Gang Stalked for Exposing the Pedophile Lizards


Featured Image – the creepy little homosexual / tranny Arab snake who was following us down Queen Street a few months back before we stopped and pulled out the camera – he then walked past and sat down to see what we would do next – his eyes on our camera the entire time – updating his bosses on his cell phone – speaking Arabic. We have hours of this footage – need to make a condensed 60 min doco on it. “Stalked by Sayanim”. 

When you wake up to the fact that we are farmed by a lizard race of demons – most of whom seem to be Jewish – or claim to be Jewish at least – you get gang stalked. They sweep in from miles around to try and intimidate and harass you. Pulling out in front of your car, taking your photo, making noise etc.  They also try to sit next to you and make friends.

They are across races we would note – we have been stalked by Korean ones, Chinese ones, Arab ones, Israeli ones, Brits etc. The raping and pillaging by this gang has been going on as long as the ‘globalisation’ has. All of them are the so called children of Satan / the Israelites/ 13th tribe demons. Or just the plain old Sodomites might be the best description.

The entire agenda is to try and persuade you to back off and stop doing it – stop exposing them.

In our experience they offer you girls, drugs, friendship etc – but only to try and corrupt you. Same with the friendship thing – so they can get closer and try and poison your mind or subtly change and influence it.

If you are friends with any of these lizard people –  they will be poisoning your mind also – slowly turning you into a pervert, drug addict or satanist etc. Or just plain old poisoning your food, drinks or coffees while you are not looking.

Everyone must die for Abraham/ Jehovah/ Yahweh/ Allah etc – their lizard God.

That is their job. Farming human souls. They want your soul.

We posted this video below among a few the other day – but only just finished watching it today. Incredible. This guy ‘Richard Bruce’ has 10’s of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of followers on his Youtube and website – but they hack the views down of course, just as they do with us. This video shows you the extent of the gang stalking if you get a big enough voice. Greg Hallett has described the same thing – his Youtube videos only show a few thousand but would be well into the 10’s of millions.

We currently get upwards of 2.5 million readers every few days – but wouldn’t be surprised to learn it was 10 times that. When ever we invest time playing around with the puggins it comes back at 10-100 times more views than they actually show. Check it out…screen prints taken tonight…

Then gangs of Jewish Sayanim spies start following you around, outside your house etc. They also deploy government staff and council employees to harass you or spy on you. Police, gardeners etc. A council worker came and shone his torch in our vehicle window the other day at 6am when we had driven down to the lake with a take away coffee (just woke up early and felt like a drive) – a dirty little Indian pervert staring in the window – and even two armed offenders squad members stop in for coffee the other day while at the cafe. They were good lads – don’t have a problem with good straight up people. Can look you in the eye and be courteous. Who knows, they might even be keeping an eye out for us.Lots of good people in the system, as we have said before. Its the people running the show behind the curtains that we are concerned with.

Two more Sayanim below who followed us into a library down South the other day. Followed us there from our accommodation in their white camper van. Sat down behind us and then the girl got on her cell phone and started yapping – in a bloody library – just to make noise and piss us off. You do not go to the library to make phone calls on your cell phone. Harassment. Note the creepy male Israelite – hiding behind those black reading glasses. The mind control handler. Lizard DNA – can sense it a mile away these days. No souls. And probably trying to pass off another Israelite prostitute to us. That’s how they roll….

And two of our on line stalkers – Steve Wall and Robbie De Zeeuw. Not that we have any evidence they are lizard DNA as well – but why so upset lads?

Here is a good idea. Don’t stalk and harass us. If you don’t like our work – bugger off. Or be made famous.

Anyway – check it out below – gang stalking by the US government for exposing lizards.

Might add quickly – David Icke is not gang stalked for exposing lizards – but this guy is. You know why? Firstly because Icke is a lizard himself. “Icke! Its the lizards!”  – another of these fake names. They knew it was all going to come out – so set up and lead the ‘opposition’. Secondly Icke doesn’t quote the Bible – his job is to lead you astray. Thus why he was exposed when flat Earth started to break. They only stalk you if you mention Bible quotes…and lizards. because all of the answers you need are in there – although often disguised – Santos Bonacci can teach you those bits. They fear it 😉

Might also add – Richard Bruce has included a lot of stuff from some of these Icke style fear mongers in here. Don’t pay too much attention to all of the flesh eating and big sharp teeth stuff. Most of these people are just Jews spreading fear. That is their job. So just #TrampleonSnakes and watch what happens….that’s all you gotta do. Call them out and expose them……and all of the bullshit they try and feed you. And they vanish like vampires. They don’t like the light. Bruce does some good stuff on the Chemtrails here also…..

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9 thoughts on “Gang Stalked for Exposing the Pedophile Lizards”

  1. Mike says:

    Check out the reports of Alex Newman, a real journalist working for the the new American. They have exposed the deep state bureaucracy as being some 498 lawyers, who then employ some 10,000 civil servants, behind the name SES. Senior executive services. A paramilitary organisation with its own flag. That in fact the sickest creatures in the deep state swamp are lawyers.No doubt controlled by the “city of london”. Clony, Mueller and Rosenstein are known to be employed by them. They train their chosen inbreds into a globalist agenda right at the start. As terms of employment to get the big $. They then pay them nearly double the salary of other public servants and get full pay even if they stop immediately for no reason. There is no cross checking on their past, so creeps like the Podesta brothers and whoever they like can get employed by them. No doubt the under $40,000 contractors, that they refuse to divulge to Penny Bright, by the Auckland City Council get paid similarly. With no bid contracts to whomever they like as long as they fit “the agenda”.

    Just wondering that since John Key borrowed some $60 Billion, which at 5% is some $3 Billion per year to pay back only in interest. THEN the $590 Million the freedom campers are said to produce as internal growth income, NEEDS to be increased some 5 times to reach the $3 Billion mark. That NZ now pays per annum to his ZIONIST BANK buddies. $3,000 million is 5 times the amount of money provided to the internal economy by the entire army of freedom campers. How much is the whole of tourism worth??? Almost enough to cover the $3,000 million interest payable per annum.

    1. mediawhores says:

      key not a lawyer tho. a jew
      zuckerberg jew
      larry page jew
      pope, jew
      putin jew
      british royals, jews

      guess who the bar work for?

  2. Hi
    We were drinking in town the other night and were approcahed by a middle eastern looking guy. He walked right into is as if to start a fight, as a struggle insued he was wispering what we knew about mediawhore and who was behind it. After the struggle it was as though he just dissapeared. Very strange.

  3. John says:


    A Dunedin lady recently complained on radio talk back that her new CLEAN AIR ACT fireplace goes through 3 times the amount of fuel as her earlier fireplace, to keep her home up to being warm enough. (which has international standards). OBVIOUSLY that means 3 times the amount of fuel AND 3 times the amount of emissions. SO PULLING OUT THE NEW ONES AND REPLACING THEM WITH THE OLD ONES, will reduce carbon emissions by at least 200%. The older ones are also made of longer lasting materials.

    Since Auckland has the dirtiest power in New Zealand due to the continued use of coal and gas by the Huntly power station. That was meant to be stopped at least 10 years ago and has kept creeping into the future. Then replace the Heat Pumps/ Air conditioners with fireplaces (the old sort that can be reduced to burn over night) for winter warmth. This will reduce carbon emissions by about 400%. BECAUSE carbon emissions are based on coal power plants such as Huntly and the the average home goes through some 3 cubic metres of “above ground carbon”, which accounts for almost 1 tree. Whereas the average heat pump by these emission standards goes through about 4 trees.

    400% reduction and 200% reduction on winter carbon emissions, sees Auckland setting a great international goal.

    I’m sending a copy of this to Greenpeace, so they know you have the details and can correspond as well, since the Huntly power plant has been a bit of a conservation problem and does not look like going away EVER.


  4. Sham says:

    Bro speaking of a fake fkn snake, Jacinda ardern/peter thiele appears to have these two freckles on her at the bottom of the neck, one on top of each other .. however, I found a few photos of where these freckles didnt appear.

    Does this photo look like any of the kids are enjoying his company

  5. Sham says:

    They fear the fk out of exposure bro.Keep up the awesome work!! It becomes fkn obvious when these demons stalking you. Good stuff for capturing it and recording it man. like you say, you feel it and see it. Heaps of weird creeps start lurking around anytime you share some truth.

    I am finding that anytime you mention Ancient Maori teachings to these souless pieces of shit they get rather fkd off, sometimes sweat,become racist, and give the worst justifications possible about why things are the way they are now. These masons and lizards defend the current system like its faultless. Pure skum bags

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