Tranvestigations – Ed Sheeran is a Female to Male Transgender


Featured Image – Ed Sheeran / Shee ran. With the standard X symbolism. XXX/ 666/ HoaX HoaX HoaX. Everything these masonic snakes do is a hoax – designed to pervert nature and reality. 


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Ed Sheeran is of course another tranny. A female to male transgender.

The so called ‘elite’ bloodline ruling families have been doing it to their children for a long time and apparently more so in preparation for the new age / season of the Sun – Aquarius.

Everything these people do is based on astrology – the science of light – and the age of Aquarius is predicted to see something of a merger between the feminine and masculine.

This does not entail transgendering your children however. That is a masonic hoax. Everything they do is a masonic hoax designed to control the minds of the Goy.

A merging or mixing of the masculine and feminine simply means women will in general not be as subservient as they once were and men will be naturally more intuitive. Indeed we see it already.

This emotional and spiritual (if you will) merging of the genders is a real threat to the Masonic mafia that runs this world – or has done for the past few thousands years at least, so what they do is they seek to infiltrate and pervert it – by leading it.

Thus you will now see these inbred transvestites on almost every magazine cover in the shops.

The plan is to hold up these family members – who have been transgendered as children using growth hormones and related drugs – as leaders. Then these tribe members are always promoted to the top of industry and held up as heros – because only they can be trusted to not go off script and start spilling the beans – or start calling for world peace, no more chemtrails, no more sodium fluoride in the water, or just free internet or free electricity etc – all the things human beings would actually do immediately if they had any real power. By human beings we refer to the other 12 tribes out there – Aeries through Pisces, as opposed to the ruling 13 tribe/ house of David/ Children of Saturn.

Now Media Whores found ourselves whistling one of this girl’s songs today as we left a shop it was playing in. Very catchy.

And we certainly couldn’t give a shit if the singer is / was gay / straight/ tranny or whatever.

But the fact is that the powers that currently be – who by any serious analysis literally have snake or lizard DNA – seek to infuse some sort of sexualization into everything they do.

Look at that word. Sex. It contains the $nake and the X.

They made it up.

The actually word is love. Not sex.

Making love. Not having sex.

You create love – you are not possessed by snakes.

In the metaphysical sense – that is what they are saying when they use that word. No love, just possessed by snakes – for Satan/ X/ the destroyer of worlds. Sex.

These snakes have given the Goy that word to use simply to help destroy the 12 tribes/ mankind.

The Goy now run around trying to “have sex” – not much love happening. Lots of STD’s happening. Lots of unwanted pregnancies, lots of abortions, lots of baby body parts on the market – not least in Israel, the capital of organ trading world wide – closely followed by the USA whom they obviously also control.

These people who seek to sexualize everything – are snakes. Perverts and pedophiles. Not least the ones running the entertainment industry ..and the Governments….

The other thing that bothers us somewhat is these snakes constant glorification of being gay. Using their media and governments to convince everyone- especially targeting children – that it is somehow normal. It is not.

If Ed Sheeran is a female / tranny or is just gay – why the need to lie about it?

They are yet to find or prove a ‘gay gene’ but there are hundreds of studies, large and small that prove that being gay is closely associated with – if not solely caused by – child abuse – both sexual and emotional.  That is the cold reality.

These snakes rape everything – our economy, our environments and even our children. Even their own children. They are serial pedophiles and it is always being covered up. And the best way to cover it all up is to convince all of those child abuse victims that they are just “gay”. They have in fact built an entire culture around it – even a swatch of new laws – to make their child abuse look normal.  No – every study ever done suggests you have in fact been sexually and/or emotionally abused. The same snakes that did it just keep beating you around the head until you accept it……..much like they do with all of other Masonic lies and deceptions.

Ed Sheeran videos below the more important one. Distance yourself from those who abused you – cut off the apron strings – and study this guy below . And take a close look at some of your homosexual ‘leaders’ – they are most likely transgendered snake family members on estrogen or testosterone also. Media Whores doesn’t know many of these types but we bet they are always going about sex as well. We like to refer to such people as “perverts” – whether they are straight or gay or whatever. Or just plain old “snakes”. And yes there are no shortage of sex obsessed straight perverts as well – no need to discriminate, or lie about the facts.


JuTube blocking them? Search Ed Sheeran tranvestigations – Google images has more than Jutube

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      mediawhores says:

      Purple is used for the colour of God.
      Purple haze.
      Notice how many kids have that large/ wide jewish jaw?
      they are homogeneous. so they want everyone else to be also
      “let us make man in our image” – the elohim
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