Jewish Liberalism, Political Correctness, Corporate Homosexual Fascism, Pedophilia & Globalisation – a Quick Summary


Featured Image – New Zealand Chief Justice, Sian Elias – said to be married to a serial homosexual pedophile – Hugh Fletcher – thus setting the entire agenda in the NZ  ‘just us’ system ie) covering up wholesale pedophilia.  (Original image now removed from Google)


Jewish Liberalism, Political Correctness, Corporate Homosexual Fascism, Pedophilia & Globalisation – a Quick Summary…..

You know, in the past 30 minutes while sitting here early morning typing this up – around 15 of those large double axle trailer trucks have driven past – hauling NZ’s resources out from under our feet for export trade – destroying our roads and environment in the process – and never any marked increase in the collective wealth of Kiwis…….Globalist corporate daylight fkg robbery.

In the past 30-40 years, under what has been referred to as “Globalization” and “Liberalism”, both New Zealand and the entire Western World have achieved the highest poverty, inequality and child abuse rates in their modern day histories. We have also managed to sell off almost all of our publicly owned assets during that same period – many 10’s of billions worth in New Zealand alone – while also all achieving record National debts – with an 11 fold increase in NZ up to $180 billion since 1984. #1984 indeed.

Whilst this economic failure might seem somewhat astounding – if not Biblical – it should also be pointed out that net taxes on the public have also pretty much doubled in that same period of time. 15% added to everything we buy for starters. 800% + now on tobacco alone.

Kiwis are now working far more – both men and women – for much less. The younger generation can’t even afford  to buy houses. Nor the elderly able to keep their homes warm.

It should also be noted that we do now all have access to a whole lot of really cheap plastic crap from China – not least the new disposable fuel efficient cars, most of our building materials and a massive range of cheap plastic Chinese heaters, now that fire has been made illegal due to more liberal ideals. We also have a very steady and large supply of high grade Chinese meth. Although securing all of this great new plastic and meth from China was essentially achieved by handing over our power companies to Chinese investors, along with most of our land, and had therefore very little to do with the taxation or debt mentioned above.

Oh – and a new cycle trail.

We have also managed to poison our entire food supply with toxic additives in this same period, as well as near ruin our water supplies and environment with intensive farming, all for this grand ‘globalist’ liberal cause.

We are all being right royally screwed. Gang raped would be a better word. The peasants had it far easier over 400 years ago.


Roger Douglas – spearheaded ‘neoliberal’ economics in New Zealand – also an alleged homosexual pedophile. (Another image we have previous used now removed from Google)

In this same 30-40 year period, we have of course also achieved ‘gay rights’ across the entire Western World as well.

It could in fact be said that what we have done – or at least been made to do – across the Western World over the past 30-40 years under ‘liberalism’ and ‘Globalization’ –  is swap our collective human rights eg) the right to not be lied to, terrorized, stolen from, conned, poisoned, cheated and otherwise blackmailed and bribed in our very own Nations – for the ‘right’ to be Gay.

We have by any serious analysis – traded / sold our wealth and complete control over our economy, environment and even our future – for the right to be Gay. But nobody dares admit or suggest it.

There are of course some who see all of this as a huge success, not least the homosexual people who now run our media and Government, and it is their job to remind is all each day of just how lucky we all are to be living in one of these new age Western ‘liberal’ Nations, while also skillfully reminding us each day of just how guilty we should all feel for not trying harder to be even more ‘liberal’. Most of these types make guest appearances on Radio NZ throughout the day to tell us all about their favorite restaurants and recent overseas trips.

This is of course called Homosexual Fascism……


Alison Mau – #Metoo

Images – we are now ruled over by homosexuals, pedophiles and various other forms of sexual deviants and /or perverts – and the stats don’t lie. It is wholesale rape and plunder, dressed up as political correctness and ‘liberalism’. 

Images fair use / www.wikipedia

These new age ‘liberal’ homosexuals who run our media and Government indeed specialize in sweeping all of the raw facts and statistics aside while feeding us a never ending stream of ‘politically correct’ bullshit – so that the economic rape and plunder of our Nation’s can continue unchallenged and for the benefit of a very small group of off shore ‘globalist’ investors who hide behind a network of secretive trust funds (and security cameras) – so we can’t see their names and who they actually are.

Perhaps the most glaringly obvious fact that our new homosexual ‘liberal’ leaders ignore, is that homosexuality itself has been proven in study after study to actually be caused by child abuse (both emotional and physical) and not by any other cause, such as genetics etc. There is no such thing as a homosexual gene – but hundreds of studies linking homosexuality to child abuse.

Ref – Doctor Joseph Nicolosi – said to have been murdered by homosexual fascists shortly after his interview with the well known homosexual activist, Stephen Fry. NZ’s own Greg Hallett was also chased out of NZ after numerous murder attempts for writing books about the homosexual pedophile takeover of NZ politics and our legal system. 

If there is one thing all of these new age ‘proud’ homosexuals have in common – it is not a gene, it is child abuse. Someone in their past has ‘rubbed them up’ the wrong way. Often family members who then continue to cover it all up under the guise of ‘liberalism’ and ‘gay rights’ simply to avoid having to admit to it or face up to their crimes.

So while these new age ‘liberal’ leaders all celebrate and push their new ‘gay rights’ as some kind of moral victory – all they are really doing is celebrating, normalizing and indeed legalizing ……..child abuse.

It is said that a particularly bad State protected pedophile (and most of them do work for Government in some form – State funded / tax free churches being the biggest source) can sexually abuse up to 200 children over their lifetime, with 1 in 8 of those child abuse victims then becoming a pedophile later in life themselves.

Note we are of course not saying that all homosexuals are pedophiles here – we are saying that homosexual pedophiles are apparently the cause of a lot of the homosexuality we are seeing around these days. Nor do we seek to revictimise the homosexual out there – most if not all of whom have already been seriously abused in their lives – we are simply pointing out the facts and this obvious agenda being played out ie, Corporate Homosexual Fascism, dressed up as liberalism. The so called Gay Agenda.

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis


Dr Smith incurred almost $100,000 in legal fees for teenager

Now, the best (and perhaps only) way to cover up such industrial scale type child abuse & homosexual pedophilia is of course to make it legal and socially acceptable – and this is exactly what these child abusers that run the new ‘liberal’ global corporate agenda have done/ or are currently doing.

Was Convicted Killer Phillip Layton Edwards a Victim of Hugh Fletcher / Sian Elias Child Sex Ring?

They have normalized and legalized child abuse by painting it up as something to be to celebrated – as opposed to investigated, prosecuted and ideally stamped out – and then skillfully promoted the very best of their child abuse victims into top positions across Government and media (the mind control apparatus).

Images – David Farrar – political ‘expert’, commentator and owner of Kiwi Blog – dressed up as / celebrating one of Britain’s worst ever alleged serial child sex offenders – Jimmy Savile. 

This new ‘liberal’ / homosexual system is now even running tax payer subsidized ads promoting homosexual child abuse on TV…..

P.I.E – the Pedophile Information Exchange – what a coincidence……


Rainbow Youth Logo – more Israeli / Jewish Pyramids …and also very similar to one of the International symbols for homosexual pedophiles, oddly enough…



Nick Laing of Rainbow Youth NZ – nice choice of logos and pie symbolism mate. Is that Jewish code for “Envy” behind him? They usually hide all sorts of symbolism in imagery. 

Looks a bit like this guy below aye? Media Works content ‘programmer’ and child sexualization expert  – Andrew Szusterman

Andrew Szusterman & the Sexual Exploitation of Kiwi Youth

You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried – could you?

This tactic of normalizing child abuse – not least homosexual pedophilia – not only allows them to get away with their pedophilia – but also to continue their rape and plunder of our Nations – under the guise of more and more ‘liberalism’.

You have to hand it to them – they are masters of their trade – that trade being rape, plunder, child abuse……and mind control.

So the obvious question then becomes…who are they? These ‘liberal’ globalist serial child abusers, rapists and plunderers?

Well here are a couple of very obvious clues…

Firstly – almost every single one of these new age liberal global corporates – the ones benefiting the most in this new system – are owned and run by people claiming to be Jewish. Global banking, media, industry…you name it…..Check it out at the link below.

Some claim another clue can be found in the logos and symbolism many seem to use  – always the rings of Saturn, Hexagrams, X’s, or Black Cubes etc. All known to be symbols of Saturn / Satan – their ‘God’. Also proudly on display on the Israeli flag – the so called Star of David.

Another clue is the quite obvious new age ‘liberal’ policy that has accompanied all of these other new age ‘liberal’ policies of the past 30-40 years of this globalization and liberalization agenda – which is the unquestioning support by Western governments for the Israeli State. The so called Jewish State. Even in the face of their never ending illegal wars and terrorism – real and staged – not least 911 and almost every war and other ‘terrorist’ event you can name since 911 – almost all of which can be traced back to the Israeli State. Nobody dares challenge or question Israel – and if they do, it is usually just for show and then not followed through on anyway.


Image – HE Dr. Itzhak Gerberg with his homosexual rainbow Nation tie and two boyfriends pictured behind him. Serves as Ambassador of Israel to New Zealand and Non-Resident to Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga. Check out that image link – the entire Isreal brand is now ‘rainbow’ – it is apparently now the homosexual capital of the World. Terrorism and gay rights – for ‘God’ ie) divinely inspired homosexual fascism. 

Israel – a Nation dedicated to Global Sodomy – financial and otherwise……the so called Jewish State…..

So there you have it folks. Nice and simply laid out for you all – plain as day. The entire past 30-40 years of debt, poisoning, death, destruction, never ending war, wholesale child abuse and pedophilia scandals and cover ups. Neatly described, using very basic analysis and logic.

The Jews apparently own and run it all – by promoting child abuse in our Nations then covering it all up and then promoting it’s victims instead of investigating and arresting the perpetrators. A premeditated criminal scam from what can only be described as demonic minds.

Not sure if it could be any clearer?

Oh yeah, and they are now also spying on us all and everything we do, including our children, via their new digital control grid that they run from Israel, the new IT capital of the World (thanks to all of the new Government spying laws they passed after staging the 911 attacks) via your ‘Intel Inside’ microchips and Sim cards in your computers and cell phones, and of course simply via all of the security cameras they have had installed across the entire Nation in the past 20 years, which started first in the banks they own, but are now literally everywhere. ALL of the data goes back to Israel. Rest assured. 5 Eyes and the NSA are just sideshows, much like Wikileaks, Assange and Kim Dotcom.

A bunch of highly inbred, psychotic, control freak child abusing Jews – spying on everything we do – all of us – on a daily basis – while raping, plundering and taxing the other 98% of us and our Nations to death – not to mention mass medicating, vaccinating and poisoning us all – and all the while forcing never ending ‘political correctness’ down our throats – so that we all continue to feel guilty about it at the same time.

A plan in the making at least as far back as when the German/Austrian Jewish Rothschild family took control of Vatican banking in 1823, then conquered the Bank of England, then the American treasury in the early 1900’s and then staged the World Wars – again all for Israel.

Hitler was a Jewish Transvestite Freemason

The entire Western World – as well as most other parts of the World – robbed blind, in front of faces, in fact pretty much with our consent – in a relatively short period of time – by a small inbred tribe of child abusing sodomites.


“God will bless you as he has promised, and you will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. You will rule over many nations but none will rule over you” – Bible

““Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness;” – Bible. Which means Adam/ Adomites, made in the image of God, not homosexual snakes – apparently the fake Jewish masonic interpretation. 

Best we not admit all this however – that would be politically incorrect.

Now ask yourself – when was politics ever “correct”?

Predetermining what is correct in politics is in fact called fascism. Anyone that even uses that term is a fkg airhead and / or a fascist, by very definition. And predetermining that homosexuality is “politically correct” can therefore be termed – Homosexual Fascism.

New Zealand is Now Under Jewish Talmudic / Satanic Law – Run by Pedophiles, Criminals & Drug Traffickers


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