Vice Half Ass Half Truth News – Targeted Individuals & Gang Stalking


Featured Image – Vice News. More Jewish controlled half truth mind control. 

Media Whores was following some Youtube/ Jutube recommended videos the other day on the subject of ‘targeted individuals’ and ‘gang stalking’ and they served up the one below from Vice News.

Now whenever truth starts to come to light – or human beings start rallying together behind a genuine cause or idea – the shape shifting lizard people (who seem to refer to themselves as Jewish) will swoop in (down?) immediately and start infiltrating the movement and try to take command of it. Then lead it and eventually crash it – much like Hitler’s stupendous mid winter invasion of Russia (a complete Masonic set up and joke) Once destroyed, everyone who was interested or following it then goes dutifully back to sleep.

And so we thought we would explain this little number below by Jewish owned and controlled Vice News for readers – given Youtube will be serving it up at the top to anyone who goes investigating the topic.

Firstly – you will notice the views – well over a million. Now anyone who is actually telling the truth on Jutube will only have views in the lower thousands. 10,000 seems to be the maximum they will permit to anyone who actually tells the truth. So rest assured/ straight off the bat – Vice News is Jewish controlled bullshit. They feature the homosexual Freemason Ross Kemp which is also a bit of a give away.

And secondly you will notice one of the men they feature as a ‘victim’ of this gang stalking is the exact image of the sort of shape shifting lizards we have been exposing – the standard masonic tattoos, lizard appearance and those black rimmed reading glasses used to hide the snake eyes – not least when he pretends to cry. You will also notice he flashes a masonic symbol for the camera near the end, the tattoos on his fingers, which we weren’t sure if it was a “22” or perhaps a veiled “33”. Looks like he may even have a bit of an Auschwitz Hoax tattoo going on also (and possibly therefore a bit older than he is making out (many of them are). This is how these lizards communicate with each other, via their symbols. You will also note he is a ‘famous ‘make up artist’ and is gay. Rest assured, there are no famous homosexuals being gang stalked – they are in fact worshiped as Gods in this new globalist masonic system. They are i fact the people running the whole show.

The goal here – by half ass half truth Vice News – is to take the very real story of Richard Bruce – which has gone mega viral around the World (and therefore only shows a few thousand views on Jutube) – and splice it with a few Jewish bad actors who will then seek to control the narrative.

Richard Bruce’s story is very real, and thus why his views are censored. He is a highly intelligent man – who quotes scripture and is starting to see through the matrix – thus now a target by the ‘lizards’/ human farmers. The Jewish makeup artist lizard is a bad actor – well quite a good actor really, but an actor none the less. Notice how right at the end Vice half ass News puts a small subheading on the screen blaming the stalking of the homosexual on some unnamed Christian group? Very clever. So the homosexual Jews are the victims once again here – and those nasty Christians are the terrorists. lol. Same old shit.

Vice News is Jewish owned half ass half truth mind control. Much like that piece they did on Jacinda Ardern where they told you she was a blood drinking vampire – but then went on to talk about how nice she is. Hidden in plain sight…..half truth mind control for the Goy. They are sent in to control the narrative – twist the real story – and help put everyone off the truth – using half truths. Same old masonic con.

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