The East Star Sun Day Fool Moon in Babylon ‘Egypt’


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First full moon tonight of the helical /Pagan New Year – marked by Easter Sunday….and April Fools Day for good measure. Rubbing it in our faces as per usual.

In the Scales of Justice no less…(US calendar is one day behind us)

Follow the white rabbit. 12 phases each month, 12 months. 144. The 144,000 in the Bible.

They have been chemtrailing for the past two nights but will hopefully show.

Easter Sun Day – that big old Star that rises in the East – who dies for three days (stays stationary for 3 days), before’ rising’ again on his heroic / helical journey towards summer in the Northern Hemisphere – where the Roman Calender was invented – to pervert true Holistic knowledge – giving you ‘Easter’ and April Fools Day instead.

Sol Invictus – the Unconquered Sun.

Your Savior – the Sun of God.

Who walks across water….


…and turns water into wine…every summer…rest assured…


Rest Assured. RA. Who starts his journey in Aries (Actually March 21st), the sign of the RAM. Right Ascension of Meridian.

Painted up in astrological fairy tales for the Lamb. The Lamb of God. The sheeple. Who are led to the $laughter.

Kept in ignorance and a chemically and TV / Tel Aviv induced trance – via the chemtrails, fluoridated water, vaccines, additives in all of the processed foods…but mostly via the dead animals they eat, now everyday for most ‘Christians’. They claim they could not be ‘happy’ unless they can eat at least some tortured, terrified, factory farmed piece of dead animal flesh each day.With sauce on it – to make it taste OK. In fact most usually have entire freezers dedicated to this masonic daily ritual of tortured animal blood sacrifice. Because it makes them feel like ‘men’. And puts 5 minutes of lead in the pencil. Thus remaining in an unconscious state – unaware of who they really are and where they come from, going from one feed of blood, guts and terror to the next…..marching off to early graves upon their masonic doctor’s instruction…..when informed by the ‘experts’ that they have some kind of non existent/ made up disease then prescribed made up medications and other ‘treatments’ that eventually kill them. Sitting around watching all of the rallies die in pain the same way. Shrugging it all off to bad luck… dinner time……before beating off to more Jewish transvestites on TV selling the latest fashions….and medi-kill ‘advancements’……safe in the knowledge that the 4wd will be upgraded……and has new tints in it.


Image – the all new iPhone Nike All Blacks McDonalds KFC Easter Deal- featuring Rich-e McWhore…..and bought to you by ANZ Bank. (Limited to Christian consumers only) 

Solar beings – with eternal souls – created in the Orion Nebula and incarnated via the Sun. Children of the Sun – born divine then turned into swine. You are what you eat.

Deceived and misled by the ‘snake’ on the tree $$ – money – an invention of the human farmers / lizard people – who call themselves ‘Jews’ but lie. Those who rule over this realm – the land of ‘Egypt’ – who get in our ears and deceive – but whom we cannot see for what they are – mostly due to our diets. Dying on the Cross T. DieT.

Entire lives spent living in DeNile.

They give the Goy fake religions – Christianity, a clever play on the words Anti Christ. And Islam – more Lamb of God to be slaughtered for ISIS.

The biggest sins in the Christian World being 1) Exposing pedophiles. 2) Saying the Earth is flat (as in the Bible) 3) telling people they shouldn’t eat dead stuff (as in the Bible) and 4) being antisemitic (oddly enough because the Bible says so) . Actually one more – talking about lizard people, this is also a big no no.

At war against each other on the instruction of ‘God’s Chosen People’ – programmed to do so via the TV’s and Saturn Light signals – by those who are said to be Chosen in both religious texts – which are in fact the very same astrological story with all of the same astrological truths. 72 apostles, 72 virgins and on and on.

The word of God / Astro Logos –  ignored in favour of fake masonic religions – who tell you that Jesus died at age “33” – the number of bones in your back leading up to your pineal gland – where Jacob saw God and ‘lived’ (eternal life). Encouraging you to eat meat – despite Jesus only eating figs and bread. “Oh but he ate fish!” No – he told the fishermen to cast their nets to other side – an analogy for using your right / creative brain, not your logic, to solve problems. (Media Whores still eats some fish for the record – no saint – just a loud mouth). Fake churches who take your 10% while encouraging you take medications and get chemotherapy. Death Cults posing as salvation. Breading grounds and safe havens for pedos.

And they are all fake diseases folks. There is only one ‘Dis-ease’ – acidic / poisoned blood – causing mucus.

Alkalize the diet, thus the blood, no illness. Period

By getting off the blood diet and processed foods.

The story of Moses parting the Red Sea..and freeing the Israelite slaves….from Jewish fasci$m, communi$m, capitali$m, catholici$m, liberali$m and on and on.

The ongoing perversion of the I AM. Substituted with a new I$M every century instead.

Colossians 1:27

The anti Christ. Christianity.

Worshiping snakes and lizards, when instructed to trample on them.

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie…”…Bible

That is flat Earth and NASA folks. You live on a flat Earth. Always have been. NASA is a hoax.

This fact alone will divide the goats from the sheep. If they are not discussing flat Earth – they are lying to you. If they call you a “conspiracy theorist” – they are most likely a pedophile, afraid of being exposed. The entire media and government for starters.

Everything you have been told is a masonic lie.

Fk – enough already.

Check out that Moon tonight. The consort of the Sun of God – Mother Mary Magdalene. Magnetism.


Maybe even a Monteiths.

Matthew 15:4



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  1. The leader of Momentum ( Labour Party Corbyn supporters) forced to resign because she sent a twitter that some one else should be non expelled from Labour Party after being expelled for forwarding an article that reported that the Red Cross reported the Holocaust a hoax. She is replaced as the leader of Momentum by comedian Eddie Izzard on April Fools day. I may not have got all that exactly right but it certainly fits spirit of April Fool.

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