To the Pedophiles at the Taupo District Court


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To the homosexual pedophiles at the Taupo District Court. Well, presumably homosexual ones. We wouldn’t want to discriminate.

Stop sending those associated with Media Whores your fraudulent bullshit.

You have an address on file to use. So do not use any other address.

You must provide 20 working days notice of any hearing – by NZ law. Not 24 hours.

Your letter was not post stamped and was instead hand delivered by one of your pedophile henchmen posing as law – and dropped outside the letter box of the wrong address, in the rain, a few days before your fraudulent hearing.

The fraudulent letter, not post stamped nor even dated, was picked up by an old neighbour and forwarded on. It was wet and torn.

It arrived at the correct address – which you have on file, and had sent three other letters to in the 10 days prior – the same day as your scheduled fraudulent hearing. 20 days notice is required by law.

Your phone number listed on line is incorrect, and then your 0800 operator refuses to put callers through to you – then a Chinese Citizen is put on the line to demand payment (yes, really, he confirmed that himself). Chairman bloody Mao demanding payment for fraudulent NZ parking tickets. You are a bloody joke. God help us.

As you well know – all of the matters (traffic fines) you detail are in formal dispute – you have that paper work – it has been filed with you many times over.

You have no lawful right to demand payment for matters that are in formal dispute – as you well know.

That documented formal dispute includes allegations that Government officials – including the previous mayors of Auckland City,John Banks and Len Brown – are homosexual pedophiles and /or sexual deviants and/or drug addicts and/or drug traffickers – being bribed and controlled by the Jewish run CIA/ Stasi based at Deloitte, who are tasked with chasing all straight /non compromised Kiwi men out of Auckland City – so that they may all have easier unfettered access to other people’s children without any complaints. Not least to provide child sex tourism to their fellow inbreds on the Cruise Ships who get off and march directly towards the new strategically built inner City children’s’ playgrounds, where they sit for hours with dark glasses on filming kids then doing secret transactions with fellow tribe members and government sponsored adopted parents – without any annoying loud voices exposing them and speaking out.

Media Whores is now alleging that there is reasonable grounds to suspect that the Taupo District Court is being run by this same pedophile ring that has infiltrated our once peaceful and prosperous Nation and that they have been tasked with doing the bidding of these serial pedophiles by illegally harassing and gang stalking targeted individuals for illegal and political objectives – no different to the Nazis, the East German Stasi and the Bolshevik Jews – all of whom were also lead by drug addict/ meth smoking homosexual and transgender pedophiles.

You are engaged in criminal activity – called treason – for which the punishment is 13 years in jail – with all of your assets seized – if you are lucky.

Cease and desist – you filthy low life criminals.

Please also be publicly notified that you have overdue invoices totaling over $200,000 for your unlawful and illegal harassment of that same person. A final demand letter was already sent. A commercial lean will be taken over your building shortly if those invoices remain unpaid.

To the Taupo Police – there is now reason to suspect that your District Court in Taupo is being run by pedophiles – most likely homosexual pedophiles – who are committing treason by engaging in politically motivated and unlawful gang stalking of Kiwi targets. Please be advised that your children – nor anybody else’s children – will not be safe in the Taupo community with fascist pedophiles running the Justice System.

PS: you might also want to look into the allegations of the large scale drugging and raping of backpackers involving one of your most well known Taupo businessmen and his associates – and we would also suggest  you keep a very close eye on your Freemason Mayor who claims to be seriously ill, but some have suggested he may in fact simply be undergoing 33 degree mason transgender reassignment procedures. Another great role model for kids in your region if so. Taupo is crawling with them – they own most of the hotels – and some are recording the guests having sex and their naked children in their rooms via two way LCD TV spy cams. Hope that information helps you all actually do your jobs – what you are in fact paid to do….that being to protect the community.

Claims Backpackers Being Drugged and Sexually Assaulted En Masse in New Zealand




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8 thoughts on “To the Pedophiles at the Taupo District Court”

  1. Reply
    Trample on snakes says:

    Another fkd up thing about Taupo is the amount of different properties that are owned to jewish pedofiles also. The summer concert that they have each year is host to a range of alleged pedofiles who come and sing their satanic music to the dead beats of Taupo. These bands come from all over America and yet they have properties in Taupo?. Allegedly, and this I have heard first hand from a very reliable source is that the water in Taupo is massively Tapu, part of it being the slaughter of about 6000 innocent early settlers way back when, and the local kiddie fiddlers will do everything they can to keep the surrounding rivers and lake poisoned as well as destroying other beautiful parts of the country. Interesting what you say about the mayor, he is also someone whom associates with a range of people who are known by the locals as absolute creepy mother fkrs., he also has been known to go to Hawaii at xmas time, at the same time obama and kiddie fiddler key head over, so one must wonder??

    Any mayor that allows people in ‘their’ community to live on the street or in a human farm situation, whilst out taking holidays, allowing fluoride to be dropped into the lake etc etc most definitely should be watched for sure!

    In this link it even says they fluoridate the lake
    These things must make one wonder ..

    I can personally say that I have seen several letters and propositions sent to the mayor and his buddies stating genuine facts regarding fluoride and NOTHING has ever been done, nor have they ever replied etc etc.

    There are more people in this town who know how the connections work and how pedofile protect pedofiles. Its disgusting.

    certain mayors, police officers and lawyers are known to associate with one another outside of their so called ‘respected’ jobs.
    The names mentioned in the JD files are people who are known to have very VERY tight connections with people who are part of the court/councils
    The Ceo of the council in Taupo is allegedly on a 300,000$ salary per year, pays no rates, has a free car with free fuel, a free house etc etc .. all while the staff he has who are life guards etc are on near minimum wage.
    apparently some guy named nigel who works at the A.C baths is another name that has been mentioned regarding being a creep.
    The amount of jobs that Taupo DOESNT have anymore, yet these masonic businesses are still blooming.

    Not to mention the amount of different properties these community ‘elites’ own whilst the younger generations have to work several jobs and have several occupations just to support themselves and their families.

    The medical centre DEFINITELY has people who are either A) Thick as pig shit and haven’t woken up to this dream world or B) are disgusting pieces of shit who are shoving drugs down peoples throats and are pushing their fluoride agenda big time.

    The fluoride agenda is HUGE in Taupo and surrounding districts

    I am simply passing on what others have been saying, and are saying. It would be wonderful to Know that a place like Taupo is predator free, unfortunately it clearly isn’t at present.

  2. Reply
    Truth Within says:

    Taupo is a town completely overrun with masonic business’s and dirty homosexual pedofiles who protect each other. So many corrupt practises take place here and the JD files are only an example. I don’t know how many times they have ‘justified’ the fluoridating of the water when it has been opposed as well as the amount of 1080 that gets dropped in surrounding districts. Not to mention they have a part of Taupo which is upper class and there is quite the network of masons who reside within the surrounding area – Acacia Bay.

    The council definitely have some dirty bastards working within their ranks and don’t even get me started on the police force in Taupo who work with the criminals to cover their own tracks. Previously I think I linked to you a lawyer named clayton who is alleged for ‘doing what he’s told’ – sicko, resulting in his wealth and status. The CEO of Taupo District Council named Gareth has allegations against him also which were a bit disturbing to hear. Don’t know how true they are but hey, when theres more than one person saying these things then it must be worth a further thinking and looking into. There is quite the list of freemasons in Taupo who have been working behind the scenes for quite some time raping the community (in more ways than one) and turning Taupo into a generic typical communist town/farm overrun with masonic ‘literature’. This is Information I never planned on learning but when you have family who are caught up in the bullshit you learn stuff pretty quickly when you know where to look, and each time I would visit Taupo while growing up you always had questions about who certain people are and why they act the way they do etc etc. OH Not to mention when you try to start a business and the amount of loops you have to get through .. (don’t even get me started) to establish yourself and get yourself going, where the masons can drop their trousers, sell their soul or commit adultery to their own family in order to get ‘a lucky break’. Definitely one of the most masonic towns in the country in my opinion., especially some of the teachers, doctors, lawyers and even other business’s within the Town.

      1. Reply
        Trample on snakes says:

        Thats insane. its buzzy what goes on in that town. One example of only many throughout NZ.

        il be kosher with having named names etc that ive simply only heard allegations?

        1. Reply
          mediawhores says:

          ill check it b4 publishing
          asking questions is the key
          you are allowed to ask anything
          asKing 😉

  3. Reply
    Jack says:

    Taupe is where the whistleblower Justin Davis had the local Taupo hospital get rid of his medical files that showed the effects of severe torture. Taupo is also where the Finn backpackers was claimed by Justin Davis to be long term involved in the drugging and raping of touristso and complaints were made that the local cops did nothing about, indicating serious collusion all the way through the place, like a totally rotten egg. Wasn’t it Paula Bennett from that area who made sure Justin Davis stuff disappeared from her Facebook page at the same time. AND THAT IS JUST A LITTLE TOWN, as to how deep the Rothschilds rot goes. I’d prefer my pig dogs to give the dorks a dose of gender reassignment.

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