The Cover Up of Palmy Creep Catchers is Now in Full Swing


Featured image – Palmerston North Mayor Grant Smith – your town is crawling with kiddie fkrs mate – and now it is public. Perhaps you would like to comment – once you are done gelling your hair. 


Well, the cover up of Palmy Creep Catchers now appears to be in full swing.

Facebook have completely removed the page – and a new page has been set up to commence the cover up operation, with a whole bunch of (probably related) pedophile minders coming out to help control the narrative.

Original Palmy Creep Catchers page – gone

New cover up page set up and in full swing……

As you can see – the hero who exposed these filthy pedophiles is now the ‘criminal’ – and the pedophiles are all victims……

The guy from Palmerston North running it had chat log evidence of all of these pedophiles grooming underage kids on line and then setting up dates with them all. Those pedophiles, many of whom had made clear sexual references and requests in their chat logs, then all showed up for ‘dates’ in parking lots, parks and even shopping malls, with what they thought were underage kids, some as young as 12. Most of them even admitted to it on camera – the others just ran.

This clear evidence of child sex grooming by these pedophiles was then posted on line for all to see….

(Media Whores is seeking comment on all of this from Simon Barnett – you would think someone in the mainstream media would be interested wouldn’t you? Surely we could have just one voice on this topic in the mainstream media? Simon? And is that Pedro the Great in the background mate?)

The police have apparently done nothing and Facebook have now removed the original page and all of the evidence. Although some videos remain on Youtube – while some have been taken down already. It will be the powerful inbred family member ones that have been removed – you can guarantee it. One “54 year old man” video was taken down first – no doubt a well known ‘tribe’ member.

Dude has a new Facebook page set up today – but no doubt these inbred pedophiles will have that taken down soon also…

This is what we are dealing with folks. Entire families of these inbred demonic / masonic pedophiles – lurking in our communities, all protecting each other and helping cover everything up. It is in fact a highly organized system and program of kiddie rape that they run in our communities – to groom their next generation of media whores and fake ‘liberal’ leaders and puppets. They even rape their own kids according to many reports. They have the politicians and police in their pockets – as claimed by Justin Davis some years back – and they have powerful connections overseas, obviously through the same family bloodline.

Its the same people that are staging all of the terrorism as well – from 911 onwards. So they can keep their ongoing war of terror running. Always war, war on drugs, war on terror, war on ‘pests’, war on climate, and on and on  – just so they can run it all and keep you in fear and paying your taxes. Filthy lowlife inbred deceptive cnts posing as ‘liberalism’.

Whangarei “Shooting Victim” Company Doesn’t Exist – Kosher False Flag / Hoax ?

The same inbred kiddie fkrs who try to tell you all that you came from monkeys and live on a magic flying space ball. And that there is no cure for cancer but sodium fluoride is good for your teeth. Inbred Nazi kiddie fkrs – running our Government and media.

They try to rape as many kids in the communities as they can – it is part of their ongoing mind control operation….

Been at it for a long time

It is the same pedophile masonic Nazi bloodline throughout history as far as we can tell – often trying to pass themselves off as “Jews” or “Holocaust survivors” – while by any serious analysis, they ran the entire WWII hoax – then used it as an excuse to infiltrate our Nations by posing as the victims – then set up their masonic temples and began taking over here also. They have strip mined NZ in the past 30+ years – like parasites. They now own almost everything – they run our media and Government and Councils – posing as ‘liberals’, when what they are really, is inbred masonic serial kiddie fking Nazis, taxing the rest of us to death, while poisoning our food and water. Fkg Nazis.

And they are operating right across New Zealand.

They even apparently instruct the slimy German Mark Zuckerberg on what to do.

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis

“There a couple of accommodation places they use for drug facilitated rapes

The hub in Palmerston North, finns in taupo

Finns had convicted rapists as night porter

There other couple as well. They use celling access. When I was there I use special door lock calleda life lock. But they still got me using celling access

I told you about spray they use choral hydrate

Imagine while you are sleeping they drop small plastic tube down and dose you. Then they can do what they like

Interesting to note Harry visited a pedo place in Auckland while here. Check spelling – oddassy house rehab centre. Imagine if the rehab patients remember anything , it’s there word as ex drug addicts vs staff. Same thing with group in Palmerston North. They are very sly about selecting victims.

Remember backpackers up north where owner was drugging and raping tourists ? There a few more around nz run by pedo’s. Finns in taupo , and the hub in Palmerston North. Victim asleep in bed , perfect time for them to attack. In finns there was a lady who complain about waking up with marks on her and being raped while sleeping. Cops had her lock in nutty ward. Night porter was convicted rapist. Where i stayed there I woke up a few times with fresh wounds on chest. The use the celling space to launch there attacks. First by drugging victim while they are sleeping. The hub in Palmy, fill with young students is same setup. While there I used special lock on door called a “life lock” , so even with key it can’t be opened. 3 floors up, and they still got in. Using celling space” –  

The real trick to catch them is there films and drugs they use
There two big archives here – 3 Everest Ave , Havelock North , a dirty cop lives at 5. This is the Smith family , been drugging and raping kids for 50 years

Here’s another New Zealand Pedophile , the guy on the left is Hilton Bennett, lives in Hamilton , and is the main distributor of child rape drugs for pedophiles in the Hamilton and Auckland areas. Drugs are made in Hastings by retired dentist Mr Craig, and driven to Hamilton by Mr Craig’s 60 year old son Robert, to Mr Bennett, where they are on sold. The main product is believed to be a choral hydrate based spray, which is used with Hypnovel (roofies ) to leave the little kids with no or little memory of the group rapes , which are normally filmed

The photo is of Dr Paul Quigley head of Wellington A and E – drugs and rapes his patients – and a pedophile

Yeah Nick Smith is connected to them no doubt what so ever
I been attack by guy running sex ring from his office in 2007

Former head of nz dentist association , wellington dentist L. Ross Jackson – 86B Esplanade , Raumati South , Paraparumu . Dentists work out choral hydrate ( like chloform ) could be used for rapes – drug facilitated sexual assaults. If the rape victim remembers nothing it hard to prove anything went on. So they use a choral hydrate based spray with Hypnovel ( roofies ) and victim remembers nothing unless it’s real bad with torture like mine”

The Justin Davis Files

And every time the truth bubbles to the surface – an army of these inbred Nazis are deployed to help cover it all up – while skillfully blaming other groups in society……



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6 thoughts on “The Cover Up of Palmy Creep Catchers is Now in Full Swing”

  1. Reply
    Mike says:

    Palmerston North definitely has a deep paedophile racket going on, with lawyer and police collusion. There are many cases coming out of Palmerston North where the lawyers are working for the police, and are obviously tied up with the pedophile masonics. One I came across was a Peter Winters, a lawyer who drank at the police bar. In the case of a Chayne Shepherd, he managed to take over the legal aid by getting rid of the good lawyer who had been organised. Failed to tell Chayne that the police had no evidence of the assault complaint because the complainant refused to get cross examined. Then this lawyer Peter Winters then failed to let the Judge know what was really going on and what actually took place, providing no defense for Chayne whatsoever, for the court to see. While organising a falsified probation report that Chayne had no remorse for an assault com[plaint that he was not guilty of.

    Chayne had actually recently come across from Australia to join the NZ Army, had only two weeks before the alleged assault against an Irish smart ass, with a chip on his shoulder, got his black belt in taekwondo, with tomato sauce honors, so as to get into self defense training in the army. Chayne was a non drinker due to so much martial arts training and just before joining the army two weeks after he got his black belt, Chaynes uncle took him on the piss as a send off, when the alleged assault occurred. So what they did in Palmy was to get rid of the good lawyer that had been organised and replace him with a masonic police lawyer, who not only failed to tell Chayne that there was no evidence, but to enter a guilty plea as that would make the Judge go easy on him. While simul;taneously providing the Judge with no information at all that was necessary to the case and a guilty plea. The end result was that Chayne went to jail for no reason, joined the Wairoa chapter of the Black Power instead of the NZ army. Got into P while in jail, and about two years once released ended up committing suicide by injecting himself with cyanide in front of his mother, Shiralee. Who had as a solo mother brought him up alone in very difficult circumstances, as everything she had in her life. So in effect the Palmy pedo masons not only set him up with a totally corrupt lawyer by totally manipulating the legal aid system, but ensured that he joined a gang instead of the NZ army, and effectively caused him to get into jail drugs and eventually commit suicide by injecting himself with cyanide in front of his mother. The NZ army refused to get involved within those 2 weeks when he was effectively NZ army property and psching himself up into army mentality, but the NZ Govt has refused to pay any compensation for the massive damage caused by their inbred masonic palmy mafia.

  2. Reply
    Wheres_Johnny_Gosch says:

    Hi, I’m a resident of Palmerston North and can attest our city has had a long history of pedophiles which have been covered in the mainstream media. I can attest there is an organized group of pedophiles operating in association with the trafficking of methamphetamine. The people Palmy Creep Catchers were exposing were too low level to be of any consequence. If you do a google search of Derek Leslie Humphrey you will see he was a pedophile working at the local Intermediate school and molested many boys for around 20 years before being convicted of pedophilia. Also, look up Paul Herrick online he was a principle at the same school and was convicted of molesting his own daughter he also remained in the teaching industry and was moved to schools in the south island where he continued his pederast ways. As you can see these are real examples of just 2 pedophiles that were caught and this issue is not a conspiracy theory. Now with regard to Palmy Creep Catchers, I have followed the flow of information regarding this ‘event’ I believe this may be a false flag. I managed to capture some screen shots from the videos before they were removed and also questioned the presence of a patched Black Power member standing over one of the accused men. I understand pedophilia can be used by various groups to pull at the emotional heartstrings of the public to blind them to the organized pedophilia going on by gangs and powerful elites. Also Palmerston North has a prolific Masonic Lodge and a Masonic Hotel.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      you make good points.
      and yes, low level. most are victims themselves.
      but the two who had their youtube videos removed have power, clearly
      patched black power member seems to be anti meth. somewhat reformed perhaps
      yes the drugs and pedos have always gone together. fkg lunatics
      will be doing a follow up
      will try to include your comment

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