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Featured Image – David Farrar – NZ political expert, commentator, poling company owner and homo….dressed up as his favorite serial pedophile and necrophiliac – Jimmy Savile – just for fun. No visible voice box you will notice. Runs the Nation’s ‘top blog’ website lol. We are of course NZ’s top blog. They make up all of their statistics of course – much like the election results. Farrar is probably another of these fake names and a play on the word Pharaoh and Phoenician…as in God’s Chosen ones There is no Hebrew language – the Jews speak ancient Phoenician. That is who they are – the phonies/ the Nazi Phoenix/ the reptiles / the Eagles etc. Who gave you your Phonetics / the ABCD’s, the ‘spells’ you are under ….abracadabra….

‘The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.’ – Benjamin Disraeli

 “Demons are like obedient dogs; they come when they are called.” – Rémy de Gourmont

“Thou shalt not stalk Media Whores” – Unattributed. 

OK Folks……

Best call it quits on the donations idea.

In 48 hours, despite over 60,000 people having read the article with the payment details (possibly 10-100 times that amount, as we have previously explained, all of the view counters are hacked) – there has not been one donation, either to the bank account or the Paypal account. That $25 green credit you can see was a transfer from one account to another to make sure the account was still active and the two Paypal transactions are from last month (screen prints provided).

Now if you believe that – Media Whores has two matching sky scrapers in downtown Manhattan to give away as a prize.

What we are dealing with here is called the Military Industrial Complex and to paraphrase Kennedy and Eisenhower – everything they do is a cover up. As ourselves and the likes of Brendon O’Connell have covered – they have now gone digital and have the ability to monitor, change or just outright block any data that goes across the airwaves. It is called Operation Talpiot.

It would be our presumption that any monies sent have simply been blocked. If you sent money and it was not blocked, and not returned …well there is the evidence above that these ‘Jews’ have stolen it. You should request a refund from your bank.

Who knows, with well over 150 million readers both here and overseas, at one stage or another – it could have been a lot of money.

No surprises really – these people have been stealing off us for as far back as we can recall – and they steal everything from all of us eventually.

They run a slave system of human farming here on Earth and the ‘Goy’ are essentially given two options 1) go live on the streets or 2) sell your soul to ‘Satan’. They want your soul – they harvest souls. That is their job, for their lizard God. Satan’s soldiers….harvesting Goy souls.

This system of spying, subterfuge and control used to be run via the Jewish controlled Church’s, Jewish owned pubs and Jewish controlled Crown agencies – now it is all mostly centralized via the Israeli State and the new digital control grid, with the government / Crown agencies and local Sayanim carrying out their bidding upon instruction.

As we have previously detailed – there is a small army of these inbred pedophile satanists living in each and every community – who are tasked with encouraging and/or staging 95% of the crime, dealing 95% of the drugs, as well as being behind 95% of the pedophilia. They indeed run pedophile rings in every community – with the help of Child Youth and Family and the protection of the Synagogue of Satan judiciary, lawyers and the top free mason police. Pedophilia is their biggest currency, as detailed in their guide book for World anal domination – the Jewish Talmud. They then specialize in framing innocent people for their staged crime and pedophilia and NZ jails are indeed full of such people who have been stitched up by these Synagogue of Satan snakes – as we often see when the facts come out years later.

Now Media Whores would like to make something clear for the record – it was us that first noticed Justin Davis posting his stories on Facebook and made the decision to help him. We collated 50 pages of his statements – via a Facebook account we set up under a pseudonym – and then posted all of those allegations to a WordPress website – which is still there today ….

We then started this website – Media Whores – and included that link in every second or third story we ran. It was a major source of our motivation.

We stress this here again today because as we have mentioned – these half blind bat crazy satanists have been following us around wherever we go – usually trying to take our photo and often even seeming to offer up their girlfriends and even their suspiciously under age looking daughters to us. We would not put it past these freaks to try and set us up for something related, possibly after we are gone. They specialise in that sort of crap.

Fact is Media Whores has been pretty much ‘abstaining’ for the past 4-5 years in line with the teachings of the likes of Santos Bonacci (ie, Bible teachings) with the odd small slip up one might expect from any straight middle aged and single red blooded male, as we got better at abstaining. We no longer even eat red meat – the advice being to get off all your ‘blood’ addiction and that includes meaningless sex. And rest assured, you will never meet a vegetarian rapist, nor soldier, nor murderer. Although one of these Sayanim stalkers could well fall victim to a divinely inspired bolt of lightening very soon – if they keep it up. It has been known to happen.

Now if you were aware of all of this – how these inbred satanists operate – and the fact that they try to set up those who expose them – and you also noticed these freaks taking your photo everywhere you went – photos that can be easily doctored and manipulated and then backed by a small army of satanist false witnesses, giving false testimony…….you could probably be forgiven for being slightly on edge at times, on a bad day at least.

As an example – if you were to say book a cabin at a camping ground, lets say down in Geraldine in the South Island – because you needed to set up your printer and get some work done for a few hours while passing through – and you made that booking only 24 hours before showing up, but you knew the Israeli based digital spy network were most likely monitoring all of your emails and on line transactions – and then when you arrived at the camping ground – the camping ground manager put you in the cabin right next to the kids playground – despite all 4 other cabins apparently being empty when you arrived – and nobody else being around – and then 10 minutes later when you came out of the camp ground toilets, you noticed some ‘sweet old innocent’ lady from the units across the other side of the playground walking past your cabin and vehicle trying to stare in the windows – then you noticed a very much Sayanim looking couple had pulled up right outside your cabin and set their chairs up looking straight at the playground (one of them with a big snake on the back of his top) – then a dude dressed up as batman walks passed and drops two young kids at that playground then walks off to go and talk to that same ‘sweet old lady’ who was spying in your windows – leaving the two kids unattended – and  looking directly at your (hidden) camera as he walks passed nervously – as any good spy would – but not returning your “hello” – as the ‘sweet old lady’ and her friend sit on their porch with iPhones also pointed at the playground…….and all within the space of about 20 minutes from arrival……..well………would you be suspicious?

Media Whores was packed up and back on the road within 10 minutes, to go stay elsewhere…….as we returned the key to the ‘surprised’ Geraldine campground manager – the same one who put us next to the playground – we noticed the same creepy old man in the funny hat loitering around the campground office, possibly the guy running the whole operation……the GoPro lenses make things look further away than they are for the record……and don;t do it justice….

Once you learn to ‘see’ them folks – you can’t unsee them.  And once they identify ‘one who can see’ – they swarm upon you……

Not to say we can guarantee this was a set up in motion – but this type of stuff is going on around us all of the time these days – they swarm on you like locusts – indeed like a military operation – and always documenting everything and taking photos etc. The camp ground manager should know better than to place single men right next to the playground anyway -and surely a common sense policy for any camp ground is to fill up the quieter cabins first? There is also something about the eye sight of these people – and the need to hide behind those reading glasses. The eyes are the window to the soul. They seem to hide their eyes……snake eyes on these reptilians / replicants….

Or how about the group of queer looking bastards who showed up and parked right next to us the previous day – in the rain – within 5 minutes of arriving – took out one of those tree tightrope things – started playing loud hip hop music – and proceeded to jump around in the rain for the next hour making noise as we tried to work on the computer? They are instructed to stalk, harass and document the results. Like a swarm of locusts…..

You will know them by their deeds.

If you stalk us – then you have access to that Ju spy app on the smart phones – and your photo will go out to a few million people around the World. We will make you famous.

Media Whores has previously documented numerous other stalking events by Sayanim – and trying to strategically place their children close to us seems to be one of their favorites – which is very suspect – not to mention one of their favorite ways to set  their enemies up. Probably the worst possible thing to get framed as / for.

So thought we better get this latest ‘event’ on record – whether a set up or not. Even if we got it wrong, no harm in exposing some idiot who drops his children (if they were even his) off at playgrounds and then walks off and leaves them there with strangers around, and a camp ground manager who doesn’t fill up the cabins away from the kids playground first. Why on Earth would your guests want the cabin next to a playground? We had told him when we arrived that we needed to get some work done. Doesn’t add up – not with ‘batman’ and ‘spiderman/ snake man’ both showing up within minutes.

We post some other Sayanim spying stories below. Taken together – it should be clear to folks what is going on….non stop harassment by this gang of freaks living among us……once they identify a Goy who can see……a swarm…..

Images not all necessarily all related  – but would not be at all surprised. Fair use/ commentary. 

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4 thoughts on “Sayanim Updates”

  1. Bobsyer says:

    Most people reading about the camping ground stuff will think it is paranoid nonsense.

    As unlikely as it may seem it is all very likely to be true!….
    Smearing the goyim who don’t buy their tales of woe….IS PAR FOR THE COURSE….it is nasty and underhanded…..contemptible…’s Jewish.
    Check the You Tube video “Obama Soap” and note the rotten old jewess LYING HER HEAD OFF without batting an eye

    1. mediawhores says:

      i can spot them a mile away.
      that was a set up
      been hundreds of them. got 25 more on camera.
      just posted that one bcos sensed they might be closing in with the lizard stuff.
      that red head dude with the glasses – total sayanim. and the two in the camper. the photos didnt do it justice. they swarmed in within 20 mins. total set up.

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