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Featured Image – Jesus want’s NZ to be an organic tobacco, hemp and weed Garden of Eden by 2020 – and to wipe all of the stupid taxes. Best we do what he says. Usually try to avoid the weed ourselves to be honest – tumeke. 


 “….the glorious riches of this mystery, which is, Christ in you, the hope of glory” – Bible  – in each and every one of you 

Well, the Moon was pretty much non visible last night.  As opposed to invisible – you could certainly tell it was up there, but covered in ‘clouds’. Got up around 3am for urgent matters and could see an ocean of those fake wavy type chemtrail clouds up there. A very weird sky. Hopefully people had a good look over the previous two nights – which were stunning. The energy of it would have been best last night though no doubt, and thus the massive late night chemtrail effort by the human farmer ‘lizard’ folk.

‘She’ or ‘Her’ would be a better word than ‘it’ – slightly disrespectful. Mother Moon.

Media Whores stumbled across another of those hidden gems in the Bible yesterday. Which is what this entire process has been all about really – sweeping aside all of the bullshit and then stumbling across the hidden truths

Here it is:


Honor your Father and Mother.

Hidden in plain sight as always. They have to disclose the truth to you – it is universal law – so usually do so in fiction/ Hollywood and esoteric type prose. Those stuck in a material World trance never see it for what it is.

Jesus did not walk around telling everyone how great his literal ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ were. Did he ever mention them at all?

He walked around paying homage to ‘the Father in Heaven’ and presumably to Mother Mary Magdalene (the Moon).

Your Mother and Father in heaven.

And do not call anyone on earth your father, for you have one Father, who is in heaven. Nor are you to be called instructors, for you have one Instructor, the Christ.…” Matthew 23:9

“‘Anyone who curses his father or mother must be put to death.”

Harsh words but again, truth hidden in plain sight.

Those who fail to see the truth are eventually led to the slaughter – fake diseases, false diet advice, false medikill advice, fake medi-sins, and most of all just by worshiping false idols and ideals….those materialistic fools you see on your TV each day – all of them either completely insane or psychopaths of some description.

Truth is you have ZERO obligation to any literal Mother or Father or any other family member who is determined to drag you down with them – into the pit. Which is what a lot of family members do to each other. This is the counterfeit masonic system put in place over top of ‘ the Kingdom of God’ so that it remains hidden. The masonic mafia concept of family worship, in direct contradiction to scripture.

There are a few of those real gems in the Bible we have picked up on.

Never actually read the thing to be honest, but just have a pretty good ear and pick up on things we have heard quite quickly.

The only man to have seen God and lived – Jacob – and so he named the place “Peniel”. That is of course your pineal gland – a word censored by the Google ‘spell’ police


The secret of the ages is  – the Christ in YOU – not outside of you


This is the ‘Christos’ bodily fluid which can be raised up the “33” bones of the human spine, where it sits for 3 days dormant/ crucified, before activating the pineal gland and then being ‘at one’ with God. Atonement.

Quite an experience no doubt.

And again replicated in the false materialist masonic system with illicit drugs. Usually also a thoroughly enjoyable experience, but it is the come downs that suck. Dealing with reality again. Going back to work on Monday (or Tuesday) etc.

The masonic elites do not have that problem of course – as they do not really need to work, and they run the illicit drugs and so do not run out.

And thus the constant need for them to drag more and more of the slave class into the drug scene – to keep the wheels spinning – making sure they are all illegal and thus prices nice and high and total control of all those involved via the Judiciary and Bar Association and gangs that they also own and control.

And of course the constant need to continually cover up the truth – that the human being can ‘ascend’ into the heavens (head) simple by cleaning out the ‘temple’ (Temple of Solomon/ Soul of Man).

The biggest weapon they use is of course the meat eating. Nothing more than masonic blood sacrifice to their lizard God. We are bombarded everyday with messages telling us that we need and crave dead animals. She is a bit of a shock to the system at first, but once you get the hang of it – you are eating in the Garden of Eden. You sleep better, more energy, you feel lighter, healthier, and you heal from bad days or injury much faster. Full of light, not death. The meat rots in your stomach for days, poisoning the blood with acidity, making you angry, then lazy and tired, and sick. Not to mention most of the meat these days is factory farmed, dosed with mercury vaccines, fed on GMO feed and then treated with more chemicals and colours before it is sold. Probably the most poisonous thing you could do for your health – and yet most people are scoffing down that sort of crap every day.

Then they poison the water with fluoride, the chemtrails (Google spell police alert) with heavy metals (to get the off grid water tank users as well), the processed foods with toxic / unnecessary additives, all of the medications with sodium fluoride and other poisons, even the entire environment with 1080 now..and on and on.

They wage an ongoing chemical warfare against the human race – to insure they never wake up to the truth, which is carefully hidden in plain sight – so that they have a never ending supply of ‘food’ and cheap labour. And by any serious analysis, at the top of this lizard God masonic anti Christ system, the elites quite literally feed off ‘virgin’ human blood. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Up to 2000 missing children everyday in the USA. And non stop child abuse scandals across all forms of Government (Govern the Mental) – without any real investigation nor arrests. On going. Could it be any more obvious what these people are? Pedophiles for sure. And perhaps much worse than that at the very top.


The human race is farmed essentially because we farm the beings under us also. Kill and be killed.


We were given these rules to follow – they are called Universal Laws – and when we break them – we are quite literally thrown in the pit, with the snakes and lizards.

So called Christians remain not so blissfully unaware of all of this of course. Despite 2000 odd years with those guide books. They pretend to worship (war ship) Jesus for their religion (re-legion) while shitting on every word he allegedly ever said.

They kill and eat the flesh and blood despite clear warning


They go and see doctors and listen to their fake advice and then take their poisonous medications.

They use lawyers / liars – condemned in the Bible

They pay money to the tax collectors – to finance illegal wars and the various government pedophile rings, posing as ‘welfare (warfare)  – also condemned.

They worship the scribes – such as history channel, nasa, wikipedia and the false masonic education system, also the psychotic ‘PHD’s with their fake science and bullshit. Also condemned.

And then at the end of the day they all go home and watch a never ending stream of inbred Jewish transvestite and transgender celebrities on their TV’s – the so called Saducees. Also condemned.

And so the Christians – a clever play on the words Anti Christ – are condemned also. 2000 + years of watching each other all die and being buried 6 feet under. 666. Their souls recycled after slow painful deaths (if they are lucky) and then reincarnated again back down on this material plane, over and over. The astrotheological truth is that their souls are in fact rejected by their Mother in heaven – the Moon – and then sent back down to reincarnate as ‘Moon Stars’ for another attempt. That would of course be the word Monsters. Or just plain old ‘swine’ as the lizard people refer to us all as. This is the “white light” some refer to seeing upon death, or near death. The Moon.

Try telling a Christian that of course and they will laugh at you – stating that there is no such thing as reincarnation – despite the entire Bible, at its very core, being primarily a story of such. The level of comprehension is that bad.

Stuffing their faces with dead animals everyday, chomping down toxic medications, worshiping false idols in the TV’s, and then marching dutifully off to their false anti Christ churches to have all of their anti Christ habits reaffirmed by the lizard people that run them….and laugh at them….and abuse their kids, not least with all of the same false masonic lies.

Same with Islam – possibly the most sadistic treatment of animals on the planet. (Halal – going straight to Hell). Not to mention literally ‘bending over’ 5 times a day to Allah. Not sure who bends over to the masonic lizard God more – Christians or Muslims? The instruction is of course to rise up, not bend over, nor even to kneel down….



Not sure if the atheists are better or worse. At least the Christians are exposed to the word of God/ astro logos and so are still in with a chance.

“Oh but astrology is condemned in the Bible” they shout. FFKS, astrologers are condemned – not astrology. God created the lights in the skies as signs for Christ’s sake – why on Heaven or Earth would he then condemn them?



Truth is, to ‘know God’ – as opposed to ‘worshiping’ snakes and lizards – you must first know thyself. So you shouldn’t use astrologers – nor soothsayers – nor sorcerers- nor lawyers/ liars – nor doctors – nor priests. You should study the word of God – astrology – as clearly laid out in the Bible – and know thyself. You are the Adams and Eve’s of the Bible after all – made perfect, in the image of God….then dragged down by a fake masonic system of bullshit.

Start with those quotes about the pineal gland and the 33 bones in your back and then do as ‘Jesus’ told you, not the opposite of what he told you – and what your fake / satanic Churches teach you.

always do opposite of what Jews say

Worship your Father and Mother in heaven – not on Earth. The Sun and the Moon. The Sun moves through 12 signs each year, and the Moon through 12 signs each month, 144 each year. Your ‘mood’ will change every 2.5 days with the Moon Phases, as will things in your life with every 12 signs of the Sun. There are 7 planets / stars within those 12 Sun signs, each of which will have a direct and measurable effect on your daily life. As will the 12 houses. Learn your MC and your Rising Sign. If you do not learn them, you will be a fish out of water. Lost at sea. Under maritime admiralty law – ruled over by pedophile lawyers, judges and ministers of the Crown (Cronus/ Satan) – until instructed to die, painfully, by your psychotic drug addict money hungry doctor. Another lost soul.

Media Whores made mention the other day of how “targeted individuals” will most likely have certain “astrological traits” in their Birth Charts which the lizard people/ powers that be go after and seek to destroy. Someone commented on that. The Crown take a copy of the ‘sole’ (soul) of your foot at birth and then file it away with your original birth certificate – which has your exact time of birth. From this they know everything about you. If you request your original birth certificate they will not give you the time of birth. A good astrologer can calculate that for you if you provide them with some details – but then go research the rest yourself. We would hazard a guess that it is those with a “Perfect Trine” (Google spelling police alert) in their charts that they target – and this targeting often starts from a young age, often even sending in demonic entities to break up your family or get you kicked out of school, or much worse. A Perfect Trine, or Grand Trine could be thought of as a material expression of the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity expressed in man. If all three signs are of the same nature (fire, earth or water), more so.

A Grand Trine is 90 degrees x 3. 270 degrees. Which also adds to 9…..Now if the 6, turned out to be 9….well, Media Whores wouldn’t mind. To quote Jimi Hendrix – may his sole rise…unless of course, as some claim, he avoided the Morgue and is now living as a Freeman….

It is possibly these ones they fear. We are not experts but just chucking it out there.

Do your chart to learn who you are.

Then get your diet right to start to see and tend to the soul.

Your only obligation down here is to your own Soul – through honoring / knowing your Father and Mother above.

There is nothing else going on. Nothing outside of you. No Saviour coming to save you. No politician, no alien, no government official, no Ritchie the McWhore, no sports star, no Jewish tranny on the TV, not a priest. Even the Lotto is rigged.

Find out where the Sun and Moon (your Father and Mother) are in your birth chart – then start honoring them.

Hidden in plain sight….



And so the Lizard people who farm us all for their masonic God – sit around in their new masonic military compound in the Middle East – with their Star of David/ Saturn/ Satan swastika proudly on display on their flag – laughing at all of the Goy – as we race around each day trying to ‘get ahead’, worshiping false idols, fake advice, fake science etc. Waiting for the day that we finally figure it all out. Which is predicted to be very soon btw….

And their lizard God?

Gee – would that be the Red Dragon? Or his Child? Rothschild.

Notice below Roth$child mentions “Eastern Europe” – Eastern Europe was the base from which they conquered Western Europe (the Swiss guard the Vatican and the Rothschild Dragon guards the Vatican treasure).. Just follow their $nake symbols to learn their history, where they came from, where they have conquered  and who they are….. Per$ia. $yria, Ru$$ia, Swi$$erland (the Swiss banks controlling the Vatican and City of London/ the $quare ma$onic mile) and now America – renamed U$A. And now of course….I$rael. Is Real. The Rothschild Family rule over a Christian (and I$lamic) Anti Christ World. They rule the material World – by hiding your spirituality from you…..in plain sight. And have done for a very long time. 12, 000 years is our best guess.

The Vatican Enforces the Will of the Gods; the Divining Serpent Has the Whole World Deceived

Here’s hoping however that these ‘people’ will now leave the internet open enough for these truths to filter through….perhaps that is even the intention? Wouldn’t rule it out. Nor would we rule out that despite their best efforts, they have simply been left with no other choice 🙂



Follow the White Rabbit….



Everything starts in Aries. Thanks champ. Blocked me on Facebook long ago – for being a loud mouth. Chucked out of class. lol




















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