PayPal is a Hoax & a Fraud


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Check this out – over 220 thousand views on that post we did inviting donations to Media Whores- and not one donation lol. A complete hoax. 4 million + on the article before that. Over 4.5 million readers every few days – and probably 10-100 times that amount as we have previously explained. And not one International donation via Paypal

Paypal is another Jewish hoax and fraud folks.

And now the same inbred demonic gang want you to trust them with some magic box they have invented called Bitcoin? lol. One World (Digital) Government wet dream come true….if the human race are stupid enough to run with it that is. Hell – they believe they live on a magic gravity ball flying through space, so anything is possible perhaps.

Paypal is another clever Phoenician (Jewish) play on the word Papal. Because they own and run the Vatican (Divining Serpent) – they always have. Along with all of your Masonic religions/ re-legions.

Not to mention Paypal’s fees/ commissions! Thieving fkers. Same as internet banking and everything else this lot do. Fraud and theft on a Biblical scale.

Could it be any more obvious that PayPal – while heralded as another of these ‘came out of a poor Jewish boy’s garage’ companies that ended up being a global world leader, while making that same Jewish/ Soviet boy an overnight billionaire – was magically given across the board access to every Vatican / Swiss owned bank on the planet to be able to process it’s payments? Come on. Give us a break. It’s called being ‘Chosen by God’. And its a pedophile ring.

We recall another scam on that Paypal account a couple years back – $25 charged to unknown – reported it – a standardized response – money gone, never returned. Its called skimming – and those with the back door keys can rob millions over night and get away with it ie) the Jewish/ Soviet hackers who run Operation Talpiot. Doing scams like that all of the time – and skillfully blaming Nigerians with no internet access or computers.

One wonders just how much money these satanic Jews have stolen off us this time- but couldn’t really give a fk to be frank. A couple of coffees, some ciggies…and some sunshine. Makes little difference to us. Can’t pay that Sun to come out…And you can’t steal a soul that you can’t deceive 😉 Shit out of luck on that one you dopey little inbred twerps.

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