Targeted Individuals


Featured Image – Andrew Hampton – head of the NZ Jewish/ Nazi Stasi/ GCSB . Straight out of the East Germany handbook and now running NZ in 2018. 



Andrew Hampton aye? Can’t quite muster up the courage to go after NZ’s elite pedophile rings – nor any of the Bar Association meth traffickers – but quite happy to allow political targets to be stalked and harassed around NZ?

You are a waste of space mate – at best. A treasonous turd at worst.

Here are the two previous pervert little traitors….protecting pedophiles and meth traffickers – while stalking those who speak out. And stealing tax payers money to do it…under the guise of moral authority. Low life treasonous inbred filth…….(Images RadioNaZi). Its the same inbred Eastern European filth throughout modern day history – financed by Rothschild. Swanking around Wellington like they are important – no, you are low life pervert scum. We are being governed over by a bunch of ‘elite’ inbred fascist homosexuals and meth addicts….who don’t like “pests”. And why do they all seem to look like creepy pedophile types? (Rhetorical)


A good summary below on “Targeted Individuals”

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this program is how many ‘boots on the ground’ there are – even in NZ.

It must be like a full time job for these inbred Sayanim freaks. Aided with volunteers from their various satanist Churches like the JV’s, 7th Day Satanists and of course the Masons….and the NZ Government/ tax payers – forced to fund their own enslavement, or they are ‘breaking the law’. FFKS.

One big old pervert club……of treasonous sell outs.

If you are independently wealthy, a natural leader, a political voice, or you run the Nations biggest blog website  – rest assured you will have these slimy satanist Sayanim all over you – trying to get you on camera having an affair or get you hooked in their drugs etc. Now aided with a giant technological spy apparatus run from the Israel State and franchised through the GCSB

To the low life scum running our Government and justice system – you are no better than the Stasi and all of the other low life treasonous filth from history.

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4 thoughts on “Targeted Individuals”

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    They live says:

    Absolutely bro!

    Not to mention how long the site takes to load most of the time lol. Your site is more effective at waking people up than the loudest alarm clock 😉

    You’ve done a far better job for New Zealand than what any ‘politician’ has ever done

  2. Reply
    They live says:

    Bro, on Facebook I tried to share a whole bunch of content and older posts, I even replied to numerous people on numerous pages with a link to the site, even private messaged a bunch of people stuff (I deactivate my account often after sharing stuff – as the abuse starts coming) and when I went on an hour later I noticed ALL the links, comments and PMs did not even send through and it was as if they were all removed. Not to mention the fact I got zero likes or comments back, and I usually get a few dead states trying to argue with me or telling me I’m nuts and a ‘conspiracy theorist’ etc.

    But today. . . NOTHING!

    Is Facebook somehow stopping your posts reaching others via Facebook? Are these fkrs shit scared and worried about the truth? Is Media Whores their biggest fear? Hence why they keep stalking you bro and trying to spook you etc.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      shit yeah man
      it will be an algorithm blocking all mention of it.
      but all good bro
      the job is all but done anyway.
      no stopping it 🙂

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