Sunday Scripture – Trample on Snakes


Featured Image – Weka didn’t need no silly guide book to tell him what to do……..



Sunday Scripture

Honor your Father and Mother …..Ephesians 6:2

That means your Father and Mother in Heaven – not down here……

And do not call anyone on earth your father, for you have one Father, who is in heaven. Nor are you to be called instructors, for you have one Instructor, the Christ.…Matthew 23:9

The Christ is in YOU – the secret of the ages….Colossians 1:27

Christ is the I AM

The Alpha and the oMega

The Sun and the Moon. Electricity and Magnetism.

Is in YOU.

Inseparable – can’t have one without the other.

Night and Day. Masculine and Feminine. Red and Blue. Black and White


Not happening outside of you.

Not in the News.

Not on Sky.

Not in outer space.

And not on some shitty website with bad spelling.


Everything else they feed you is masonic half ass bullshit – presented and sold by pedos and perverts.

You are the only authority around here, as long as you follow the law. Not the laws of a rag tag group of inbred pedophile snakes – but the Universal Laws. Do no harm. Do not kill. Get off the blood sacrifice and blood addictions. Stop trying to fuck each other all of the time…….and love thy neighbor.

And #TrampleOnSnakes. This is your duty….not to be ‘politically correct’…..but to trample on snakes.

Then guess what?

The Kingdom of Heaven will drop out of the sky – and you will be a Kingdom of Priests ..and a Holy Nation. Instead of a CuntTree run by overseas Persian/ Jewish trust funds …and their gaggle of thieving pervert pedophile political snakes

Oh yeah – and #FlatEarth.


Amun Ra.

The Moon and the Sun.

You been praying to it for 2000+ years – but just never figured it out.

Group think has never worked.


Note – the Hollywood Jews just can’t resist with the extreme violence – to keep you all in fear – so they can continue to tax and rape you……but it is mostly allegorical. If these snakes harm you first however ……well best you defend yourself……because all they will provide, is a tax payer funded masonic cover up. 





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