Has the Palmy Creep Catcher been “Kidnapped”?


Featured Image – Palmerston North Mayor – Grant Smith


Well – no one has heard from the Palmy Creep Catcher for a while now.

Media Whores is concerned by this post on the Facebook page set up by apparent pedophile minders and family members of the pedophiles that have been exposed – talking about “kidnapping” the guy. The original post regarding kidnapping seems to have disappeared.


Folks – we have an infiltration in this Nation – our Nation – of Masonic pedophiles. They are posing as ‘liberals’ and they run pedophile rings in our communities  – along with the meth – as well as the Government – and the mainstream media. Much like we are told Nazi Germany was like. And East Germany after wwii – and Soviet Russia. Even Russia today. And they are all engaged in non stop pedophile ring cover ups.

Living in the fkg twilight zone here.

Now another man who has exposed them – seems to have disappeared.

Some comments are showing on his page – if it is even his – but it seems he has not replied – or is being blocked – or indeed has perhaps been kidnapped.


Why are Palmerston North Police not arresting these pedophiles?

Why has the Mayor said nothing?

Why is the mainstream media – even the local Palmy radio and media – all ignoring it?

Not  a word about any of it on Media Works, as per usual.

Can you guess why?

This is a fkg pedophile invasion we are witnessing. They are apparently running the entire Nation

The comments you can see are probably intelligence operatives – or Sayanim spies – except for the ones speaking out of course.

One of the men who has ‘liked’ the post asking where the guy is – is this guy below – likes to dress up as Darth Vader – and is friends with MP Iain Lees Galloway. Not good. His other friends are doing well known satanist hand signals etc also. What the fk is going on?

The original pedophile posts / pics…

We are watching another state backed pedophile ring cover up – in slow motion. Its a high level cover up operation obviously  – probably because of some of those involved. High tech also – Facebook apparently chooses what posts to show to whom, and who gets access.

And blanket silence from police, media and local officials.

Is this how it all ends? The Government starts abusing all of the children, and then kidnap those of us who speak out?


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8 thoughts on “Has the Palmy Creep Catcher been “Kidnapped”?”

  1. Reply
    SnakeHitter says:

    Ellery is a sick fuck always likes “doing things” for guys and kids, known of him for years. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a mason but I haven’t seen him attend locally, think he just uses his bum and mouth to his “advantage”. He’s a bit protected and because he is a homosexual if you single out these people you get labeled a homophobe.
    Same with Ricky Cribb, sexual perversion and drug rape is his forte so to speak, all protected by local council and police.
    We have lots of pedos in Palmerston North more than Masterton and all the other Tons probably put together. I bet Pedo Darren Jones from Rabobank could clarify since he’s from Masterton and likes to protect his like minded and fellow sick touchers.
    How people cannot see the world for what it really is just astounds me, not everything is a coincidence.

    1. Reply
      SnakeHitter says:

      It should be no parole hearing for 20years. 2years is a joke and yet again proves the sexual nature of the people who rented their children out to gain power.. ie judges

  2. Reply
    Wheres_Johnny_Gosch says:

    I don’t think the facebook page against Palmy Creep Catchers is calling for the kidnapping of Connor. Also, is your website logo a homage to the freemasons logo. the M and W of Media Whores evokes the “as above as below” symbolism.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      na – just something a free logo site coughed up
      as above so below is not masonry
      it is astrology.
      you might want to research that. try santos bonacci
      masonry is a watered down form of astrology for the dumbed down goy – designed by their jewish masters to turn them all into mind controlled swine. and trannies. idiots
      media whores is a piss take on media works. MW
      the logo does have two pillars, that is roman catholic church if anything. but also the templae of zeus i think. the V could be interpreted as the vessel/ Virgin mother mary.
      we like it.
      not masons..
      masons are transgender homo airhead cult members, under jewish mind control. much like the religions.

      1. Reply
        Wheres_Johnny_Gosch says:

        As you can appreciate with this topic I have had to be judicious about who I communicate with in regards to information sharing. Alot of people are very wary of even mentioning the Freemasons and hold them in either awe or fear. I will review the santos bonacci literature. I am more orthodox in my religious beliefs as contemporary liturgy has become corrupted. The actions of these pedophiles is an affront to free will and corrupts the young and must be exorcised from society. Is there a way to communicate with you directly or is this the only means? Are you able to locate a documentary that was screened on the TVNZ channel 1 about Mark Lundy? it was a Nigel Latter documentary. It featured some interesting supporting characters that make sense in light of the Palmy Creep Catchers event. I’m still questioning whether Palmy Creep Catchers is a staged event for political leverage and now the leader has gone rogue and is ignoring the instructions of his handlers from the Sensible Sentencing Group.

        1. Reply
          mediawhores says:

          there was nothing staged about palmy creep catchers actions
          straight from the heart
          we should all be doing it
          there is nothing ‘new’ about santos bonacci’s work.
          it is all old.
          just stuff brainwashed rothschild/ money worshiping ‘christians’ have been too thick to figure out.
          all he is doing is explaining the bible to dumbed down christians.
          eg) DO NOT KILL.
          we live on a fixed immovable earth, under a dome. not a magic flying gravity ball.
          pretty fkg simple.

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