Palmy Creep Catchers


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One small NZ town. Crawling with them. Sick creepy pedos. NZ turning into Thailand.

A Nation run by pedophiles – the politicians and justice system – turning it into a pedos paradise.

This is what your 60-70% net taxes have achieved over the past 30+ years of Globalization and ‘Liberalism’. Pushed upon you by the pedophiles who run the media and Government.

NZ is now a haven for pedophiles – while the ‘liberals’ running the show all bark on about being ‘pest free’ and saving the climate.

Which shows you very clearly what they are themselves. Pedophiles running the Nation. Funded by you.

Chase ’em up trees brother – great work.


Cherent Dave


the hub in Palmerston North. Victim asleep in bed , perfect time for them to attack. In finns there was a lady who complain about waking up with marks on her and being raped while sleeping. Cops had her lock in nutty ward. Night porter was convicted rapist. Where i stayed there I woke up a few times with fresh wounds on chest. The use the celling space to launch there attacks. First by drugging victim while they are sleeping. The hub in Palmy, fill with young students is same setup. While there I used special lock on door called a “life lock” , so even with key it can’t be opened. 3 floors up, and they still got in. Using celling space – Justin Davis


Creep Catchers overseas….

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13 thoughts on “Palmy Creep Catchers”

  1. Trample on snakes says:

    Fuck lol

    From the article . . . I notice the word yet is used? And the fact he CEO believes some of them have kept their identities a secret??

    Of the 1160 players who have pulled on the All Blacks jersey, not one has yet to come out publicly as gay.

    But New Zealand Rugby (NZR) chief executive, Steve Tew, believes some may have kept their sexual and gender identities secret.

    1. mediawhores says:

      here it comes – the big tranny homo sports ‘reveal’
      the planned fake masonic ‘revelations’.
      richie mccaw will be first perhaps
      and his ‘wife’

      1. Trample on snakes says:


        Haha yeah bro, that would be fitting, watch the country get ‘behind them’. Cant watch to see these ‘stars fall from Heaven’ fkn low breed scumbags.

  2. Trample on snakes says:

    His name is rudi vodanovich, he had a ‘friend’ trying to lure schoolboys to perform sex acts in exchange for money. In one of the links he appears on ‘j’wire’ which is Jewish Digital news, . He in my opinion looks as though he’s had the chop. Could that be the talmud he’s holding in his hands????

    In that second link he even says he’s pretty much promoting homosexuality in “jewish’ communities, fk most communities by definition are pretty much Jewish these days?

    “We’re proud to be part of a new wave of recent films which have explored issues around Judaism and homosexuality, such as the Israeli drama “Eyes Wide Open” and the documentary “Trembling Before G-d”, and hope to contribute further to a dialogue of acceptance and understanding for GLBT men and women in Jewish communities around the world.”

    “Companies Office documents show the club is officially owned by former Shortland St actor Rudi Vodanovich”

    1. mediawhores says:

      this is all a big set up bro
      “we will unleash the nihilists” – pike
      they plan to ‘destroy’ israel
      the fake israel
      the real israel of the bible being heaven in the human mind

  3. Trample on snakes says:

    Lol while I am on the topic .. this is possibly one of the most obvious female to male trannies out there?

    Hips appear to be wider than the shoulders – and whats with that wink?

  4. Trample on snakes says:

    Is Israel Folau actually a homosexual married to a transgender?

    Ok bro my opinion on this whole Israel Folau anti gay thing, its a hoax! It will quite likely be a way for the lizards to try have the bible changed or something! Where it promotes homosexuality. I believe its a show and Is-ra-el folau is a devil in disguise, much like all these ‘sportsman’. My reasoning comes after having a squizz at his so called ‘wife’

    Heres some links, whats your thoughts? lol

    Ever seen the guy on the very left????

    Those shoulders of ‘hers’ are WAY wider than her hips.

      1. Trample on snakes says:

        lol! thats all good bro. Any time the bible makes mainstream news it seems to only serve there agenda.

        That guy on the very left in the first link gives me the shits

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