Opps…Urgent Auckland Storm Warning!


Featured Image – Simon Dallow – the Joseph Goebbles of Neo Zealand – and some other over paid media whore.



Opps – sorry folks

We are aware that most of NZ is relying on Media Whores these days to help guide you through this pedophile corporate lizard anti Christ take over our Nation and way of life – but we missed all warning of this storm. Preoccupied with other things. We have considered taking on more staff – but there is apparently no money in telling the truth.

In our defense however – so did the mainstream media as far as we could tell. Very little warning, if any at all.

When you weigh up the fact that TVNZ and Met Service command / demand 10’s of millions of your tax payer dollar$ each year – while we are a free service – perhaps we could be forgiven.

The obvious question remains however – how is that Simon Dallow and his fellow team of tax payer funded neo Nazis can spend up to an entire week warning everyone of impending ‘super storms’ – many of which never even eventuate – while other times they provide almost no warning at all – and we see more damage than any other storm in recent years?

Could it be because these overpaid fake news doofuses actually have no idea at all what they are talking about? That they are in fact just overpaid neo Nazi actors? With allegations that most of them are actually transvestites, drug addicts and child abusers being bribed and mind controlled?

Well  – far be it from us to judge…..


Simon Dallow bluffed his way through this one like a true professional though – reminiscent of some sort of overpaid transvestite hooker, strutting and posing his way across the K Rd stage – explaining it all to everyone – as if he actually had any idea at all. This is of course what his job is. To bullshit. At your expense.

It is actually speculated that Simon Dallow is paid slightly more than the very best Auckland tranny hookers though – and rightfully so. Simon Dallow had family members who survived the Holocaust and it would be highly inappropriate, if not outright ‘incorrect’ to suggest he was being paid too much money…to lie to us all. In the political sense at least.

Others have speculated that there was no warning of this storm because it was in fact the dessert lizard Gods / Israelis playing with their new HAARP / Chemtrail weather weapon. So called “disaster capitalism” designed to keep the Jewish owned and controlled Government, Councils and insurance companies all employed, and the Goy all in fear of ‘God’. It is speculated that they have ceased warning their fellow inbred tribe members in NZ now – as too many of them were warning their mates and it was becoming both a little bit embarrassing and slightly less profitable.

Others we are communicating with have suggested it may have just been ol’ Jupiter the King playing up a bit in the West later at night. We have all been warned he will in fact one day come “like a thief in the night”. Just a few warning shots for now though and nothing too serious. With reports of up to 1 in 5 Aucklanders now bumming each other however – that day might not be too far off….


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