Jacinda Ardern Baby Bump Updates and News…


Featured Image – ‘Jacinda Ardern’, low on blood.


Ju Cinder Adorn.

Redecorating the holy cause burnt offering sacrifice to the lizard God in Neo Zeelin….

erm…baby bump updates….

Allegations Clarke Gayford is a Speed/ Meth Smoking Drug Addict & Built his Media Career by “Spreading his cheeks”

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10 thoughts on “Jacinda Ardern Baby Bump Updates and News…”

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    Trample on snakes says:

    LOl just read the response to the ‘big fella’ getting his op. Agreed bro, looks like he enjoys a cuisine of dead flesh, combined with ‘preservatives’ and other drugs thats found in food these days. I reckon ‘foodies’ are the biggest druggies as corporate food are essentially drugs disguised as food, or body fluids, foetuses etc. Haha.

    Whats your thoughts on the whole Trump/Syria thing? A lot of fear mongering stemming from it but even if it does happen then at least we can get a move on with whatever exactly it is thats meant to happen.

    On a mother side note bro, allegedly they put fkn euthanasia drugs etc in pet foods now … Whats the bet they do it in NZ? I have been told by someone who worked at a meat works way down south that if they knew what was put in ‘most dog foods’ that you wouldn’t feel comfortable feeding it to our animals. I might have a look at some ceos of certain dog food brands.


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    Trample on snakes says:

    Is this a possibly female to male chop chop in disguise in the first article below? And possibly ‘he’s been taking growth hormone pills, testosterone boosters etc most his life hence the facial hair? those arms definitely resemble one of a female but hey could be wrong??

    I don’t know if its any relevance but getting ‘weight loss surgery’ would be the best disguise for one to get the chop or the insert etc I am definitely not saying everyone who gets weight loss surgery is getting a secret transgender op, but for the lizards and their sorts that do, surely they wouldn’t want a transgender chop AND weight loss, why not get the whole package in one go. Do they get obese on purpose knowing they’ll be rewarded through a chop and the body they want?

    heres the article from stuff, have a look at ‘him’ when he’s apparently at ‘his’ biggest.


    has happened in hollywood before too a lot, most,if not all below look like possible transgenders ..


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      mediawhores says:

      poor cnt
      and all he really needed to do for his health – was stop eating dead things 🙁

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