Shape Shifting ‘Liberal’ Crisis Actors – What are these People?


Featured Image – David Hogg of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School Shooting…Hoax. Shapeshifting on live TV.


Watched some of the interviews of this creepy lying crisis actor again last night.

Noticed him shapeshifting on live TV.

We previously reported that the Wikipedo page for the school stated that 40% of the school were Jewish. That was removed from the Wiki page the next day, but still claims so on Israeli news website Haaretz

 But what still isn’t being discussed is that Douglas High School is more than 40%Jewish, that Cruz believed that Jews were part of a conspiracy to unseat white people from power and destroy the world, and that the shooting could credibly be termed an anti-Semitic hate crime. Marjory Stoneman Douglas . – Haaretz

?? White people are NOT in power you lying Jews. Its fkg transgender lizards as far as we can tell.

And Wikipedoa is about as reliable as Facebook. And the mainstream media.  Run by shills.

And check out the school motto “Be proud to be an Eagle” lol. You mean a reptilian? Or a blood thirsty scavenger that feeds on babies and road kill? Or both?

What are these people man? Even the fat dude that defends him seems to jump around a bit. Note this mainstream media outlet (Jewish owned of course) also cleverly do a plug for Trump and some Jewish owned fake alt right news website, as well as push the Russian sideshow again – everything they do is deception, even when covering some truth, they always spin and twist it to some advantage.

And here he is swearing his head off about gun grabbing, with his creepy Jewish/ German looking MK Ultra mind control handler. The handler is the exact profile we have been exposing folks – these cold blooded creepy ‘liberal’ looking types in those black rimmed reading glasses – always overly groomed. Hiding their eyes. Cold blooded. When you see one of these new age liberals – run like hell. These are the new age ‘liberal’ Nazis running the entire show – and pedophilia scandals seem to follow them where ever they go. Presumably the kids they rape are the ones who then go on to become the crisis actors….and our politicians.




Image – Duncan Garner’s ‘liberal’ handler from Media Works on the left, with some other corrupt spoonhead from Aussie. These people are not ‘liberal’ – they are pure fkg evil. 

What the fk are these people?

Best we find out folks – because they are running the entire World right now – including our Government, and most councils… and the media…….

We struggled to find the good crisis actor videos last night when looking – most of the ones we could recall had been skillfully replaced with various “conspiracy theory” titled substitutes. It is a military intelligence operation these Stasi fkrs run after all. Painstakingly covering up the truth…and rewriting human history. Not least the so called Holocaust. Probably got half the Israeli Army sitting there editing the internet each day.

Found the next video below later on – check it out. Not least the shape shift type glitches, weird jagged teeth – same crisis actors in multiple events. Many of them transgenders – even names like “Izaman” lol.

Its the transgender masonic lizard takeover of the World – enforcing their ‘globalization’ using staged terrorism, universal spying, taxes, ‘health and safety’, prescription drugs, meth, endless pedophilia…and ‘gay rights’. They are also the people running the education system…..fkg kiddie fiddler Satanists, got everyone worshiping them like Gods.

Media whores is also seeking comment from the following NZ ‘leaders’ and media whores……

Whangarei “Shooting Victim” Company Doesn’t Exist – Kosher False Flag / Hoax ?

Julie Pepper – ‘Black Salt’ – Jewish Sayanim Terrorists & the Whangarei ‘Shooting’

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The Morrinsville Police Shooting Hoax

Update – The Hunt for Holy Hoaxie Heke Rolls On….

Rollie Hoxie Heke Apprehended – Places Skype Call to Judges

Demonic Masonic Faggot Allegedly Murders Nelson Woman

Alleged Nelson Car Crash Victim Carmen Yanko Remembered

New Zealand’s Biggest Gang Exposed – The Jewish Sayanim Gang

A crack at the vegetarians in this one – the lizard people baby eaters don’t like the vegetarians…..scared of them. Once you get off their blood and guts diet, you can see all of this shit, clear as day. This one was an Israeli created psy-op from start to finish. A crack at Iran also. Made in Israel and designed to help censor and blame Youtube..

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