100% Proof that Google are Censoring Free Speech in New Zealand for Political Agendas


Featured Image – Caroline Rainsford – Google CEO NZ, fraudster and neo Nazi. What do you reckon? Jewish? Or just another Nazi / Fourth Reich ‘liberal’ soldier?  Definitely got that lizard look about her either way. 

Google 666

Image – one of Google’s logos – a clear reference to 666. The so called anti Christ

Are you starting to see the pattern here folks? It is NOT a ‘Roman nose’.


We have mentioned this before, but it deserves it’s own headline really.

We have 100% undeniable proof here that Google are hand picking search results within New Zealand for political objectives.

Censoring freedom of speech in New Zealand – censoring journalism. A huge warning sign as these neo Nazi Fourth Reich corporate globalists invade our Nation and take over.

Even worse, is when they go back the same day we mention this stuff and shuffle the search results again to try and cover it up.

This despite all of their talk about using ‘mathematical algorithms’. Bullshit. They are bullshit artists and fraudsters.

Total fraudsters. Thieves. Stealing our right to freedom of speech and free flow of information – under the guise of ‘innovation’, globalization, and ‘liberalism’. ‘Liberal’ thieves and fraudsters in overpriced suits.  Nazis in short.

The same ‘liberal’ creeps that serve you and your children up homosexual porn every time you search for something online.

Jews own and control the internet

Check this out – the Nation’s most popular blog website, if not the most read news website in New Zealand. Possibly even the most read New Zealand website in the World, and maybe even the most read blog in the entire World currently, with well over 150 million views on our top articles – and yet somehow Google’s advanced ‘mathematical algorithms’ place the site somewhere half way down the first page of search results for “Media Whores NZ”.

Instead they have hand picked various other mentions of our website – as well as a few other decoys – the top search result being mention of some now closed down “Media Whores Online” from 10 years ago in the USA, and of course a hand picked reference to the National Front in New Zealand – a group they like to attribute to Neo Nazis, but are just concerned Kiwis as far as we can tell. Well we have covered that topic well enough here at the real Media Whores – Hitler was a bloody Jewish tranny as far we are concerned, tasked with creating the Israeli State for his Jewish/ Rothschild masters, costing the lives of millions of innocent people. His chief and his doctor (drug dealer) were both Jewish for Christ’s sake. Germany went on to fund the Israeli State while covering up the Holocaust Hoax for them to this day. The Germans have been rewarded for their fraud and deception with a booming economy – the strongest in Europe – to this day. Now we have a small army of homosexual ‘liberal’ German neo Nazis invading every summer also.

Media Whores are NOT Nazis. We are well intentioned Kiwis just a little pissed off at that these Corporate Fourth Reich neo Nazis and their Jewish owners who are poisoning our food, spraying our air, stealing our resources, and trying to sexualize everyones’ children then cover up their pedophilia as they go about it.

Caroline Rainsford is the Nazi if anyone.


Seems Google doesn’t like the truth.

What they do like of course is billions in easy advertising revenues, paid by Kiwis to offshore tax havens – mostly in Ireland whom the same inbred mafia also conquered some years back. Billions of dollars that used to go to NZ workers and publications. Now all wiped off the map also.

And now they are giving themselves the right to manually shuffle your search results and censor your news to go with it.

Think of what this grand fraud means for Kiwis – unless you are willing to suck a little bit of homosexual Jewish lizard cock, bend over to them and take it gently up the backside, and offer up your children to them to be sexualized, vaccinated, otherwise drugged, hooked on their meth, and then sexually abused also…..you are at risk of being ‘wiped off’ the Google ‘Map’. Much like Palestine – and Kaikoura (before people started speaking out).

Google has the power to halve your business overnight. Tourism operators, accommodation businesses, retailers, tradesmen etc. They can destroy you overnight – if Caroline Rainsford the Nazi and her team decide you are being a little bit politically incorrect.

And when you start exposing pedophilia online – suddenly they don’t seem to like you any more.

Looks like German/Jew Zuckerberg has switched back on the Palmy Creep Catchers website – after the publicity.

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  1. Over the last few weeks in Crimechurch we have been dictated to and our water chlorinated , Aaron Keown claimed he didn’t vote for chlorination however is champing at the bit to charge for water usage to ensure chlorination is not needed. Now a little heads up on Mr Keown, he’s a former model who also moonlighted as a gigilo in his younger days with Darren Saunders (Denyse Saunders son, portfolio modeling agency). I wonder how many of the current council he’s screwed in his younger days!

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