Gang Stalking by the Satanist Jews


Media Whores had a couple comments the other day expressing doubt about that Geraldine gang stalking event we documented so we thought we would elaborate and post some more info on (and reports of) gang stalking from overseas.

We had passed through Geraldine the previous day and stayed at that same camping ground. Just slept in the vehicle. That first day when we arrived, the entire center of the town was shut down with police at either end redirecting traffic and with fire engines and the town tsunami sirens going off. No idea why.

Then within 5-10 minutes of parking up at that same camping ground – a group of young people, at least some of them with those cold unseeing eyes and signature black rimmed reading glasses – had pulled up directly behind us in their cars and started playing loud hip hop music as they set up one of those tree tightrope things – in the rain – and started all jumping around and playing on it. In the fkg rain. They stayed there until it got dark, making as much noise as they could – even as the rain got heavier and heavier.

Now it is our observation that the ones with the cold unseeing / hidden eyes, that hide behind those black rimmed reading glasses – are the communist/ satanist Jews. They have almost unlimited black opps type funding from the Israeli State and are running the meth. ‘legal’ highs and other drugs into our towns. This gives them command and control over a small army of low life fkwit drug dealers and addicts whom they can then order / and request around – to help do their bidding. Most of them are also pedophiles and as Justin Davis has well exposed, they also run pedophile rings in our communities.

These days they are of course aided with blanket Nationwide spying and tracking technology via the cell phones and ‘Intel Inside’ microchips in cars, walkmans, laptops, etc…you name it, it has a tracking microchip in it.

These Sayanim ring leaders are the same satanic/ satanist Jews who ran the East German Stasi and the Bolshevik take over of Russia. ( the video below is quite long, but just wanted to show you those eyes / glasses)

These demonic drug trafficking pedophile satanist Jews have apparently got some kind of snake / shape shifting DNA in them and once you become aware of who they are – you can sense it a mile off. And then they see you also.

They have what are called “Targeted Individuals” – who are people who have woken up – and arguably people who have certain astrological traits in their birth charts which makes them viable ‘saviors’ of some sort. Then you are targeted – your entire life.

The Hollywood Jews (who are tasked with telling the Goy the truth, hidden in fiction) did a good take on what they are like with Elijah Wood’s pedophile murdering character in Sin City…. the living dead/ no souls….Also the Hollywood ‘X Men’ movie director Brian Singer who has those snake eyes and has now been exposed as a serial homosexual rapist and pedophile….that is what they do. Just keep an eye out for the “X symbolism, also represented by the Black Cube / 666. Drugs, rape and/or crime seem to follow where ever they show up…..

Anyway – Media Whores booked a cabin in that same camping ground the next day because we wanted to set up the printer and get some stuff printed off and within 10 minutes this guy had shown up and dropped two young children off in the playground right next to our cabin and then walked off and left them there, heading off to go talk to a creepy old lady who we had just seen trying to stare in our cabin and van, while two other very much Sayanim looking characters (the girl with those same glasses on) pulled up and sat there watching. Make no mistake – this was a Sayanim/ Jewish/ Bolshevik spy operation and the most likely goal was to try and get photos and ‘witness’ accounts of us ‘loitering’ around a children’s playground. Whether the camp ground manager was just a useful idiot, or a local Freemason or even retired cop – who knows – but he certainly did his bit.

Geraldine in South Canterbury is swarming with pedophile satanists. Run by them. As are most towns in NZ these days.

If they are planning to add chlorine to your water supply – rest assured, your town and council are being run by pedophile satanists – under Jewish command

Water Chlorination Information Evening

The agenda is basically to poison and slowly wipe out all of the European/ Christian population of New Zealand (and of course most Maori along with them) and slowly replace them with new slaves from the 3rd World who will be easier to control and their children easier to rape. This is the system of human farming these reptile snakes run around the World on a cyclical/ ongoing basis, under various names such as communism, capitalism, catholicism, liberalism etc. All of the i$m’s.

The scepter shall not depart from Judah, Nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, Until Shilohcomes, And to him shall be the obedience of the peoples.” Gen 49:10

These pedophile Jewish Satanists and their mind controlled drug addict and serial pedophile and/or simple pervert puppets have been running our Government and communities for some decades now – if not forever. Jewish pedophile satanists and their mind controlled lunatic puppets run the emergency crews, St Johns, Salvation Army, Councils, charities, post shops, libraries etc. All of it. Not to say everyone working for these people are pedophile satanists – but those running it are. In most towns now at least.

As we have well covered – they stage car crashes, murders, police shootings, and probably upwards of 90% of the ‘crime’ in our communities – just to keep everyone in fear…and paying their taxes. They farm us.

But they are becoming more visible simply due to the awakening mankind / the Goy is undergoing in this new season of the Sun. As the Sun changes seasons into Aquarius (a scientific fact), so does our consciousness – and we all start to ‘see’ the world we live in. That is the number one reason these satanic fruitloops are spraying the Sun (chemtrails) – trying to cover it up and thus slow down or prevent this awakening. It is also the reason why you cannot buy food any longer which does not have poisons added to it – and also why they are flouridating the water and now even adding chlorine to it – it is chemical warfare being waged by the satanic Jews as they race to keep us all dumbed down – so we can all be better taxed and farmed, while they rape everyone’s kids in the schools and dental offices (and thus all of the sugar).

Images fair use


Now Media Whores has hours of this sort of footage – from pulling up into empty rest areas and then 5 or 6 cars pull in immediately behind us (all of whom were obviously following us) – to having 5 or 6 Jew/ Sayanim spies come out of buildings on K Rd when we were waiting outside a popular restaurant there one day waiting for a takeaway meal. There have even been a few fairly obvious helicopter fly overs – although admittedly around the same time we posted the articles and comments alleging Ritchie McCaw is a drug addict homosexual. We really need to sit down for a week and go over it all and put a 1 hour doco together – it would be mind blowing and up there with some of the best of this footage from overseas.

Media Whores has another of these ‘gang stalking’ events we wish to get on record – as it could well have been another set up in motion and something the pedophiles that be might try to use against us again at a later date, or even after we have gone.

Media Whores – or shall we say somebody involved with Media Whores – lets call them “Person A” – passed through the town of Westport in the South Island last year and stopped in for a beer at the Black and White Pub. The Black and White Pub in Westport is said by some to be the meth trafficking centre for that region – not least because one of the owners was found dead in his car one day when returning from Christchurch with a car load of meth (something we learned some months later). The pub is now run by some creepy little annoying prick with one of those big hook noses – apparently another ‘family’ member. Person A met a dude at that pub whom he got talking to – Peter was his name – and Peter offered us a fairly run down sort of office space to use while in town at his place a bit further up the Coast. Person A was planning to head to the North Island again in time for the election – and asked Peter if he would be interested in $100/month in return for letting him use the office as a formal business address and forward any mail that arrived to him up North. He agreed. Person A then courier tracked a return envelope to Peter each month while up North with $100 cash in it, and Peter sent back the mail (vehicle miles, registration, and the standard trumped up ministry of justice fines that people associated with Media Whores are gang stalked for most months). This went on for a couple of months, but on the third month when Person A sent the courier bag, Peter did not respond. Nor did he answer his cell phone for some days. Eventually, someone claiming to be Peter’s brother rang Person A – the cell number was on the back of every courier bag – and told Person A that Peter was dead. Steve was the brother’s name. He told Person A that Peter had been whacked over the head in his home and killed and he wanted to know who we were and why we were sending Peter $100 cash with a return envelope. Person A explained that he had been using Peter’s place as a formal / registered address but had gone back up North – where we had been for the past 3 months – and Peter was supposed to be forwarding his mail. Some more mail was actually siting there for Person A and Steve agreed to forward it on. He actually never did – but kept the $100 anyway. Person A phoned the Westport police the next day to ask if they had any information on a guy named Peter who had been killed. They told Person A he had died but it was most likely a brain hemorrhage, and nothing sinister, but they were investigating further. Person A gave the police his full details in case they wanted to ask any questions etc about why his mail was showing up there. Person A then kept an eye on the local papers and there was no news of Peter dying or any investigation into Peter’s death. The police never got back in touch. Steve, the brother, eventually sent the mail to the wrong address somewhere and then sent Person A a few angry texts and never got back in touch. There is still no record of Peter’s death that we can find, nor was there any funeral to the best of our knowledge.

Now it seems very weird to Media Whores that Peter’s alleged brother Steve did not want more information from Person A. Person A offered to help him and even come and meet him, but he refused. Same with the local Westport police – no further questions, and apparently no investigation either. If it were our brother we would have been like a dog with a bone.

Media Whores has since learned that Peter’s neighbour helped clear out the house after the death and claims to have found “bags of drugs” and also claims that Peter was indeed murdered. And yet no investigation, no further questions, and apparently not even a funeral. Peter may well have been murdered for all we know – and may well have been involved in drug dealing for all we know also (we are certainly not!) – but what seems clear, is that everything has been covered up.

Very odd isn’t it?

And thus why we document that story also. Wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that Peter is in fact alive and well – hiding out somewhere.

Our Nation is now crawling with Sayanim spies – it is a fkg invasion – and when you start to expose them – or indeed, if you are the loudest person out there exposing them – all sorts of crazy shit goes on around you………..It is a military operation, designed to either shut you up, or if you will not shut up, then build up a catalog of false allegations they can use against you at a later date, if so needed.

No one in NZ is safe until these pedophile satanists are exposed, outed and then chased up trees… the Greeks used to do to them.

It is a full spectrum takeover of our Nations – for their new Global corporate system – run from Satan’s State (Israel) – and they are poisoning, abusing and killing as many ‘natives’ as possible.

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    John Conner says:

    as someone who was conceived in a fertility ritual carried out by paedophile catholic priests who operated out of chch in the 60’s and 70’s, and who’s numerology is the envy of any would-be occultist, I find your comment that “certain astrological traits in their birth charts which makes them viable ‘saviors’ of some sort” intriguing. please feel free to contact me for further discussion

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      study santos bonacci
      everything is based off yr birth chart. which they steal from you at birth. you need the exact time of birth.
      your entire life can be predicted from that
      if you are born to rule for example, they will destroy you from a young age

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