Google Drops the Hammer on Media Whores – Censorship & Foreign Corporate Fascism in New Zealand

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Featured Image – Google’s 666 logo – telling you who they are – Satanist Jews.


Well, Google has dropped the hammer on Media Whores.

After our article yesterday exposing how they hand pick search results in New Zealand to censor freedom of speech and ideas for political purposes – they went back over the past few hours and quite literally reshuffled search results for “Media Whores NZ” and made it even worse. Nothing to do with ‘algorithms’ at all. Its all greed, fraud and politics. And these filthy inbred fraudulent dishonest greedy satanist Jews want you and your family to trust them with driverless cars and AI? Dear God.

100% Proof that Google are Censoring Free Speech in New Zealand for Political Agendas

Now almost completely gone – and the National Front link has been skillfully replaced with a link ot the NZ Prostitutes Collective instead. They do not even use the word “whore” on their website. Plus one for Gloriavale as well – hand picked again – what has Gloriavale got to do with Media Whores? Just more people they want to slag off, so chuck them in there.

These Jewish/ Nazi fascists have no respect for anyone. It is all mind control, so they can keep controlling you, ruling over you, then drugging and medicating you…so they can rape your kids.

Same with a search for “Media Whores New Zealand” – no where to be seen now. [Edited – they have now replaced that search today also/ now back again – but not a search for “NZ”]

Done by hand/ manually in the past 12 hours or so. Working against their fellow man – like thieves in the night.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” –  Voltaire

So there you have it – a bunch of fascist Nazi Jews – who apparently worship ‘Satan’ and are continually covering up child sex rings and child sex trafficking in our communities. For God.


The synagogue of Satan. Hidden in plain sight.

A bunch of demented mind controlling lizards – with make up on.

These people were the Nazis folks. And still are to this day. Having another crack at conquering the World – by drugging everyone, poisoning their food, feeding you porn, fake news…and apparently raping as many children as possible.

A bunch of filthy Fascist Jewish Nazi Satanists. Running the World. While posing as ‘liberals’ and making themselves all billionaires in the process.

Fkg lizards.

Snake DNA


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    Trample on snakes says:

    Taken from a Dr Mercola Article

    Is Technology Amplifying the Voice of Corporate Control?

    While the internet is viewed as a way to bring the world to our fingertips, there are those who say it’s actually a tool for amplifying the voice of corporate control. We tend to think about the internet as this medium where we can connect to everything and anyone, but in actuality most of the information is flowing through a couple of major gatekeepers, such as Google.

    You can customize and filter what you see, but how these things are architected actually may keep you in a carefully constructed bubble. By customizing and individualizing your feed, you won’t even know what’s being kept out. But what happens to our communities, our relationships and our culture if we’re all existing in this “filter bubble,” this world of screens, designed primarily to get people to click more and view more pages?

    It’s important to understand that, online, you are the product and corporations are seeking to gain more views of their content. Facebook, for instance, isn’t content to have the average user spend “just” 50 minutes a day. They’d rather it become a platform that’s on all day to become basically a background for your life. As The New York Times reported:9

    “Facebook, naturally, is busy cooking up ways to get us to spend even more time on the platform. A crucial initiative is improving its News Feed, tailoring it more precisely to the needs and interests of its users, based on how long people spend reading particular posts

    For people who demonstrate a preference for video, more video will appear near the top of their news feed. The more time people spend on Facebook, the more data they will generate about themselves, and the better the company will get at the task.”

    Facebook actually uses a sophisticated algorithm to track your interests, who you talk with and what you say, and includes information about your age, gender, income level and a phenomenal number of other specifics that allow advertisers to target exactly who they believe will click on their ads.10 In the case of smartphone devices, these companies are contributing to programing your actions, and how you think and feel.

    This is how companies satisfy their advertisers, who are paying for the privilege of your eyes on their ads. Some programmers call this process “brain hacking,” as they incorporate more information from neuropsychology into the development of digital interfaces that increase your interaction with the program.

    For instance, getting likes on Facebook and Instagram, the “streaks” on Snapchat or cute emojis on text messaging, are all designed to increase your engagement and desire to return. Technology companies are in the business of manipulating your behavior, and there are privacy concerns as well.

    Rebecca MacKinnon of Global Voices Citizen Media Network said in the film, “Surveillance is much more present in our online than our offline lives, and I think most people in the United States … are not aware of that because when police officers come into your house … and go through your cabinets and desk, it’s obvious. If they do the equivalent in your email, your online storage systems or your Facebook … you don’t even know. So you’re not going to raise a fuss about it.”

    The fact remains that people are putting intimate details of their lives online without regard for those who could be using that information negatively. The film also points out that personal details you share online — from religious affiliations to sexual preferences to information about your family — could one day be used against you or in a way that could bring you harm.

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    Trample on snakes says:

    I will also add that this person I know has fooled this prick he’s investigating hook, line and sinker .. the person I know has sold the fact he wants to join up etc and has been asking questions for months and taking the relevant information. Initially he was told that freemasonry is simply a brotherhood where people share common interests and want to ‘make their communities better places’ and that they don’t hold any secrets .. the scumbag who this person got the information from is a fkn idiot for spilling beans and pretty much in a nutshell every council in NZ has sinister agendas that enable the rich to get richer and the poor get poorer, and they blame the poor people for ‘society not being where it needs to be’

    one thing that was often said to him was ‘its to what you know, its who you know’ .. and by who you know they will teach you what you need to know in order to ‘advance yourself’

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      mediawhores says:

      yeah bro. the masons are a kiddie rape club. run by the judes.
      or just another of such
      they all are

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    Trample on snakes says:

    Upon catching up with someone who passed through town last night I was able to get some answers to some questions that were given to him to ask his workmate about being a freemason. Can swear black and blue this is reliable and genuine information coming from someone who has managed to pull the eyes over a community level mason who runs and manages his own ‘business’

    Sick fks know that thanks to your epic work that people are starting to cotton on to these motherfkrs, or should I say childfkrs? Either way they’re pure filth that Karma is due to pay a visit to VERY VERY soon and slowly but surely bit by bit, day by day people are starting to ask questions.

    Masons in the community have a hierarchal structure where it literally runs like a gang or a military operation. These fkrs you see who own business’s etc are generally high up there, but its the ex mayors and ex this and ex that who are generally the higher up controllers who have direct contact with politicians and the ‘government’. This person also confirmed that the term government means simply any entity or person that has rulership over someone all within a ‘legal’ window. SO essentially the councils we live in are the government by ‘law’ (there sick law, not GODS law) and therefore they ‘have every right’ to do as they please.

    Allegedly they also have ‘prospects’ who operate within the community etc and they usually have to meet certain criteria and depending on how bad they ‘want it’ they are prepared to do some seriously sick shit.

    Some of the stuff that these sick cnts do are:

    Blood transfusion therapy to treat serious dis-eases swell as to maintain their youth and it supposedly helps with arthritis problems swell as being used as a therapy to treat ‘hereditary’ dis-eases.

    They will give up certain organs if a ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ from the cult need one. Most of these organ illnesses come from the LEVIATHAN CURSE which is a generational curse affecting family members who have no idea about freemasons and their sick shit.

    Tax Fraud where the businesses get advised by their lawyers and accountants the best way to avoid paying their taxes and in turn benefit from it directly by doing ridiculous write offs.

    Allegedly they are encouraged to kill animals to spill blood. IS the Mad Butcher a freemason?

    Absuing your kids or other peoples kids allows you access to ‘more deals’ the cult has to offer.

    Spreading your cheeks for certain business owners will guarantee you fame, success and wealth.

    A LARGE NUMBER of businesses in New Zealand are owned and run by pedofiles and homosexuals and they literally offer money to certain individuals who work for them to ‘bend over’ and they try to get them into the cult.

    They choose their members VERY, VERY wisely . they look for key traits and elements in an individual

    They allegedly can be straight and be gay .. the masons will sometimes perform a homosexual act in order to get in the club, but they can still go home to their wife and kids and it all remains a secret .. because it is a secret brotherhood.

    The first 3 levels of masonry have literally NO idea what goes on in the real satanic cult, however they do inherit the leviathan curse.

    The Leviathan curse can be broken through getting the Holy Temple right and allow GOD/GOOD to shine from within that Temple

    The old men masons get ‘excited’ around young children. If someone wants to spot a high up mason simply watch them in the presence of a very young child.

    The masons are instructed to defend the FK out of the current system: “pay your bloody taxes” “theres nothing wrong with the water” “9/11 was terroists from the middle east” “Maori people are the problem” “John keys a great guy” “Marijuana is evil” “Vaccines save lives”

    These are some of the quotes you are likely to hear a freemason saying, note being too there are many people out there who are shit scared of the masons apparently and ‘those who know’ about them should fear them worse than gangs – another fear mongering tactic.

    They HATE children who have gifts and abilities that are 6th sense and will do EVERYTHING they can do dull them down.

    If you are a Masons guess where you source your marijuana from? The police, oh yes this bloke shared plenty of information about how the police work.

    They 100% do organise fake car crashes on certain dates at certain times. This also keeps the mainstream medi-a busy which in turn keeps the sheep busy.

    FREEMASONS ARE THE BIGGEST LIARS, they are truthful to their brotherhood but they are allowed to lie like fuck to their family, the community and to basically the world.

    This is information whom I can genuinely say I sourced from someone who has been doing their homework regarding a certain pedofile piece of shit he works with .. he has said he won’t release the name of this scum bag yet but in time he will .. he is genuine regarding this information. This person who works with the pedo has hinted at wanting to join the masons and the peso piece of shit has a big mouth – which is going to get him exposed!

    Some of the benefits of being a freemason/satanist/cult member

    MASSIVE discounts on vechiles, property, technology, healthcare, cruise ships, holidays overseas, tax write offs, they can get their kids into private schools at a low cost, free expenses between businesses if you are a mason, cheap and near free dental care, ACC payouts – YOU NAME IT BRO! oh and not to mention being guaranteed getting off driving convictions etc etc etc etc etc etc

    From having a few drinks last night and having mild hangover this morning (was a lot to take in and needed something lol – you hear me bro) I have woken this morning sharing this and the one conclusion I have is that Freemasonry really is a satanic cult.

    Oh also some of the members have genuine people in charge of them, so like when you sign up to become a mason there will be someone ‘assigned to you’ and you have to do certain things such as drive a certain make or model car or spend X amount of money at certain restaurants or businesses .. FREEMASONRY is also a business where these guys sit higher on the pyramid than those who have zero idea about how it all works.

    Black magic is also used and this correlates to certain addresses they live at, as well as masonic symbolism and these fuckers do have access to astrological dates etc also, but its only the HIGHER end ones that have the true information and as you ‘make your way up the ranks’ are you giving more information .. so basically the more you drop ya trousers and hurt kids the more information you get .. why the fk can’t they just watch Santos and do a thorough detox?

    The person who has been questioned has 4 gay children out of 8, and these 8 children are spread between 3 different wives. The guys an absolute creep who has other dodgy allegations against him .. I don’t know these yet as we already had enough to chat about

    Was buzzy hearing this information and hope this might help in anyway brother.

    Keep up the amazing work, you said the other day that theres no money in the truth … that may be true in this current system/situation but hear me out, I promise you bro all your good work will come back to you all in good time, your the definition of an Earth Angel my brother – Atua e Manaaki (GOD BLESS)

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