The Race of Pedophile Lizards Living Among Us


Featured Image – Christian Jessen – bit of an expert on everything, but yet to comment on this particular issue ie) the truth. 


There is a race of pedophile lizards living among us.

And they feed off ‘virgin’ human blood. Children.

Strange as it sounds.

It is very much true.

After many years study and two years actually reporting on all of the bullshit – and we have looked into it all – this is the truth.

It explains everything. From the Bible through to all of the child abuse scandals etc.

Like us – most of you will start to see and hear claims like this and either be shocked or confused and walk away from it at first.

You will come back to it rest assured. And finally end up waking up to this reality. We are all about to.

This is the time we are now living in. Call it Revelations or Disclosure etc. We are about to witness it all go down.

May you live in exciting times 😉

Ask yourself this very simple and obvious question – why when up to 800,000 children disappear into thin air in the USA each year  (2000 kids everyday – yes, really) is society focused on all of these other ‘important causes’ such as climate change, dolphins and whales, plastic bags, or refugees for that matter, or even homosexual marriage?

How is the fact that at least 2000 children go missing every day in the USA (just the official numbers) not more important than the rights of that same number of fully grown adults to immigrate to a safer country out of their country that we are currently bombing? Why do governments not simply stop bombing their countries and use that money to search for the missing children in their own countries instead?

It is very simple stuff isn’t it.

It doesn’t add up. It makes no sense. At all. It is madness.

How are hundreds of homosexual pedophile British MP’s – dating back 50+ years – allowed to get away with raping thousands of British children at ‘elite’ after work functions – in fact murdering a large number of them – and then the entire investigation goes nowhere? Thousands of testimonies and claims – not one arrest.

How is the NZ government and its agencies able to sexually abuse thousands of Kiwi children over many decades and then simply refuse to open an investigation into it? In a so called democracy no less.

How come when a NZ man comes out with 50 pages of incredibly detailed information about child rape gangs (in fact entire families of child rapists) operating within NZ – some of whom are drugging and raping entire classrooms of children – even entire families in their homes – all we get is a blanket code of silence, not even acknowledgement from the police or system, while the man who made those allegations is eventually made homeless? Victimized.

We could name many more examples of this – such as the Roman Catholic Church scandals,, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormons, the Labour Party, all of the never ending Royal Family pedophile scandals (British/ Dutch) and on and on.

It goes right back through modern day history folks – and it is always being covered up.

Relentless and ongoing pedophilia scandals – across all institutions – and never any proper investigations or arrests.

And here is why.

There is a lizard race of pedophiles living amongst us. And they run the current system of Government…and the media.

It is a bloodline – lizard DNA – passed on down through the family blood line – some claim on the mother’s side. And they are all in on it…..

It has been well documented back through out history, in the Bible, stories of vampires, etc – but always covered up and then made to look like mythology.

Most often they seem to be homosexual pedophiles.

The good news is – humanity goes through stages where we all start to wake up to this reality – and finally flush them all out – and back underground where they came from.

As they push for their ‘final revolution’ of normalizing and legalizing sex with human children – they become over exposed. This has always been the turning point – as described in the somewhat watered down and heavily edited scripture…Exodus 1:22.

Sadly – they eventually claw there way back over time – like a snake coming down a tree – as we all slowly let our guards down. Although this time it will most likely be another 12,000 years before we allow this demonic rot to set in again (ref previous article).

The Greeks used to hold night time hunting parties where they would go out into the forests with torches and chase them all up trees. They did this to keep their families/ wives/ children safe. Those days are about to return – and we are all about to see it happen.

At present of course – due to all of the media programming and mind control – we are still in the situation where human woman are still marrying these homosexual pedophiles (mostly for their money) – and then simply resorting to plastic surgery, high fashion…and jogging…when they start to realize a few years later that they are in fact married to a serial child sex offender. Hardly ideal. Human woman who are married to one of these serial pedophile lizard DNA freaks do of course need to start running – but the trick is to not come back. They will get to see their kids raped as well. It is written all over their faces (and bodies) by the time they hit 35 or 40, if they choose to stick around. And same with human men who are married to one of these lizard bloodline females – they end up broken and pathetic. Slaves to them and usually pedophiles themselves. It is the same across the genders, their souls get sucked slowly from them.

“Thou shalt not fk lizards” – Media Whores 2018

And they do have the most money these days of course – because they are running the governments and therefore most industry as well – all of those people you see on your TV each day, skiting about how great everything is – while plastered in make up like …well…like demons…..and all covering up endless pedophilia scandals.

False Images – unsure if all related – but certainly all helping cover up the pedophilia.


These vampires also have psychic abilities – they can predict your next move and thus prepare an emotionally targeted response. The best defense against this is your diet. Cleanse the body, thus the blood and mind. Nothing to leech / parasite onto and then control.

What needs to start happening – and we are all about to see it – is for the entire human population – the other 95% of us – to start trampling on these snakes and lizards. Calling them out. In their homes and in public.

At first these pedophile lizards start gang stalking you using the government apparatus and private investigators etc – but they will run out of numbers soon enough – once it catches on – and their mind controlled slaves start to wake up to what they are and turn on them. And so it is written.

And they are by no means all powerful – they hide behind their money and fame – but they run like frightened insects when confronted. Take it from us.

They are answerable to a much higher power – and they know it. They are in fact scared of it. The Light. And they know full well the time we are now in. The game is up. Their entire facade is about to come crashing down.

All you have to do – is the right thing. Speak up….in fact learn to shout it out loud… them what they are……..and shine that Light on them.



Tempted to post all of the lizards we have on file – a few hundred- but lets leave it at that – they are all on your TV each day anyway, hidden in plain sight. 


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8 thoughts on “The Race of Pedophile Lizards Living Among Us”

  1. Young people are reported missing. It is filed away. They are found and no one bothers or thinks about informing the police. It happens all the time. I think I read somewhere American Welfare Authorities estimate 2% of missing young people were kidnapped and sold. That is 40 a day, that is about 15,000 a year replenishing those still alive. Charles Manson in the 1930s was sold. His step father days later repurchased him from the slaver. The rest is history.

  2. Lee says:

    Cardinal Pell, previously in charge of the Vatican finances has more pedophile case charges being filed against him. Cardinal Pells’ investigation began with the community shock waves created when Detective Peter Fox claimed that a totally corrupt Catholic Mafia was in the NSW police and getting pedophile priests and other kiddy fiddling and ponytail pulling scumbags off their charges. Moving other police off pedophile cases etc,
    Thereby enabling the child sex trafficking that Cardinal Pell has been charged with.
    YET Australia had only a maximum of 20% pedophiles located in the various church branches, (highest in the city branches/business franchises, with country areas at around 7%). Whereas the highest being the NZ St John of God, connection at 40%.
    Meaning that there exists a potential double of the Australian Catholic priest pedophile activity, being ready to be found and protect and remedy children affected. In New Zealand. The Australian Catholic priest percentage of the religious groups was 37%, meaning that the NZ connection has a potential (and very probable) doubling Catholic priest pedophile rate of not less than 74% of the NZ religious groups.
    That in fact NZ was and still is being used as a training base for community pedophile infestation by the Catholic church, with a similar Catholic mafia in the NZ police. With the massive problem of youth suiciding, in order to get further get rid of evidence of Catholic priest pedophile infestation. There is no way that double the number of youth and other suicides can be accounted for without NZ being used as a base to train specialist suicide teams of kiddie killers, to be used to suicide children and others internationally.
    In Australia a massive 60% of all pedophiles were church based groups (not including those ones covered up, evidence gotten rid of by the church, priests hidden etc, which would probably upgrade the real number in Australia from 60% to at least 75%). While getting community trust grants etc for helping out the social misfits etc, that their business franchise created (which sounds very Zionist.
    That makes Kim Dotcoms law suit of Billions of $, compliments of John Key’s kiddie fiddler Zionist legacy to NZ, look like chicken feed money, to be stolen from NZ by fraud and deception. (Fraudulent taxes aren’t enough).That they have a business franchise system based on totally destroying the glue that holds society together (children), very Zionist. While simultaneously totally destroying faith in the Church (very Zionist), and getting public funding to do all the above and more (very Zionist).
    When Ross Meurant claimed on nationwide talkback that the NZ police were “totally corrupt”, was he just referring to the Catholic mafia infestation. The point being that totally corrupt means satanic and the Zionists are the synagogue of Satan. Totally corrupt is quite different from very corrupt. Very corrupt means there is room for improvement. Totally corrupt refers to religious corruption or corruption as a religion. Which is Zionist.
    NOTICE that a USA famous personality who likes sodomising little boys (see $65,000 paid for importing ‘hotdogs’ (little boys/catamites) from Chicago for a Whitehouse party) and much more. OBAMA who many claim was the worst President in USA history, as well as the most corrupt. Has arrived in New Zealand. ADD TO THAT the fact that it is schoolteachers who are found to be most involved in child sex behaviour. ADD TO THAT that Northland has been found to have both the most youth suicides and pedophile problems. ADD TO THAT that a school teacher has just come down to join the NZ First or National party. ADD TO THAT that the golf rounds organised by the pony tail pulling kiddie fiddler are to be played in Northland, with Obama who is established to enjoy sodomising little boys.
    And it looks very much like the very reason that school teacher came down from Northland, disguised as a new political appointee, in the past week was to verbally discuss and verify details of where the children to be sacrificed were kept in Northland for the pedophile sodomist kiddie pack rape and killing parties, that such elite pedophile Satanists are addicted to enjoying. That the screaming of little children while they are being tortured to maximise adrenaline and terror, before raping and killing them and drinking their blood and breaking their bones and sucking out the bone marrow, is totally addictive. Once the first apprenticeship several layers of Zionist psychopath training are passed.
    Anybodies kiddies gone missing recently? Or was that the real reason behind Jacinda visiting daddy on Niue island recently. To make sure that the kiddies were ready to be transported, from the prisons he is in charge of. He was supposed to have been transferred to Wellington. Wonder if that was the real reason behind the smile on Gayfords face?

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