Can New Zealand be Pedophile Predator & Politician Pest Free by 2050? – Robert Fenwick


Featured Image – Sir Robert George Mappin Fenwick KNZM KStJ (born 5 May 1951) is a New Zealand environmentalist, businessman and professional director – and leading the “Pest Free NZ” campaign. Wikipedoa

Well not sure about you guys – but we can not find “Media Whores NZ” or “Media Whores New Zealand” anywhere on page one of a Google search now. This despite our articles getting at least over 1.5 million views within 24 hours. When we reset those view counter plugins the numbers tend to be between 10 and 100 times more than that also – haven’t done it for a while as lost track of which is which. So could be 15 million to 150 million within 24 hours – who knows.

And yet Google now appear to have dropped us off the front page entirely. We have gone backwards in the last 24 hours. Astounding. Does Google actually sit there and manually manipulate search results by hand as per political instruction??

We have only noticed this happening since we started on the whole Khazar/ Ashkenazi ruling pedophile lizard blood line thing, for the record.

Possibly NZ’s most successful and popular International website ever – being quietly shuffled off the Google search results as it grows exponentially. Don’t mention the lizard people!

Anyways – let’s solider on shall we? Lest we forget and all that.

What is more important to Kiwis? Being pedophile free or being pest free?

Media Whores has been hand feeding opossums since we were a kid. Never did us any harm. They mostly eat greenery and then shit in the bush – fertilizing everything. Same with rabbits.

Farmers seem to hate them all of course. The same people that have turned our nation into a giant fertilizer sprayed death camp for cows – so they can feed Chinese babies and drive around in their new homosexual fuel efficient 4wd’s…looking cool.

NZ farmers are far worse for our environment than opossums and rabbits are obviously. Mass murderers on a grand scale. Drenched in blood. Their entires lives and livelihoods dedicated to blood sacrifice – for Abraham. And they suffer for it of course. As per universal law.

The average dairy farmer used to have just 10-15 cows if you go back some decades. Now it is more like 500-600. They are like a plague of locusts across our country side – death and decay surrounds them. And they now suffer from record suicides and cancers as a result. Taking themselves all off to early graves, in a bath of Rothschild blood money.

Perhaps the only thing that NZ farmers are more dedicated to than blood sacrifice for Rothschild – is worshiping all of the high fashion trannies on their Sky/ Heaven TV mega cable deals.

We noticed today that these insane parasitic farmers plan to drop a new rabbit virus across the country side – to go with their 1080. This will of course wipe out the NZ hawk and falcon population along with the rabbits. With more dead animal poisons and viruses leaching into the water ways and food supply for the general populace – as per masonic design.

And do we need to mention the Glyphosate they spray all over the Nation for the past 30+ years? A form of modern day farmer suicide and eco terrorism.

It is done to ‘improve profits’ of course. Well you might want to check just who your ‘Profit’ is folks. $$$. Its a fkn lizard God by any serious analysis.

This is in fact called Agenda 21. The Synagogue of Satan’s plan to reduce the human ‘pest’ population down to 500 million – and greedy / money obsessed farmers are the people being used to achieve it. NZ farmers are simply being used as part of the Masonic mass chemical warfare agenda against all Kiwis – but are generally too brainwashed to figure it out.

The leaders of this farming industry – those who push and sell this mass poisoning agenda by cleverly disguising it all as being somehow about food production – are in fact demonic. Possessed by demons. They want to kill everything. Mind controlled demonic lunatics – doing the Semite money lenders’ bidding. Cleansing the Earth for their snake lizard God.

Admittedly – many NZ farmers are struggling to service their Rothschild debts and so dutifully go along with all of the masonic mass poisoning agendas just to stay afloat and keep the farms in the family. As with all others marching to this beat – that is not a valid excuse. At what price your souls?

It is the same choice for us all and courage can be applied in all situations if one chooses. Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s – they can keep their fkg blood money – save your soul instead. Allocate a percentage of land to organic veges and some tiny houses. Kiwis need housing and clean food – not more Rothschild counterfeit $nake infested dollars.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about these demonic psychopaths that control NZ’s farming industry – and thus most of our environment and land – is of course that they all remain silent on the ongoing child abuse scandals and mass pedophilia being exposed here in NZ.

Seems very odd doesn’t it?

In a sane and civil society – Kiwis would of course all agree that we want to be pedophile free first and foremost. If not political pest free – usually the same thing. Not opossum and rabbit free.

Doesn’t add up.

How about we keep NZ children safe, sheltered, warm and fed – before we worry about the opossums?  How is that for a revolutionary fkg idea? Then maybe start on toxic free water and food for people living here. Hey, maybe even look after our own elderly before we worry about milk powder for Chinese babies?

We have clearly lost our way as a society. As per masonic design. And this Robert Fenwick creep is clearly one of the puppet masters…… can guess the rest….the further up the masonic ladder you go, the worse they are.



Mike Querstion time. WHATS WITH lizard man Barrack Obama going to Waiheke Island.
Waiheke Island is where Peter Williams the drug trafficking mate of Winston Peters used to run the sex parties from.
Waiheke Island is where the 1080 poison the whole of New Zealand, and get $28 million tax payer dollars to play with, creep ROBERT FENWICK has his operations base. Barrack Obama was seen having a fortnights holiday with Richard Branson just prior to Richard Branson coming to NZ and planting the tree along with Phil Goff (see Helen Clark/murder/Gregg Hallett) on black moon day (the day the Jewish Zohar recommends to let evil into the world) to celebrate the mass 1080 poisoning of NZ native birds (6 dead birds per hectare nationwide minimum) with “pest free NZ by 2050”. Branson of course very noticeably loves dressing up like a fairy princess and has his base next to Pedophile Island in the Virgin Island group.
The point being that Woodrow Wilson the US President was set up to appear to be the super goody goody philanthropist, conservationist for quite a long time, and then he was used to put through the Federal Reserve Act which robbed the American taxpayers blind. SIMILARLY this ROBERT FENWICK has been set up to look like the goody goody philanthropist conservationist, before ramming it right into NZers with the “pest free NZ by 2050” scam. With Richard Branson popping by to plant a tree on the special day to let maximum evil into the world. Alongside Phil Goff. Who would have be the most treacherous piece of dog sh*t next to Helen Clark and Margaret Wilson and John Key that this country has ever been scammed by.
So what’s really on Waiheke Island that has the pedophile bloodlines and their hangers on, so excited by. Maybe this Robert Fenwick holds the key. Certainly his great grandfather got loads of secret money in the late 1800’s to take over the media in the Otago area.
This Barrack Obama managed to increase under his watch the opium poppy growing in Afghanistan from some 150 hectares to over 120,000 hectares. Presumably child sex trafficking expanded just as quickly through the area, as the drug running and child killing with this group go hand in hand. Maybe Waiheke is where the children for the Auckland sex party and killing market get held. Via Niue Island.
Under Barrack Obama’s watch John Key ran that scam where the NZ Navy vessel Te Kaha picked up all that heroin, with a US Navy vessel escort and was seen to be dumping it at sea (yeah right). Front page news even. Typical Key. John Key just loves showing off and shoving it in our faces and rubbing it in, wonder just what he does to little children once he gets his hands on them in the kill room. He must really love shoving their faces in it. Because the kiddie kill room is where they advance in their psycho sadist degrees to go up the money ladder. The higher they go up the money ladder, the more extreme and more vicious the kiddie killing techniques that are filmed and incorporated in their psychopathic training to please the boss and get that extra Teflon coating from that which cannot be touched. YET. Although the wolves (as the Zionists class themselves in the Talmud) do need to be aware that the flock of the good shepherd do have wolf hounds to protect them. “Irish wolf hounds”, in particular, make very short work of wolves. There is an archetypal legendary figure associated especially with the Anglo Saxon bloodlines, to this degree, who goes by the name of Culcuhainn, a real bad ass man wrecker, who traverses all seven heaven realms with his wolf killing hounds. As an archetypal energy factor that probably exists from pre Neanderthal times.
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4 thoughts on “Can New Zealand be Pedophile Predator & Politician Pest Free by 2050? – Robert Fenwick”

  1. Lee says: seems to work, although there is a stop do not enter sign at stage one.
    “ ‘Where the law ends,’ says Mr. Locke, ‘tyranny begins, if the law be transgressed to another’s harm.’ ”
    – Samuel Adams, Boston Gazette – 1768
    “As long as I have any choice, I will stay only in a country where political liberty, toleration, and equality of all citizens before the law are the rule.” – Albert Einstein
    Found these words at the lighthouse liberty law. VIA “Bar lawyers are the enemy of humanity”. It appears therefore that a total tyranny is at work, by these definitions, in New Zealand. So therefore how does the USA have any legal right to make any legal agreement with such a criminally lawless regime.

    As to the CULCUHAINN Anglo Saxon mythological character and his pack of IRISH WOLF HOUNDS. Who eat wolves like little children eat ice creams. Delicious and for which there is a never ending ravenous hunger. This is probably part of the sacred energy belonging to the Anglo Saxon bloodlines/DNA power, that is tried to be hidden. This is most clear as sacred energy, comprising sacred geometric form in the DNA, because Culcuhainn and his wolf killers have energy authority to travel and secure all seven heavens.

    Zionists class themselves as WOLVES ON THE FLOCK OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD but these wolf hounds only reason for existence is to destroy wolves. And Zionists claim to be wolves. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. It is probably something like when the staff of Aaron turned into a serpent that then ate the serpents of the pharaohs magicians. Delicious.

    AS TO THE PRE MAORI “they were like ants” around the Kai Iwi lakes area where thousands of truckloads of bones were taken and turned into fertiliser. We are talking about a nation of millions of people, and mostly white skinned with blue and green eyes.

    BUT THAT DOESN’T HELP the “Common Law” right to legal title by “the Crown” for legal authority over any land in New Zealand at all. The only authority they claim is totally criminal authority. Which is problematic because it means that “criminal law controls the beginning of time”. MEANING New Zealand is where LUCIFER is especially empowered to RULE, “eternally”, as simple logic. Established by criminal law that has no legal authority whatsoever in New Zealand. That the NZ BAR ASSOCIATION ARE ENEMIES OF THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE, from that “legally correct” viewpoint.

    As to ROBERT FENWICK, the philanthropist/conservationist , there really is a huge problem regarding the obtaining the rights under criminal law IN 2017, to 1080 poison to death NZ native birds across the whole of NZ. That this poisoning to death of NZ native birds, across the whole on New Zealand was the real reason for the “pest free NZ by 2050”.

    SO WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO THE ZIONISTS TO MAKE THEIR BIG PLAY BY POISONING NZ NATIVE BIRDS ACROSS THE WHOLE OF THE COUNTRY and then having Richard Branson (without lipstick IN PUBLIC) turn up on black moon day, so as to (according to the Jewish Zohar) to celebrate with a tree being planted, the LEGAL AUTHORITY to mass poisoning to death of NZ native birds, disguised as pest control.

    PERHAPS GREAT GRANDDADDIES “PRIVATE KNIGHTHOOD” in 1920, with Lord Louis Mountbatten (the worst pedophile satanist of them all and who was, according to Gregg Hallett, Prince Charlies sodomite boyfriend in exchange for mummy Elizabeth getting the UK Crown). Surely ROBERT FENWICK can’t claim to not being part of a long term pedophile satanist family bloodline, with a private sodomist pedophile knighthood taking place. IN DUNEDIN. That the mass murder of the NZ native birds is a “key” part of the sodomist pedophile bloodline agenda in NZ. All run by the PR (dirty low life dogsh*t media lies spinner) specialist ROBERT FENWICK as a PR scam. In Dunedin where the mass murder of the Bain family took place, who were about to expose the Dunedin pedophile family and political rings down there, and who Ian Wishart in 2008, exposed as the satanic HUB of NZ police corruption. And the cover up of wehich according to Gregg Hallett, earned Michael Cullen a knighthood and Geoffery Palmer a place on the Privvy Council. VERY, VERY IMPORTANT TO COVER THAT LOT UP. Very close to where Bill English lived and was being groomed via the treasury first of all. Where Gregg Hallett claims the drug running accounts are kept.

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