Latest German/ Jew ‘Terror’ Attack Hoax – Muenster


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The latest German / Jew terror attack hoax in Muenster.

Been mentioning the German link a bit of late.

Most of these people you research – in Government etc – they have German heritage – or Austrian etc. Most of them claim they are not Jewish if asked but who knows. It is certainly Freemasonry behind all of this and that is all based on astrology. The Jews only follow astrology and nothing else – so seems clear they run Masonry and the religions – all of them are pure astrology.

Had some creepy old German at the pub in Kumara the other night positioned himself strategically at the bar and then ask straight out “So where do you live?” Didn’t ask ‘who’ we were – cos he already knew. Then did a big act about being offended when he got a vague response. Played up like a woman scorned and then refused to return his name. Very creepy. Fk off Krout. Mind your own fkg business. And those glasses on, hiding the eyes, hiding the soul. He knew damn well who he was speaking to. Sent in. One of ‘them’. A local Stasi spy on the little old West Coast. And they know where you live anyway – no matter where you go, they know where you are. Its a network they run – around NZ and the World. Fkg spies and Sayanim….many if not most of them are actually German.


If anything happens to Media Whores, just find out what local German or Jew spies have been hanging around the area, asking questions – and forget the official story by the corrupt Freemason police and coroner – it was ordered by Sian Elias – the Chief Jew Mossad spy in NZ and its a cover up. Probably made to look like an accident.

Everything Hitler dreamed of has come true. A One World Corporate / Fascist Government – funded by you – while all of the global corporates remain tax free – and half of Germany goes on tour around the World every summer (their winter) – eating, drinking, expensive hotels, luxury campers, while we all work like dogs to pay 60% net taxes.

And a new electronic / digital control spy grid built around us – run from Israel – the Nation created and funded by Germany. Do the math.


With endless pedophilia scandals in all of the Nations they now control.

A bunch of power crazed masonic pedos – now touring the World.

ZIoNist Nazi pedophile fks.

Enforcing their rule of pedophilia with a never ending war of terror – and staged terrorism. And then prescribing drugs to everyone to keep the slaves all ‘happy’ and docile. Makes it easier to rape their kids as well.

Thank fuck the tourist season is over – a swarm of cold blooded ‘liberal’ psychic vampire Germans invading NZ…..10’s of thousands of them.

Youtube removes all of these videos within days. If you go back over our terrorism hoax posts you will see they have all been removed. We post some more below. Same with the Holohoax videos. Or just type in your favorite terrorist attack and then put the word “hoax” or “crisis actors” – all of them, from Sandyhook through to Charlie Hebdo, London Bridge, Manchester and Boston. All Jewish / German hoaxes. And of course 911 itself.

JewTube slowly removing them all though. The internet is another Jewish /German hoax – to keep control, so they can keep touring the World – and raping kids.

Dude “screamed for gun control in the USA” lol. Pedos don’t like guns – nor do the ‘liberal’ German tourists. They want “pest free” luxury travel during their colder months. 

The Charlottesville Car Crash Hoax

#CrisisActors for Israel….the new Nazi State. As if you put kids on live international TV hours after a school shooting…..dumb fks. #Satanic

Can’t find them any more – Jewtube removed them all slowly but surely.


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