Peter Beck on Pedophile Necrophiliac Lizards in Outer ‘Space’


Featured Image – Peter Beck of Rocket Lab

The World is awakening to the fact that we have an infestation of snakes.

Pedophile necrophiliac snakes and lizards to be precise.

They run our Government and have a never ending chain of child abuse scandals surrounding them but instead of actually ever investigating these pedophilia scandals what they do instead is try to distract the Goy / slave public with space rockets, dinosaurs, climate change and ever increasing taxes instead. The goal being to keep the public all far too busy and afraid of the future so they never have the time nor inclination to simply stop and see the blatantly obvious – that we are in fact ruled over by a small inbred/ interbred gang of pedophile snakes.

Human children are apparently irresistible to these inbred pedophile snakes.

A necrophiliac is someone who likes to have sex with dead things. A dead thing is, or was, a living being who’s soul has left the body. The goal of these pedophile necrophiliac snakes and lizards is to hide your divine / spiritual nature from you – so they can then have sex with you and/or your children. Thus these snakes are also, technically, necrophiliacs.

The Children of the Sun (Humanity) wakes up to this somewhat awkward reality roughly every 2160 years when the Sun (our Father in Heaven) shifts into a new season/ sign of the Zodiac, causing an equal shift in our consciousness and thus ‘shining a light’ on the old system we have been living in and ‘revealing’ that we are indeed living in a pit of snakes….slithering all around us… fact usually funded by us.

The pedophile necrophiliac lizard people have been around for a long time and have far better memories than the human race and thus do their best to prepare for this eventuality – but always fail miserably and are then exposed and chased up trees and back under ground from where the came.

Where they fail and start to be further exposed for what they are is when they start breaking all of their own rules and promises in an effort to stemmy this awakening of man to his own divinity. They start switching off your cell phone data for example – and manually manipulating your search results on their ‘mathematically precise’ search engines. It is this sort of blatant theft and fraud that eventually leads to their downfall. Starts as a trickle, becomes an avalanche.

They are then usually chased out of all nations around the World in a few short years and peace restored on Earth – until they eventually snake their way back in a thousand years or so later when we start letting our guard down again.

The question of from where these snake and lizards actually came has always been a troubling one for the human race with the most common theory being that Eve of old got a little bit too drunk on the wine one night and quite literally ended up fucking a snake – unfortunately resulting in a demonic half lizard breed blood line that still exists to this day. Some have in fact argued that wine was invented by these lizards for that very purpose and Media Whores plans to seek comment from Pegasus Bay winery owner and doctor Ivan Donaldson for further comment, as he appears to be an expert on a range of matters. Perhaps also from his son Edward Donaldson who was a well known ‘A Class’ druggie around Christchurch in his youth and now travels extensively through International Airports for ‘work’. And maybe get more information on why these winery owners are putting ‘preservatives’ in wine these days, when wine gets better with age? Does it help keep the doctors busy? Or perhaps ‘God’ demands it?

We also thought it would be a good question for Peter Beck of Rocket Lab – does he think New Zealand could be the first Nation to actually send one of these inbred pedophile lizards into space? As opposed to just pretending to do so. And perhaps one more question for Peter Beck – would it be correct to say that he would be extremely ‘excited’ by the idea of taking his Rocket Lab circus around NZ schools? Funded by tax payers of course.

“In the tradition of great NZ explorers…” – you filthy little rat. 






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2 thoughts on “Peter Beck on Pedophile Necrophiliac Lizards in Outer ‘Space’”

  1. Bob says:

    Realise you read and research a lot of shit bro,and people always submitting stuff for you to check out.
    Have known about this old Polish cat Jan Pajak for around a decade.
    Came across some old photocopies of his stuff I have and re-read.
    He’s been putting extensive and intensive research on the net for decades but is hardly known by anyone…however has been ridiculed,persecuted and vilified by his peers in scientific world with the PTB trying to keep him in check virtually his whole life.
    Keeping in line with your recent posts,have put together a few paragraphs…a bit long,but you’ll find it backs up what you’ve been saying all along…

    Professor/Dr Jan Pajak born in Poland 1946.
    Doctorate in Engineering(Mechanical and Software Engineer),Doctor of Technical Sciences and Inventor.
    Emigrated to NZ in 1982 and did a post doctorate study at Uni of Canterbury in 1983.
    Has an intense interest outside of his main job/work in the UFO phenomena,especially on the engineering side of things.Dr Pajak is also fully aware of the identity and physical attributes of the “dark forces” running humanity…and also the true nature of New Zealand.
    He discovered the “Concept of Dipolar Gravity” which he terms the “Theory of Everything”
    i.e the answers to all questions regarding humanity,the world and the universe.
    His very extensive work can be viewed in full on in various languages….Totalizm
    being the philosophy of that concept.
    What follows is some views in his own words..reproduced verbatim.

    -Gradual finding…the increasingly wider body of evidence that certifies the continuous interference of “UFOnauts(devils,demons,serpents) in human lives.

    “The discovery that we should be interested much more in reasons for UFO activities on the Earth.In 1990 my hobby research on UFOs brought serious problems on my head.Namely I was punished heavily for publishing results on UFO explosion site near Tapanui in New Zealand.
    It did NOT help me that carrying out such research was almost my duty as a scientist who lived near Tapanui,nor that this research was extremely needed because the country(NZ) was overflowing with mysteries….while local scientists refused to investigate them.
    My next question was “who is the invisible invader that is oppressing all those doing research on UFOs?”
    In my case the query turned out to be the right question which provided a snowballing answer.
    This is because the correct answer to this question is that the “UFOnauts(demons,devils,serpents)themselves-who do not want people to learn about their parasitic activities on Earth and therefore with the help of their “agents”,by folklore of many nations called “changelings” are destroying everyone who investigates them too thoroughly”

    “The fact of a secretive occupation of the Earth by evil UFOnauts,looking identical to people,is explained more thoroughly on my web page about “Origins of Evil”
    In turn,subsequent consequences of this hidden and highly destructive occupation,that is manifested through systematic tormenting and destruction of our civilisation,is described in a whole array of my web pages.”

    “After the discovery of the hidden occupation of the Earth by morally decadent ufonauts,with the shock ai also discovered even the Bible warns us that the Earth is under secretive rule if these cunning creatures.Only in the Bible these evil creatures are NOT called UFOnauts,but devils,dragons,serpents etc”

    Jan Pajak has stated he has interacted with UFOnauts through his travels around the world.
    Although almost identical to humans are able to be distinguished by particular features.
    i.e long almost triangular heads/faces,long bulbous type chins which they generally try to hide with beards and long pointy noses with a slot like tip on the end.
    Also their hair has a tendency to grow upwards not down.
    He estimated a few years back there were at least three UFOnauts amongst every fifty humans.
    Jan Pajak also mentions that every person has an implant drilled into their shinbones.
    Can be located on the right leg for men and left leg for women.He says to look for small scars approx 25-27 cm up from the foot.
    Used to track people movements and location,as we apparently abducted by them in our sleep three to four times a year….for DNA extraction and other nefarious activities.

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