Youtube & Facebook Removing Palmy Creep Catchers Pedophile Videos


Featured Image – a powerful 54 year old pedophile – apparently being protected by the Palmerston North Police, and apparently by Youtube and Facebook also.

Well this is what we are up against folks…

A Globalist Corporate New World Order run by German/ Israeli and US owned and controlled tech companies – most with Ashkenazi/ Khazar German / ‘Jewish’ CEO’s and top management – who appear to be conspiring to cover up pedophilia – even in little old Palmerston North, New Zealand. What’s up with that Zuckerberg? What are you into bro? Pedophiles do not have ‘rights’ you German fruitcake.


Youtube and Facebook have removed some of the Palmy Creep Catcher’s videos today. Very fast action by what are quite powerful forces at play – most likely because some of those exposed are well known community types. On the City Council would be our best guess.

No investigations or follow up by the Palmerston North police as far as we are aware. Despite clear video evidence and chat logs of these pedophiles trying to organize sex with underage Kiwi boys and girls.

A swarm of pedophiles operating in all of our towns these days. Preying on your children, like vampires. While you are all busy out working all day trying to pay your taxes.

And while corrupt idiots such as Alison Mau – with her #MeToo campaign – as well as the Government’s own “It’s not Ok” campaign – spend millions of dollars trying to convince the Nation that heterosexual adult sex and relationships are the biggest problem we all face. Well no – the biggest problem we all face is these creepy pedophiles in our communities and the masonic code of silence on their crimes……..Its like a fucking invasion of them…..


All fkg day with the “smoking is bad for your health” – well how about pedophiles? Smokers are out – the pedophiles are in.

The problem we all face folks – is these new age ‘liberal’ atheists pretending to be our ‘leaders’. Scolding us all over fake bullshit such as climate change, environmental “pests” and refugee quotas – while NZ turns into a 3rd World pedophiles’ paradise.

Could it be because they are actually all pedophiles themselves? Or all come from the same masonic pedophile bloodline/ family?

Why on Earth are these new age corporate liberal ‘leaders’ always covering up pedophilia – and putting up our taxes – while yelling and screaming about their precious ‘gay rights’?

Just doesn’t add up. The are in fact, out of their collective fucking minds. A bunch of kiddie fiddlers, posing as leadership, innovation and authority.

Media Whores tried to get comment from Palmy Creep Busters today – but he appears to have been blocked off Facebook today also – as no reply.

Luckily we got some screen shots off the GoPro earlier – as we had a hunch these new age liberals might do a crack down once the guy started getting a few million views on Media Whores.

Exposing pedophiles is apparently the biggest crime in todays new globalist liberal democracy…… with 70% taxes.

One video taken down is for a “54 year old” – that was the first one removed from Youtube today – bet he must be someone quite high up in this new liberal pedophilia system….and the creepy little red head man at the mall, also very well connected…..

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis


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One thought on “Youtube & Facebook Removing Palmy Creep Catchers Pedophile Videos”

  1. Reply
    Lee says:

    New Zealand is so Lord of the rings with pedophiles isn’t it.
    Can only refer to total satanic intent and decision making processes. Most especially since New Zealand was set in place as “the beginning of time” for the Aeon of Pisces in about 0 AD. Which when translated into the sacred geometric form viewpoint, that all human beings are electric light beings controlled by sacred geometric form. Means that New Zealand is where the energy starts from. Eliminate the New Zealand beginning and the rest must eventually collapse.
    Add to that the fact that the Treaty of Waitangi means the funeral of water, the funeral of the source of all life, in fact “the funeral of Christianity”, at the beginning of time and therefore commanding the sacred geometric form power of “all time”.
    That this Treaty and this New Zealand Government has been totally illegal since the end of World War 1, when New Zealand agreed in international law, to become a newly sovereign nation. Which the Prime Minister Massey under his Zionist puppet masters, then totally betrayed, so that “at the beginning of time”, there exists a totally illegal Government, a “totally criminal Government”.
    That sets the sacred geometric form pattern, of human control, for all other nations and Governments to follow. Whether they like it or not. THEREFORE New Zealand must be both the most corrupt and most criminal Government on the Earth and that such a Government is the enemy of all peoples of all nations. That therefore all political parties of such a criminally corrupt New Zealand Government are just massively criminally corrupt illegal entities, and the whole lot should be locked up in an International jail without bail. With all assets seized. For massive crimes and gross violence against the entire human race.
    This “beginning of time stuff” is what makes New Zealand so totally different to any other country. It is effectively the tuning fork being used to set about total Luciferian and pedophile ring and child cannibalism control over the entire Earth.
    AS CURRENT MAORI CULTURE. Who can only be the very greatest enemy of the Maori people, under these current terms, who continue, just like the New Zealand Government corrupt lawyers, to avoid this matter. Seeking in fact to destroy the Maori people, as is shown by their new year of Matariki, which begins with cursing the human race to eternal darkness and death, as their view of “the beginning of time” of the new year, al the way to the end of time at the end of their year. Which is a totally satanic, pedophile, child cannibalism eternally Luciferian empowering viewpoint. That does not belong to a living human race, only a dead and dying human race, to the point of eternal death and eternal darkness.
    Who even have reversed the direction of the original Waka of the South Island, that had been wreathed in rainbows of the Abrahamic Covenant, from that point near Nelson where the legendary Maui bound the sacred fish (the Messiah) to the Earth. Have a look the stern of the Waka is now at Bluff, when in fact, the stern of the Waka is meant to be at Nelson, in the closest proximity to Tuatara. As the ancestral navigator of the Waka, which is at the stern and the anchor of the Waka, which is Stewart Island, is at the prow (anchors are always at the prow). Done in such a way as to remove the Messiah from the Earth eternally, by War upo0n the Messiah.
    Doesn’t that sound like exactly the problem the world currently is dealing with. A total Luciferian takedown, setting in place a pedophile cannibalism child torturing religion, to control the Earth, eternally. ALL BEGUN FROM NEW ZEALAND.
    As the tuning fork of “ONE PEDOPHILE RING TO RULE THEM ALL”.
    Compliments of current Maori culture and the criminal corrupt New Zealand Government, who to all appearances made this agreement, called Waitangi (the funeral of the source of all life) between the Zionist Satanist pedophile ring puppets of the Government of the day, and what was a great scam taking place amongst the Maoris themselves. It was like two satanic pedophile child cannibalism groups coming to a mutual agreement, to set in place control of the Earth, by Lucifer, at the beginning of time. Which took its lead once the genocide of the Moriori on the Chatham Islands took place in 1835. To provide both parties with access to common law of “native title”. However there is no law book that says that genocide of a population by these wicked twins in effect, has any right to claim native title whatsoever. So therefore the whole Treaty of Waitangi was a criminal fraud with criminal Luciferian and pedophile intent right from the very start.

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