Lord Rothschild – Is Earth being Recolonized by an Inbred Race of Child Abusing Lizards?


Featured Image – Lord Rothschild. Very creepy looking sure – but could he actually be the Lizard King/ Red Dragon – disguised as a human being – sitting on his hidden treasure?  Note the two little dragon/ reptile demons behind him? Quite deliberate. 

Rothschild = Red Shield/ Child.…possibly just the Child of the Red Dragon / lizard. How many snakes & lizards can you count in the family crest/ shield?  You are instructed to Trample on Snakes folks – not worship them as your Gods. 


“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” Voltaire

OMG! It’s Homosexual Transgender Jewish Lizard Pedophiles!

You really have to wonder. What are these people? An army of very creepy looking greedy fascists – apparently in most top positions of power – who all have certain things in common. 1) Blind and unquestioning support for the Israeli State and fake war of terror. 2) Blind and unquestioning cover ups of the avalanche of child abuse scandals and leaks – world wide. 3) Blanket masonic silence on the mass poisoning agenda eg,  the fluoride on the water, chlorine in the water, slow kill vaccines chemtrails, poisons in the food, 1080 etc.

Is it a stretch to ask the question – is Earth being recolonized by a small inbred group of lizards who survive and/or feed off human child abuse…coupled with ongoing ‘record profits’?

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