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Featured Image – Homer tries to remember who gave him the card….

Some random stuff….

Media Whores has done another blanket attack on everyone that wears glasses, suggesting they are all actually lizard people.


We are talking about people who have been stalking us who we think don’t even need the glasses and only wear them to hide their shifting snake eyes. A disguise.

Obviously not everyone that wears glasses is a snake. Ask them about NASA or Flat Earth or the fluoride in the water – see if they recoil. Same as anyone else.

First up – a warning from the Media Whores on the dangers of ‘fake news’……we must all be on guard – our global corporate owned democracies and collective slavery could be at risk….

And a quick update from the Rocket Lab Retards – showcasing how a small gang of highly inbred demonic bastards all conspire to stage bullshit in our communities, for the media/TV,  with the full protection of the media, legal system and Government (in fact with Government /tax payer / stolen funding) – presumably so they can continue to get laid and breed more dishonest satanic spawn to take over their trust funds, given they are such a pack of ugly inbred bastards ie) to be able to compete with human beings. Technically it is actually rape when you have to lie and deceive people to get laid. The serial gang rapists of our community, so to speak. One can see how they get away with all of their organized child abuse….the Government backs their lies, then the media helps cover it all up……Interesting to note a few sell out corporate Maori getting on board also……

And the real NASA ‘rocket’ launches…

And some stuff from ‘Devon Madgy’ whom we have posted a few times before – covering a lot of what we have been saying, but with much nicer language. Obviously not his real name – Divine Magic – but can’t say we blame him, obviously.

Once you come to terms with the fact that the Earth is flat and NASA a 100% Hollywood Hoax – the question then becomes – what is beyond, or at the center of the flat Earth? Or..what else are these demonic inbred snakes and lizards hiding from us? Bonacci and the guy with the fake name debate whether it is only a journey within, or also without…..

Also a good one on how to get rid of these parasites from your life……#TrampleOnSnakes







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    Sham says:

    Allegedly, the simpsons characters and loads of storylines are about a bunch of pedofiles who are freemasons in their community etc, it sticks out when watching through ‘the best of scenes’ of certain characters. Homers dad being one of the ones I watched. pretty fkd up what kids are being subliminally fed when you see it for what it actually is.

    so F K D up whats on tell lie vision

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