Demonic Possession – Trample on Snakes #TOS


Featured Image – giant statues across Norway depicting lizard demons ‘possessing’ human beings.


“The universe is teeming with life” Giordano Bruno

Just been back and toned down the farmer rant in the previous article. A bit. NZ farmers are all well armed and don’t wan’t to push our luck .Let’s address the human farmer problem first perhaps – they control the farmers with their money lending and thus dictate this mass poisoning agenda. Hang in their lads…..


Human beings only see a narrow band of the light matrix we live in. In our current state at least, which is deliberately limited thanks to all of the poisonous additives in our food and water and all of the dead animals we eat. We have gone from the odd animal sacrifice and village feast, to the Sunday roast with leftovers throughout the week, to now three meals a day of dead animals for most people. All of this has dumbed us down – by design. You are what you eat.

When you see a rainbow in the sky – this is an indication of the actual light that surrounds us. The 7 colours of the rainbow being the 7 colours omitted by the 7 brightest stars in our solar system. Those colours, and many many more are there around us all of the time but we only see them briefly in certain conditions. Its a light matrix that we live in, with what is going on above, mirrored down here below. All the world is a stage.

Beyond what the human eye can see there are other entities. Life Jim, but not as we know it.

And these entities have the ability to parasite off human beings and their energy. In fact that is all they seek to do.

This is referred to in the Biblical sense as “demonic possession” and as depicted in the statues in Norway, as well as in church architecture around the World. Demons, snakes and lizards existing in our realm but hidden to the naked eye. Documented all the way through mythology / unedited history.

You open yourself up to demonic possession simply by poisoning your blood. Processed foods, too much alcohol, hard drugs, too much sugar and of course by eating dead things.

One obvious example of this demonic possession by entities we cannot see are the parasites and worms that live in most meat eaters’ stomachs. They live in the meat we eat and are transfered when we eat it – unless you burn the meat to a crisp. They can grow up to 2 meters long – making you hungry all day – and still unaware of what the problem is.

But there is far worse than that out there that we can’t see.

Media Whores has posted this video below from the Youtuber “Trample on Snakes” many times – we first picked up on it many years back, but it was only last week while watching it again that we noticed something for the first time. The Arab / semitic ‘refugee’ – whom he features in this video somewhere after the half way mark-  is in fact shape shifting live on camera. We always thought TOS was just highlighting how this Arab/ semite was in fact guiding or instructing the German / RT journalist on what to do – but we noticed the other day the point he was really making was the shape shifting. TOS also goes into great detail about all of the Masonic colours and symbolism used – not least in Germany – a land conquered and controlled by these snakes some decades back. We have also covered their use of the colour orange all over our roads these days – orange being “33” in Jewish numerology. Check it out….a live semetic shape shifter on RT…..and showing quite clearly who is/ was running the entire ‘refugee’ scam…

Make no mistake folks – these snakes and lizards come from the dessert.

These ‘demons’ /lizards start to take control over you and guide you – eventually taking your very soul. Fact is, human beings can live forever and are supposed to eventually ascend into the heavens. We do not get “old” – we are in fact warn down then slowly possessed – mostly due to our own deeds – and even start looking like lizards as we ‘age’. Time is an illusion folks. Time is Chronological / Cronus/ Satan/ the grim reaper – takes your soul. You don’t get ‘old’ – that is perhaps the biggest of the masonic lies. You get slowly but surely possessed, until eventually they extract your soul…and then bury what is left of you 6 feet under. 666. Our guess is they probably then feed off the remains somehow.

Shit that stuff will not be popular – but might just set you free. Start with your diet 😉

Media Whores got a great shot of one of these snakes following us around Auckland recently. And two more at the library the other day…..

These ‘satanists’ are living in all of our communities – just waiting to get in your ear at a weak moment …….often in the churches and government agencies, also at the pub and in the schools…whispering in tongues….doing their job for their ‘boss’ on high/ down below…..leading us all astray…..climate change fear, storm fear, nuclear fear, aliens fear, staged terrorism, staged murders, staged car crashes etc, all of which we have well covered here…..never ending fear and sex porn, to weaken the human spirit and soul….so as to eventually take control of it….

In the Biblical sense these people are described as the seed of Cain, although we would not be surprised to learn those two words have been swapped around at same stage Cain and Able. It matters not, we can all see what we are dealing with now. You will know them by their deeds, not by the never ending list of fake names they go by.

They are also known as the Children of Saturn. The Israelites. Or just plain old snakes. Their Abrahamic God is not what they have led you to believe.

They have been controlling our reality on this material plane-T for a long time. With their blood sacrifice, child abuse, fake masonic science, religions and news…..but mostly just with their money lending. $$$. The Rothschild/ Semitic $nake on a tree. Counterfeit money that insures we will all go broke eventually simply due to the interest and/or inflation.

Eve of the human being blood line copulated with them at some stage and this gave rise to many European looking snakes – which makes things a little confusing but rest assured they are still snakes. Of the same bloodline. A secret club who work together to control us all – indeed farm us all – with the end goal of essentially insuring that not one human soul is allowed to escape this light matrix – keeping us all reincarnating for an eternity, chasing trinkets and material pleasure and gain. The children of Saturn control the material world – they own it all. We are just the consumers of it. The human resources. Born into bondage via the birth certificate and legal name.

Not to be sexist however – Mr E does a great piece on how King Solomon also ended copulating with snakes disguised as sexy women. Think Kardashians – the semitic shape shifting / tranny Queens of the U$A. Each time we go around the cycle of history – someone ends up screwing it up and the fall of man begins.

They are not trannies – they are living dead demon lizard shape shifters…check it out on Youtube….every man that has gone near them has ended up either dead or in an insane asylum….pure poison.

The other interesting thing about Trample on Snakes’ work – as well as many others work – is all of the insect symbolism. Almost every Hollywood alien movie features insect looking monsters. (Alien being Another Lie btw – they are not alien – they are very much from here.)

This is simply a clever reference to “the swarm of locusts” mentioned in Bible Revelations. Have you noticed how people drive lately? Like a swarm of locusts. Check out those Chinese tourists with their iPhones – a swarm. They even make weird clicky noises as they move. Like locusts. Or go visit any large Chinese City, or any large city really. Swarms. And all of these 7th Day Satanists and Jehovah Witnesses following Media Whores around as per the instruction they receive on their smart phones from their lizard overlords – they are like a swarm of locusts also.

The alien insect symbolism we always see from the Hollywood Jews and the likes is simply the same story as in the Bible – about how these lizard people eventually – via the use of their masonic religions and programming – turn the human race into demoniacally possessed insect like swarms. The so called hive mind – as depicted in Jewish masonry symbolism – with the ‘Queen’ Bee at the top. The Royals being either inbred lizards themselves or just demoniacally possessed figureheads/ puppets.

Creating this hive mind is achieved by the use of the half truth masonic religions (re legions) and fake masonic science – as we have mentioned – but more recently via the new age religion of television / tell-a-lie-vision – programmed of course from Tel Aviv and broadcast via non existent ‘Satellites’ (Saturn lights). Truth is hidden in all of the words they give the Goy to use, in plain sight.

And what do you require on your cell phones and TV’s to pick up a reception? You need an “antenna”….just like an insect does….

We all / the Goy are the swarm of locusts in the Bible folks – operating under a masonic hive mind mentality – programmed to do such – via the ‘antennas’ on our roofs – picking up the Saturn-light signals from Tel Aviv in Israel / Saturn. Destroying our environment, killing everything around us, and indeed even feeding off ourselves….as we all go shopping ….for God……as per masonic ‘programming’ and Biblical (which is also masonic) prophecy. It is in fact all just astrology – history repeats…..

This is also the “predator drones” analogy used by Obama the Lizard King & the masonic media……

And perhaps we should also point out – that the scorpions mentioned in Revelations simply refers to the fags and other sexual perverts – Scorpio representing the regenerative area of the body. Those people running around trying to fk everything. Not to mention stalking people around the hot pools. Thus why the Jews gave the youth Tinder and free online porn. Now a swarm of scorpions to deal with also.

Knowledge is the only power – and they have all of the knowledge.

And so the the high priests of Israel/ Saturn just sit around in their black Saturnian hats in their new military compound in the Middle East – built with our tax money and false guilt – watching it all unfold – and waiting for the inevitable to happen – when the Goy finally figure it all out……


(that symbol means the two rings of Saturn btw – cleverly disguised as always)

The fake Jews we are referring to of course. The real Jews being all of us.

Now ask yourself – what do lizards eat?


And they are very good at it – because they remain hidden due to their camouflage and therefore outside of visible .light to their ‘prey’/ the insects.


You might what to figure this shit out – because we are the insects…and they feed off our very souls.

All you have to do is revert back to the Genesis diet – and start cleaning your temple/the Temple of Solomon/ the Soul of Man. Then the bullshit becomes clear …and you will start doing the opposite of what all of the masonic experts – and money lenders – tell you 🙂

“The scepter will not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from his descendants, until the coming of the one …” Bible Gen 49:10. The “One” also being neO in The Matrix of course – with passport expiry date 9-11-2001. It simply refers to the awakening of man to a unified knowledge of our reality. One consciousness. The Return of the Christ. Represented in Astrology as Jupiter – the King of the Zodiac – Zeus – Juzeus. The Return of Jesus Christ. 

Nailed it. Media Whores hitting 666’s out of the park 😉

See, I have given you authority to tread on snakes and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy. Nothing will harm you. 20. Nevertheless, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”…  Bible Luke 10:19

#TrampleOnSnakes – dude is a genius.



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  1. Look up what do you see?
    All of you and all of me
    Fluorescent and starry
    Some of them, they surprise
    The bus ride, I went to write this, 4:00 AM
    This letter
    Fields of poppies, little pearls
    All the boys and all the girls sweet-toothed
    Each and every one a little scary
    I said your name
    I wore it like a badge of teenage film stars
    Hash bars, cherry mash and tinfoil tiaras
    Dreaming of Maria Callas
    Whoever she is
    This fame thing, I don’t get it
    I wrap my hand in plastic to try to look through it
    Maybelline eyes and girl-as-boy moves
    I can take you far
    This star thing, I don’t get it
    I’ll take you over, there
    I’ll take you over, there
    Aluminum, tastes like fear, there
    Adrenaline, it pulls us near
    I’ll take you over
    It tastes like fear, there
    I’ll take you over
    Will you live to 83?
    Will you ever welcome me?
    Will you show me something that nobody else has seen?
    Smoke it, drink
    Here comes the flood
    Anything to thin the blood
    These corrosives do their magic slowly and sweet
    Phone, eat it, drink
    Just another chink
    Cuts and dents, they catch the light
    Aluminum, the weakest link
    I don’t want to disappoint you
    I’m not here to anoint you
    I would lick your feet
    But is that the sickest move?
    I wear my own crown and sadness and sorrow
    And who’d have thought tomorrow could be so strange?
    My loss, and here we go again
    I’ll take you over, there
    I’ll take you over, there
    Aluminum, tastes like fear, there
    Adrenaline, it pulls us near
    I’ll take you over
    It tastes like fear, there
    I’ll take you over
    Look up, what do you see?
    All of you and all of me
    Fluorescent and starry
    Some of them, they surprise
    I can’t look it in the eyes
    Seconal, spanish fly, absinthe, kerosene
    Cherry-flavored neck and collar
    I can smell the sorrow on your breath
    The sweat, the victory and sorrow
    The smell of fear, I got it
    I’ll take you over, there
    Aluminum, tastes like fear, there
    Adrenaline, it pulls us near
    I’ll take you over, there
    Aluminum, tastes like fear, there
    Adrenaline, it pulls us near
    I’ll take you over
    It tastes like fear, there
    It pulls us near
    I’ll take you over
    I’ll take you over
    It tastes like fear, there
    It pulls us near
    Pulls us near
    Tastes like fear
    Tastes like fear
    Nearer, nearer
    Pulls us near
    Over, over, over, over
    Over, over, over, over
    Yeah, look over
    I’ll take you there, oh, yeah
    I’ll take you there
    Oh, over
    I’ll take you there
    Over, let me
    I’ll take you there
    I’ll take you there
    There, there, there, baby, yeah

  2. Thaddeus Reptilius says:

    There is a bronze statue of a reptile overlooking a female in front of the movie theatres on Broadway in Palmerston North.
    Of course, most people do not realise the Annunaki Connections in the town;
    But, given the hideous nature of some of the Lizard Families here and the schools and healthcare systems that they control, I’m surprised that the statues haven’t been moved to the masonic ‘Square’ or placed inside the Council Building that looks like an abandoned Mother Ship!!!!

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