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Well – having insulted a good 98% of the world’s population, we thought it might be a good time to ask for donations.

Most people are attempting to buy their way into heaven anyway – so why not take a punt on this one 😉

We doubt very much that a ‘messiah’ would ask for donations for the record – and thus we are clearly making that distinction.

Media Whores is a little bit ‘out of the system’ you might say at this stage of the game – but we have been offered some help by the guys who look after some of our hosting for us and we will post their bank account details below. Always thought they sounded like they might be a little bit Jewish also to be honest – one of them does at least – but can’t fault them on sticking to our deal and standing by and supporting freedom of speech on the internet. They have even fielded (and batted off) most of our legal complaints. You will know them by their deeds – not their names…as they say.

It’s been about 18 months of writing and ranting – mostly just because we wanted to and motivated by our utter disdain for the complete bullshit being pumped out by a multi billion dollar septic and indeed purely satanic mind control operation called the mainstream media – the whores of the new global government.

We reckon we did pretty good.

Obviously things have veered off more towards outright truth seeking given all of the news is the same old lies and masonic cons on repeat  – and oddly enough leading us back to the same old truths – as carefully documented throughout human history in those trusted old Bibles, although arguably somewhat watered down and doctored and certainly very well disguised. Hidden in plain sight as they say. They could do with an update really, should freedom of speech continue to prevail over modern day empire and global corporate tyranny.

Now if all of our readers were to contribute just $1 each, we figure that would amount to well over $150 million, which would probably shut us up for a good week or two.

If a sizable amount came through, we would like to tell you that the money will be used to build a church on a rock somewhere, but that would probably translate to simply disappearing into the bush somewhere instead to be brutally honest, although no doubt to emerge on a fairly regular basis for coffee and tobacco. And arguably the same thing anyway.

If there is not much – well guess it will just be the coffee and tobacco 😉

Being ‘brutally honest’ is a quote from our late Father actually. A very much peaceful and good man to the best of our knowledge – although arguably a little misled by the scorpion. May his soul rise along with everyone else’s.

Which reminds us that there is probably at least one more story to write at some stage – that being our own personal account of the failures of this modern day system when growing up as a kid. We have found it very easy to post all of the dirt on other people but obviously a bit careful not to provide much detail on ourselves.

It would hardly be cricket to have posted everyone else’s dirt while remaining silent on our own. Obviously doing so would have given the game away some what – but we will include a brief summary below. This is the key to cleaning up our nation, society and communities – do not keep other people’s secrets for them. Call a spade a spade. Or in other words #TrampleOnSnakes

Cheers to our hosting provider for letting it roll 😉

Donations to Media Whores via:

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Cooperative Bank NZ

02-1248-0085145-001  (or just 01)

And Paypal:

(Wireless Media)

Presumably Peter Thiel would not be so stupid as to mess with this Paypal/ Papal account at this stage of the game.



For the record, Media Whore’s family – in fact entire extended family has collectively ignored everything we have written thus far.  As if it didn’t exist………….so will presumably not notice this one either……..

Media Whores comes from one of these new age modern divorced families. Parents never spoke to each other again really. Then along came the step parents and step brothers. Media Whores had fallen apart by age 13, going from being a 90-98% student in most subjects (although still with that severe Moon in Aries) to being in front of a youth court judge on a range of matters and booted out of school……..We had a pervert stepbrother named Grant who used to try and get his younger step brothers to feel him up, and has remained a pervert most of his life as far as we can tell. These are the people Media Whores refers to as ‘faggots’ – perverts with homosexual tendencies who spend their entire lives pretending to be straight up members of society. Although he apparently did quite well out of the Christchurch rebuild thanks to Fletcher Building – Hugh Fletcher being another pervert – that is how the system works of course – perverts propping each other up – the perverts rise to the top in this current system. Grant was likely abused as a kid himself – most studies show this is where that sort of behavior comes from. Grant’s step brother on the other side whom I met a couple of times (Timothy) committed suicide at age 15 or so, which was blamed on a scout master sexually abusing him (but you really have to wonder)……. We had a step father whose best mate (Peter May) was a sexual pervert at best and an outright pedophile at worst – who’s own Son (Mark May) was later exposed as a rapist and pedophile – clearly abused himself…………Would not be at all surprised to learn that both of these step parents were ‘sent in’ that many years back to disrupt things. That’s how these people roll man – everything is predicted off your birth chart and planned many years in advance. They Goy sheep are hopelessly unaware and sitting ducks……….  We had a mother so dedicated to her drinking, social life, ego and ‘status’  that she refused/ still refuses to acknowledge any of it – still to this day – there will be no awkward truths please…………. We had a new age overweight ‘liberal’ stepmother, recently divorced from a demonic / psychotic lawyer / liar  – who was a staunch supporter of the lesbian / homosexual literary movement, an intellectual supremacist and bully of sorts, who used to hold hours long sex rituals with our father upstairs while we waited at the door to ask if we could use or eat something or go out (an odd form of abuse but abuse none the less – probably used to turn her on), while her piggy little eldest son (another step brother) jerked off to a large porn collection all day in his master bedroom. The step mother “Beth” (or Beef as we used to refer to her) would sit on top of her porn addicted eldest son on weekends and squeeze all of the puss out his body and face acne, while reciting new age homosexual / liberal prose………. And I have an older brother who looks suspiciously like he may have had a different father, or possibly even a different mother to the rest of us ie) of another ‘seed’…..there was a demonic alcoholic woman by the name of ‘Maggie’ that used to hang around a lot when we were young and he looks a lot like her. This older brother was probably best known as the most violent and angry bastard in the entire Canterbury region – feared by all – who still recently threatened to “hunt down” media whores and “destroy” everything we own and have (in fact it was a veiled murder threat), when a distance phone call drifted off into the flat Earth topic and how it related to mind control and child abuse – and possibly hinting at where his anger comes from to begin with. We could rattle off a long list of similar stories about the older brother – but probably the worst one would be the story of the hooker he picked up in Africa and bought back to his oil company HQ compound who then tried to get him to hand over his camera in the morning, so he had the security guard haul her away – and joked about how she was most likely taken out back and shot. That one always stuck in our mind. Something just not quite right with the soul, if not an accomplice to murder. Or emailing us photos of hookers (two or more at a time) from Thailand while the daughter he never knew he had got hooked on hard drugs in Auckland . This elder brother returned from overseas with money mostly thanks to the old man’s share market gambling luck – then proceeded to drive around ChCh and the South Island  in over priced 4wd’s for the next 7-10 years until he eventually went broke and had to bugger off overseas to work again – all the while telling us that ‘we needed help’. We put it all down to demonic possession, if not actually of the seed of Satan. We have of course sent him the Santos Bonacci stuff on the science of the human soul, numerous times – but he remains tangled up in the material world of false ego, and thus still bitterly defends everything that is false. Oddly enough this brother’s name roughly translates into ‘fetcher for el/ Satan’ and he was always sent in by an egotistical mother every time she felt her reputation might be at risk…usually making long distance phone calls when drunk at night to pass on a message of ‘love’.  It is this definition of ‘love’ that clearly needs addressing.

But there is obviously far worse that goes on in families these days.

Child abuse, fear, false pride and egos – all the same old story – holding individuals and humanity back from reaching their potential. Burying truth in the name of false ideals/ idols. Twisted minds and family patriarchs dragging each other down into the ground – in funeral caskets – just to prop up one or two false egos – then all swept under the rug over masonic funeral drinks & shallow words before dividing up the leftovers / wills. The story of man…. or the Goy as they like to call us. Marching off to their collective graves – in collective denial – blissfully unaware even of the shape of the plane-T they just lived their lives on….in a masonic code of learned – and forced – silence.

Family is of course a masonic mafia concept to begin with. The instruction was always to love thy neighbor not just the relatives. Or all you really end up with is a cycle of hate – carefully hidden behind inheritances and trust funds….and the masonic code of silence…..all buried away, 6 feet under.

Old Santos Bonacci has figured it all out – except the fact that the same little group of inbred Satanists have been running the show right back to Phoenician times. They are the Phoenicians / phony Jews / the phoenix / that gave us our phonetics. The Nazis, the communists, the capitalists/ the marxists / the liberals and on and on. Satan has 1000 names…..






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