Obama the Lizard King Visits New Zealand


Featured Image – Obama shape shifting. Nothing to see here.


Obama the Lizard King is visiting NZ. Or one of the Lizard Kings at least – we wouldn’t want to discriminate.


New age ‘liberals’/ spawn of Satan from across government and industry will be slithering all over each other for front row seats.

Not least Shane Jones – the Kiwi politician busted booking up “porn” in his tax payer funded hotel rooms. They didn’t tell you what type of porn of course – but you can guess the rest. Enough to make him play ball for the rest of his career.


Lizard King Obama decimated the US economy, carried out well over 2000 drone strikes in the Middle East for Israel,  killing an average of 17 innocent people each time, escalated the wars in Syria and Afghanistan, and over saw the close down of entire cities in the US, record homeless, record meth addiction, and the suicides of an average of 22 US army servicemen every day during his reign of terror. He cleansed the US population with his policies – as per masonic design. He is a mass murderer extraodinaire. As all of these lizard people are.

Do we need to mention his mother was a Jewish porn star?

His mate John Key – another child of a Jewish mother – oversaw the murders and deaths of up to 400,000 Kiwis during his reign – via vaccines, the poisons in the food and water, meth, underfunded hospitals, the old people’s rest care death camps, Goldman Sachs ‘earthquakes’, the housing crisis, record teen suicides, farmer suicides, record road tolls, and too many other government designed murder vehicles to mention really.

And Jacinda Ardern – another Jewish man dressed in drag – will no doubt be tasked with doing the same – while importing as many new Goy slaves as she can to help cover up the statistics.

Their only job is to mass murder Goy. Chief EXECUTIVE Officers of Rothschild owned globalist franchises, posing as nations.

These mass murdering snakes and serial pedophiles should be chased up trees – not worshiped as Gods.

Thou shalt not worship snakes and pedophiles – Media Whores 2018



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8 thoughts on “Obama the Lizard King Visits New Zealand”

  1. Mike says:

    Querstion time. WHATS WITH lizard man Barrack Obama going to Waiheke Island.
    Waiheke Island is where Peter Williams the drug trafficking mate of Winston Peters used to run the sex parties from.
    Waiheke Island is where the 1080 poison the whole of New Zealand, and get $28 million tax payer dollars to play with, creep ROBERT FENWICK has his operations base. Barrack Obama was seen having a fortnights holiday with Richard Branson just prior to Richard Branson coming to NZ and planting the tree along with Phil Goff (see Helen Clark/murder/Gregg Hallett) on black moon day (the day the Jewish Zohar recommends to let evil into the world) to celebrate the mass 1080 poisoning of NZ native birds (6 dead birds per hectare nationwide minimum) with “pest free NZ by 2050”. Branson of course very noticeably loves dressing up like a fairy princess and has his base next to Pedophile Island in the Virgin Island group.
    The point being that Woodrow Wilson the US President was set up to appear to be the super goody goody philanthropist, conservationist for quite a long time, and then he was used to put through the Federal Reserve Act which robbed the American taxpayers blind. SIMILARLY this ROBERT FENWICK has been set up to look like the goody goody philanthropist conservationist, before ramming it right into NZers with the “pest free NZ by 2050” scam. With Richard Branson popping by to plant a tree on the special day to let maximum evil into the world. Alongside Phil Goff. Who would have be the most treacherous piece of dog sh*t next to Helen Clark and Margaret Wilson and John Key that this country has ever been scammed by.
    So what’s really on Waiheke Island that has the pedophile bloodlines and their hangers on, so excited by. Maybe this Robert Fenwick holds the key. Certainly his great grandfather got loads of secret money in the late 1800’s to take over the media in the Otago area.
    This Barrack Obama managed to increase under his watch the opium poppy growing in Afghanistan from some 150 hectares to over 120,000 hectares. Presumably child sex trafficking expanded just as quickly through the area, as the drug running and child killing with this group go hand in hand. Maybe Waiheke is where the children for the Auckland sex party and killing market get held. Via Niue Island.
    Under Barrack Obama’s watch John Key ran that scam where the NZ Navy vessel Te Kaha picked up all that heroin, with a US Navy vessel escort and was seen to be dumping it at sea (yeah right). Front page news even. Typical Key. John Key just loves showing off and shoving it in our faces and rubbing it in, wonder just what he does to little children once he gets his hands on them in the kill room. He must really love shoving their faces in it. Because the kiddie kill room is where they advance in their psycho sadist degrees to go up the money ladder. The higher they go up the money ladder, the more extreme and more vicious the kiddie killing techniques that are filmed and incorporated in their psychopathic training to please the boss and get that extra Teflon coating from that which cannot be touched. YET. Although the wolves (as the Zionists class themselves in the Talmud) do need to be aware that the flock of the good shepherd do have wolf hounds to protect them. “Irish wolf hounds”, in particular, make very short work of wolves. There is an archetypal legendary figure associated especially with the Anglo Saxon bloodlines, to this degree, who goes by the name of Culcuhainn, a real bad ass man wrecker, who traverses all seven heaven realms with his wolf killing hounds. As an archetypal energy factor that probably exists from pre Neanderthal times.

  2. Fear is a sin says:

    The guy/gal is a dangerous piece of work, noticed he made important announcements regarding a significant skull and bones number 322. On another random note .. allegedly that ‘guy’ who talks from police 10-7 has a typical Trans voice thats worn out over time and hence why it sounds fkn weird.

  3. Lee says:

    Government house in Auckland, where this totally corrupt Satanist creep Obama is speaking. Who is classed by many as the most corrupt president the USA has ever had, and thankfully whose reign of power never got transferred into the hands of the Satanist pedophile enabling witch Hillary Clinton.
    Government house where this sodomist Faggot dog Barrack Obama is speaking, was donated by the great grandfather of Robert Fenwick. Robert Fenwick is the conservationist in disguise, as the deep state spy in disguise, who runs the nationwide 1080 poison campaign involved in the mass poisoning to death of NZ native birds in the cruellest fashion imaginable. Who now has the ability to put the stuff over the whole of NZ, disguised as “predator free NZ by 2030”. With a cool $28 million or so of public funds to play with. Compliments of bullsh*t Bill English and pony tail smashing little girl kiddies to death in the kill room, John Key.
    One thing is for certain that this “invitation only” meeting will have the cream of the inbred NZ’s paedophile sodomist Satanist collection present. They seem to have forgotten that the Neanderthals were wiped out when the dogs joined the humans and ate them alive.

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