it’s own heading because we thought it was quite catchy: “Scribe goes off script” but was rescued by another corrupt NZ judge – possibly one of our most corrupt – Judge Raoul Neave.

Since then some more information has come to light and so we will drill in a bit here…..

If you read the newspaper article – it is clear that Judge Raoul Neave goes out of his way to protect Scribe, and then burns the actual police who arrested him – arguably putting their safety at further risk. Those policemen were called out to a local incidence in which a woman was being threatened by a guy with a baseball bat – who later turned out to be Scribe.

Now one might reasonably assume that the incident involved a drug debt or something closely related – but we think most Kiwis would agree that we would all like to avoid a society where drug dealers, gang members and just plain old thugs are running around with baseball bats threatening people – or worse – in our neighborhoods.

That is where the police come in. Often well intentioned and good people who are just arguably a little naive about who it is that runs the show and thus who they are working for – but surely we can also all agree that society needs some form of peace enforcement…and that those undertaking that role should be both respected…and protected…at least in so far as it allows them to do their jobs safely (while certainly not beyond that threshold).

So why is Judge Raoul Neave going out of his way in this story to protect an already convicted hard drug addict who is already on parole – while hanging out to dry the policemen who arrested him and defused any possible violent assault with a baseball bat in the ChCh streets?

Well regular readers of this website could probably spare themselves another 10 minutes in front of their electromagnetic brain frying de-vices – but for those still catching up, Media Whores will again explain.

We have long standing allegations that the NZ judiciary do in fact run the meth industry in NZ. As well as the pedophile rings – the two being closely related and always going hand in hand with the mafia.

Actually the quote from NZ author Greg Hallett is that “the NZ judiciary is the mafia and is instructed by foreign war criminals living in NZ”……also that “The judiciary shows itself to be a paedophile and crime creation movement whose primary goal is fatherless families.”

As we can all now quite clearly see, those “foreign war criminals” based in New Zealand are the so called fake Jews or demonic AshkeNazi bloodline who posed as Nazis in WWII, so as to create their new satanic homeland in Palestine, before all escaping off to Palestine and other nations themselves at the end of the staged Rothschild war, to continue their ‘Holy Cause’ or ongoing war against the ‘Goy’. And thus why humanity has had nothing but more war around the World since WWII. Along with the never ending ‘war on drugs’ which allows these ‘Jewish’ Nazi drug traffickers to keep prices nice and high and their prisons full….not to mention a steady stream of fatherless and/or parentless children to feed their apparent relentless pedophilia.

You can read quite openly about Operation Paper Clip these days of course – but like most things you are allowed to openly read about in the mainstream – you will only get half the truth. The glaringly obvious ommission here being that these “Nazis” were all in fact AshkeNazi / Khazar Jews. The fake Jews.


These are the people/ bloodline who are running the meth in NZ today. Hallett details how they ran the Mr Asia heroin syndicate also and cleverly painted up Terry Clark as the ring leader while it was actually Peter Williams QC who ran it all down under, on behalf of Prince Phillip. And Peter Williams being Winston Peters’ law partner throughout that time also. Do the math. Refer Greg Hallett’s work for all of the gory details – he was subsequently chased out of NZ by the same inbred mafia and justice system and now lives offshore.

They all sniff coke of course – the meth is just for the Goy.

It is not rocket science is it folks?

The never ending illegal wars, the never ending war on drugs, the never ending pedophilia scandals and child sex trafficking. And the never ending cover ups. Coupled with never ending tax increases – but the ‘system can never seem to actually get on top of any of the ongoing problems. Lol. They run it for fks sake.

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis Files

NZ’s Latest Masonic Murder Cover Up? Cindy George & Her 3 Children – Ashburton

These people who pose as our justice system – a clever play on the words “just us” – are the true criminals of our society. The mafia. They are not Italian. They are not ‘the Illuminati’. They are the ones calling themselves Jews. And they are not real Jews – they all eat fried dead pigs bum for breakfast to start with – which would be a far better description for them. You are what you eat after all.

Interesting around the same time the Scribe article was published – there was another article (which we can’t seem to locate today), about this organization…Grandparents Raising Children – and how the numbers of children needing adoption has skyrocketed in recent years under this wonderful new ‘liberal’ corporate globalist system. This is of course due mostly to the wonderful new ‘liberal’ meth industry – which the mafia (Judiciary) run. A sane society does not need a “Grandparents raising grandchildren’ government endorsed and sponsored agency folks – in a sane society, parents and grandparents naturally take care of their children and families themselves – they do not need the state – or state backed agencies – not least a state that refuses to investigate its own historic serial child abuse . – with new child sex scandals breaking on a fairly regular basis. The name of this agency perhaps masks the fact these are not the childrens’ actual grandparents raising these kids – they are strangers. They openly advertise for strangers. We would suggest that in a system of government run by known masonic pedophiles and drug traffickers – such agencies are highly suspicious and should be avoided wherever possible. How do they screen the volunteers? How many of them are from the ‘blood line’? We would also be somewhat concerned by their choice of logos….

Grandparents or family members helping to raise the children of other family members while they sort themselves out? Great stuff. Strangers being handed over to someones else’s kids by a Government and judiciary who are running the drugs and have a history of pedophilia and child abuse scandals dating back as far as records began and who refuse to investigate any of it? No fkg way. Stinks to high heaven. And you will notice they never bother trying to address the real underlying issue – which is Synagogue of Satan / criminal bar association and judicial mafia drug trafficking – which in turn provides them with a never ending stream of fatherless and parentless children for their child grooming rings.

That is the entirety of the agenda. Nothing to do with “justice” – it is a “just us” system they are running. And they are pedophiles and drug traffickers by any serious analysis.

And Scribe is a great catch for these inbred demonic criminals – a natural born leader and creator – by getting him hooked on drugs and into the gang scene (which is run by these same criminal lawyers/liars and judges, rest assured, via the drugs) – and then putting his story all over the papers – showing how easy it is to get off when caught – they can draw in many more lost sheep like him to help feed the cesspit. Drugs, sex, parentless children, child abuse, troubled young adults, lawyers, judges, more Serco jails. An endless cycle. Keeping them all employed – and receiving ‘bonuses’ on the side no doubt also.

And all of course funded by NZ tax payers. It’s a fkg circus these masonic lizards run. And it is as clear as day to anyone with half a brain.

The courts ARE the Synagogues folks. The judges in their black robes are the high priests of bail (Bal / Satan), the lawyers are the liars, and the attorneys turn you over. Selling your souls …via your birth certificate ….to the Devil/ Evil…the so called 13th Tribe of Levi.

And their time is up. Rest assured. It is written in the skies.

Scribe of all people should know this…….its called Scripture. Thy will be done.

In fact it is already done.

We are no longer living in the underworld era/ error. We crossed over some years back – and all has been revealed. These snakes can no longer hide. Just going to take a little while longer to catch on 😉

These drug trafficking and child trafficking snakes will just continue to rape our society as much as they can until they are finally flushed out and chased up trees.

Not that we are saying we have hard evidence here that Judge Raoul Neave is a child & meth trafficking demonic inbred Nazi lizard of course. We speak in general terms.

The best advice is of course “You will know them by their deeds”.

And we know he is a liar and a fraudulent criminal at best……

Let’s close with the other information that came to light about Judge Raoul Neave….

We have been sent reliable reports that he deliberately suppressed and / or ignored evidence in one Invercargill High Court case – black and white photographic evidence – as well as sworn evidence – so as to ignore the appeal of a corrupt ruling by Judge Kevin Phillips – another partner in crime. It is claimed this was done for political purposes and was thus the high crime of Treason – while under oath – one of the most serious crimes under NZ law. The man who provided us this information says Judge Raoul Neave came back from his lunch time recess looking like he had been snorting cocaine and/or had someone strategically positioned under his bench, putting a very suspicious look “of being high” on his face. They claim he was expert deception at its very best, pretending to listen to all of the evidence provided – then ignoring all of it in his written decision. A 13 year old could have done a better job.

Then we dug up these articles below which seem to back up the claim that Judge Raoul Neave is in fact a dishonest criminal, posing as justice…and thus not too much of a stretch to assume the rest is it?

Judge Raoul Neave was the “asshole” who let off the Auckland banker when he ran over a man in a road rage attack some years back. The banker was most likely a  member of the tribe also……

Interesting to note he looks a lot like Fonterra CEO Theo Spierings in this article – another one of these Dutch ‘Jews’ perhaps….they are all related to each other at the end of the day. Its a bloodline…and a family business. The Mafia. Mostly it all seems to tie back to the Motherland Russia the more we look into it. They are snakes.

Fonterra also of course being a front for these inbred drug traffickers

And here is another ‘Neave’ family member on his way up the judicial crime ladder…

Here is Neave warning against ‘vigilantly’ justice lol – while hanging the local cops out to dry….on how they lie….

The Synagogue of Satan – hidden in plain sight – right in front of our faces – posing as the justice system folks.

To quote Greg Hallett again “The person who wins a case in NZ is either a pedophile or closely related to a pedophile”. The newspapers are littered with proof of this everyday – they can steal $450 million off you – and get off scott free – but steal a few bob off them – it is jail time. Unless you are an All Black or otherwise famous of course.

The real crime here is tax payers still funding these snakes – then bowing down before them in their Synagogues.


New Zealand’s Most Corrupt Degenerate Judge – Kevin Phillips of Queenstown








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  1. Lee says:

    Santos the astrophysicist researcher has indicated that he “totally agrees” with the recent extensive material provided regarding NZ’s totally corrupt position in this NZ based Zionist synagogue of Satan enterprise. That began with the genocide of the Moriori in 1835 so as to illegally claim native title via the Treaty of Waitangi 7 years later, so as to rape the NZ population via land prices and interest on land prices in this day and age. There is no known right in Common Law to genocide a population and then gain “native title”, in fact the Common Law was set to prevent exactly this, so the common people would be protected from genocide of their population. To enable theft of land, via claim to native title, via genocide, has no basis in Common Law. Therefore the Crown has no legal claim to “native title” benefits. So the whole land ownership thing is just a criminal scam to milk the money of the people dry. That bankrupting the Zionists is the real deal.

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