Is Taupo The Masonic Pedophile Capital of New Zealand?


Featured Image – Taupo ‘businessman’ Chris Timmerman – known to do very large ‘cash deals’ with mafia drug trafficker types. Pictured with some of our new age masonic politicians….forget their names – Big Pitcher and Little Catcher or some such. 


Its strange really – but Media Whores would have thought Auckland, Wellington or Queenstown would have been the Masonic pedophile capitals of New Zealand – not little old Taupo.

Free Masonry being the Persian / Jewish elite transgender / homogeneous Snake sex cult – a perversion of the words Free Man, with an $ added to it.

Snake sex is every bit as peculiar as you would expect – BBC Earth

We all know Auckland and Wellington are major hubs for these pedophile type Free Masons, as well as Nelson of course, run by Nick Smith and Judge Tony Zohrab and the boys.

Queenstown has now become a major International hub for the wealthier overseas Masonic pedophiles who are building ‘end of world’ type military bunkers down there with the money they have stolen with their various Masonic scams in their own countries. Queenstown Judge Kevin Phillips has got their back of course – with his reputation for helping to cover up pedophilia in the region. And the lizard people just love those cold mountainous areas for some reason. Helps keep the blue blood cool and avoid overheating. Cold mountains are also a good military strategy for obvious reasons and thus why these same pedophile snakes based themselves in Swi$$zerland as well – where they ran the entire Rothschild financial takeover of Europe and the U$A via the Vatican controlled banks.

And these Masonic serial child sex offenders clearly also now run Christchurch – having bombed it to smithereens and then left the inner city completely destroyed for the next 6 years, while they build billions of dollars worth of new motorways around the outside of Christchurch instead – a bit of a give away that it was all planned that way. The inner city still looks like a bomb shelter but billions in new motorways have been completed. They did however find the time and funding to go around removing all of the crosses off all of the old churches. The other obvious giveaway being the fact the Christchurch Casino – owned by Jewish and Persian offshore billionaires – was built no higher than 4 or 5 stories tall and like an Israeli military bunker. They knew it was coming at least 15-20 years ago. Designed to withstand ‘earthquakes’. Same with all of those large real estate purchases on the outskirts of Christchurch – Pegasus Bay, Rollerston etc – all Jews and offshore secret trusts who knew what was coming. A lot of Saudi money in it also we have heard. We also mentioned Ivan Donaldson and the Pegasus Bay winery the other day – again, great timing. The smart money knew what to do. Some families just seem to have all of the luck in our ‘democracy’.

Christchurch Mayor – Lianne Dalziel – you will know them by their deeds – or because they literally look like lizards?

Simon Barnett-christchurch

Simon Barnett – Christchurch Media Whore extraordinaire. Possibly related. Check out the man hands on his ‘wife’ one day – another very common theme. And a portrait of Pedro the Great in the background.

Pedophilia, financial scams, terrorism and survival bunkers follow them where ever they go. Its a military operation they run after all.

It was interesting to note however just how many comments came in about Taupo following our article the other day alleging that the Taupo District Court is also run by pedophiles.

To the Pedophiles at the Taupo District Court

We post some of those comments below. We have withheld a few more upon request. Also some of Justin Davis’s comments on Taupo – said to be home to NZ’s worst every serial rapist – a German man still living there – and still being protected. Actually it is scary how many of the pedophiles Davis and others have named are actually German – most of whom arrived here after wwii. Jewish Germans perhaps? Same thing according to some. The elite ‘blue bloods’. All of the Royal Families are actually Germanic bloodlines, as we have covered. It is some kind of inbred blue /cold blooded snake seed – with those hidden elite Persian families behind them. Came up out of the Persian Empire and started putting obelisks everywhere, not least in Rome and Washington DC.

And it is Talmudic Law these German / Austrian Masonic Jews are imposing on us – apparently raping as many kids as they can – either directly or indirectly – to help promote their homogeneous lizard agenda.

Now even teaching it as part of the curriculum in schools. It is now politically correct to teach children as young as 10 not just to have sex, but to have sex with anything they want, and even what they don’t want.

While looking for a photo of one of the Taupo District Court judges we noticed this article also – a new ‘youth court’ in Taupo. We all know how that works – first the Masons import drugs for the parents so they can get better access to the kids, then they build an entire business around the crime it creates later on…..check out the Masonic hand signals. Hello kiddies, we are here to help!

Couldn’t find any dedicated Taupo Judge – but some who do some work out of there. The judges are the ones running it all at the community level of course – for their Rothschild and Persian Elite masters. These snakes use “circuit judges” these days – to help better cover up their crime and destruction.

Judge Tony Lendrum-taupo

Judge Tony Lendrum – creepy/ masonic

Judge Heemi Taumaunu-taupo-youth

Judge Heemi Taumaunu Taupo Youth Court

Project Leader Danny Brown – Taupo Youth Court

Justice Kos -nz

Justice Kos  – This one just popped up on our images search. Holy fuck we are in trouble.

All so liberal and new age PC – but just can’t quite seem to be able to sort out the meth trafficking and pedophilia in their communities – in fact its one big old Masonic code of silence – with everyone paid off.

This entire tax payer funded system – is a fucking joke. On a Biblical scale. And high time for a big old fkg reset.

Here is an idea guys – how about you all stand down – immediately – forfeit your tax payer salaries and perks and go and find something useful to do instead – then we wipe all income taxes off Taupo’s working poor (the same people who’s children are being abused) – and Media Whores will take care of justice in Taupo – for free.  In fact you can chuck Christchurch in as well.

Justin Davis on Taupo:

I did spent a year camping by the river in taupo

Nz worst serial rapist is in taupo. About 1500 or more rapes

Mainly tourists from free camp ground there called reids farm

He calls himself andre

Gerhart is his first name

He a German with aussie passport been in nz for decades. About 70 now

In his spare room,, is a bed that waist height. A pedo bed, used for group rapes

He invites tourist back to stay the night and have hot shower

There’s lots I can tell you about him. Including how he steals cash from tourists and changes it in rotorua

There a couple of accommodation places they use for drug facilitated rapes

The Hub in Palmerston North, finns in taupo

Finns had convicted rapists as night porter

There other couple as well. They use celling access. When I was there I use special door lock called a life lock. But they still got me using celling access

I told you about spray they use choral hydrate

Imagine while you are sleeping they drop small plastic tube down and dose you. Then they can do what they like

Interesting to note Harry visited a pedo place in Auckland while here. Check spelling – oddassy house rehab centre. Imagine if the rehab patients remember anything , it’s there word as ex drug addicts vs staff. Same thing with group in Palmerston North. They are very sly about selecting victims.

Remember backpackers up north where owner was drugging and raping tourists ? There a few more around nz run by pedo’s. Finns in taupo , and the hub in Palmerston North. Victim asleep in bed , perfect time for them to attack. In finns there was a lady who complain about waking up with marks on her and being raped while sleeping. Cops had her lock in nutty ward. Night porter was convicted rapist. Where i stayed there I woke up a few times with fresh wounds on chest. The use the celling space to launch there attacks. First by drugging victim while they are sleeping. The hub in Palmy, fill with young students is same setup. While there I used special lock on door called a “life lock” , so even with key it can’t be opened. 3 floors up, and they still got in. Using celling space

Recent Comments to Media Whores about Taupo – now one of the Masonic Pedophile Capitals of NZ

Another fkd up thing about Taupo is the amount of different properties that are owned to jewish pedofiles also. The summer concert that they have each year is host to a range of alleged pedofiles who come and sing their satanic music to the dead beats of Taupo. These bands come from all over America and yet they have properties in Taupo?. Allegedly, and this I have heard first hand from a very reliable source is that the water in Taupo is massively Tapu, part of it being the slaughter of about 6000 innocent early settlers way back when, and the local kiddie fiddlers will do everything they can to keep the surrounding rivers and lake poisoned as well as destroying other beautiful parts of the country. Interesting what you say about the mayor, he is also someone whom associates with a range of people who are known by the locals as absolute creepy mother fkrs., he also has been known to go to Hawaii at xmas time, at the same time obama and kiddie fiddler key head over, so one must wonder??

Any mayor that allows people in ‘their’ community to live on the street or in a human farm situation, whilst out taking holidays, allowing fluoride to be dropped into the lake etc etc most definitely should be watched for sure!

In this link it even says they fluoridate the lake

Taupo and Turangi

These things must make one wonder ..

I can personally say that I have seen several letters and propositions sent to the mayor and his buddies stating genuine facts regarding fluoride and NOTHING has ever been done, nor have they ever replied etc etc.

There are more people in this town who know how the connections work and how pedofile protect pedofiles. Its disgusting.

certain mayors, police officers and lawyers are known to associate with one another outside of their so called ‘respected’ jobs.
The names mentioned in the JD files are people who are known to have very VERY tight connections with people who are part of the court/councils
The Ceo of the council in Taupo is allegedly on a 300,000$ salary per year, pays no rates, has a free car with free fuel, a free house etc etc .. all while the staff he has who are life guards etc are on near minimum wage.
apparently some guy named nigel who works at the A.C baths is another name that has been mentioned regarding being a creep.
The amount of jobs that Taupo DOESNT have anymore, yet these masonic businesses are still blooming.

Not to mention the amount of different properties these community ‘elites’ own whilst the younger generations have to work several jobs and have several occupations just to support themselves and their families.

The medical centre DEFINITELY has people who are either A) Thick as pig shit and haven’t woken up to this dream world or B) are disgusting pieces of shit who are shoving drugs down peoples throats and are pushing their fluoride agenda big time.

The fluoride agenda is HUGE in Taupo and surrounding districts

I am simply passing on what others have been saying, and are saying. It would be wonderful to Know that a place like Taupo is predator free, unfortunately it clearly isn’t at present.

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Taupo is a town completely overrun with masonic business’s and dirty homosexual pedofiles who protect each other. So many corrupt practises take place here and the JD files are only an example. I don’t know how many times they have ‘justified’ the fluoridating of the water when it has been opposed as well as the amount of 1080 that gets dropped in surrounding districts. Not to mention they have a part of Taupo which is upper class and there is quite the network of masons who reside within the surrounding area – Acacia Bay.

The council definitely have some dirty bastards working within their ranks and don’t even get me started on the police force in Taupo who work with the criminals to cover their own tracks. Previously I think I linked to you a lawyer named clayton who is alleged for ‘doing what he’s told’ – sicko, resulting in his wealth and status. The CEO of Taupo District Council named Gareth has allegations against him also which were a bit disturbing to hear. Don’t know how true they are but hey, when theres more than one person saying these things then it must be worth a further thinking and looking into. There is quite the list of freemasons in Taupo who have been working behind the scenes for quite some time raping the community (in more ways than one) and turning Taupo into a generic typical communist town/farm overrun with masonic ‘literature’. This is Information I never planned on learning but when you have family who are caught up in the bullshit you learn stuff pretty quickly when you know where to look, and each time I would visit Taupo while growing up you always had questions about who certain people are and why they act the way they do etc etc. OH Not to mention when you try to start a business and the amount of loops you have to get through .. (don’t even get me started) to establish yourself and get yourself going, where the masons can drop their trousers, sell their soul or commit adultery to their own family in order to get ‘a lucky break’. Definitely one of the most masonic towns in the country in my opinion., especially some of the teachers, doctors, lawyers and even other business’s within the Town.

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Taupe is where the whistleblower Justin Davis had the local Taupo hospital get rid of his medical files that showed the effects of severe torture. Taupo is also where the Finn backpackers was claimed by Justin Davis to be long term involved in the drugging and raping of touristso and complaints were made that the local cops did nothing about, indicating serious collusion all the way through the place, like a totally rotten egg. Wasn’t it Paula Bennett from that area who made sure Justin Davis stuff disappeared from her Facebook page at the same time. AND THAT IS JUST A LITTLE TOWN, as to how deep the Rothschilds rot goes. I’d prefer my pig dogs to give the dorks a dose of gender reassignment.

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Another top quality article bro. You should be paid for being one of, if not the only, Honest News sites in this country regarding politics. Possibly the world?

You are correct about these pillow biting demons. The moment theyre confronted about their past deeds, BOOMFAH, they shit themselves.

This guys an absolute creep who has genuine allegations against him.

Clayton Stent

Have you seen this ‘guy’ ?


Claims Backpackers Being Drugged and Sexually Assaulted En Masse in New Zealand

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6 thoughts on “Is Taupo The Masonic Pedophile Capital of New Zealand?”

  1. Reply
    Trample on snakes says:

    Looks as though the Taupo ‘club’ has bitten off more than they can chew.

    I think Taupo may well be the Pedofile ‘Homo hub’ of New Zealand

    They’ve created this ‘homo hub’ in the town where its becoming a bit too obvious now, especially with creep catchers landing a good haul, but also regarding how the ‘big wigs’ are reacting to all of this happening. They’re worried they’re going to be caught up and thats why they’re keeping quiet about it. Not to mention the amount of creeps lurking around the place and also people who run ‘holiday activities’ in the Town.

    Gareth green, since he’s been in Taupo there has been an increase in all this ‘behaviour’ looks very much like a lizard and have heard first hand this this creep is arrogant and very creepy. A very close and personal friend of the mayor also.

    Theres been so many creeps caught in Taupo recently and No one in the town who’s in a position of ‘power’ has made comment, likely because they don’t want to be caught out for being alleged rapists and child blood suckers

    Why would it matter when theres people like this guy who will only get them off the charge? Allegedly, this guy has managed to get pedofiles off in the past, has covered up other crimes and is a 100% confirmed freemason who’s ‘worked his way up the ranks’, the idiot has even been dumb enough to talk about his masonic ties to people in the community. He’s also well known amongst the council and the police – and very well liked also, could he be working to cover up pedofilia in the region? and hence why he has several million dollar properties in the region?

    Heres the shadow government version of the council –

  2. Reply
    Trample on snakes says:

    Taupo definitely seems to be a hub for all these freaky creeps, its so obvious the ‘brotherhood’ are working overtime to cover this up.

    Is the mayor covering up pedofilia and doing what he can to destroy the town? He’s fucked this town over since being ‘in charge’ ?

    There are plenty of google searches showing photos of him with john the kiddie fiddler key, but there seems to be a trend going on around NZ with these mayors, trying to fuck their respected communities over.

    Heres some links suggesting this guy is a major criminal

    Theres also strong evidence that him and DUNCAN GARNER, have engaged in ‘acts’ between one another, he lies in this radio interview saying the town has plenty of jobs etc and he’s bullshitting about the amount of housing available.

  3. Reply
    Trample on snakes says:

    I noticed that this Timmerman bloke is ‘German influenced’ whilst reading the link about him.

    “I grew up with the German mentality – we’re straight up, take pride in the stuff we do and keep workmanship and work quality at the highest level.”

    Interestingly enough however, some of the people he has had ‘disputes’ with are also well renowned and established “businessman” in the Taupo region. Surely it couldn’t just be a show for these ‘businesses’ to make more money????

  4. Reply
    Trample on snakes says:

    Huka lodge in Taupo is said to be the place where ‘famous’ people such as the queen, obama, sportsman such as mc-whore etc all stay when they are on ‘business’ trips to New Zealand.

    Dan carter and his husband allegedly make frequent trips to Taupo and has a house there too. A LOT of the elites seem to have holiday homes etc there while the working class live on the street and struggle to make ends meet.

    Allegedly the night life in Taupo has quite a few transvestites floating about also on a Saturday night/sunday morning.

    There are plenty of names floating about that people are more than happy to share relating to the crooks who work and live in Taupo. You know them for their deeds.

    Gareth green of Taupo is someone you could almost do a whole article on. I wonder what he knows about the homosexual pedofilia that happens in Taupo? His name has two G’s and his last names green, is it because his skin could well be green and he too shifts? His photos allegedly indicate so, could he be one? Another name that was mentioned was some lady with the sir name parks? Don’t know how true etc this is but hey .. it pays to share information as it could make someone aware one day when these creeps are lurking about in their flash cars they got for allowing ‘back door entrance’ or having their kids pimped out.

    You could almost do a ‘exposing Taupo part 2’ when more names begin to surface – and there are plenty apparently

    You are the platform a fair few people have been looking for bro and information and names are coming out of the wood work.

    Top notch article bro exposing the filth.

    P.S you most definitely deserve to be paid top dollar for what you are doing. Shouldn’t it be the systems job to protect us from pedo demons?

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