Some of these Pedophile Lizards are 100’s of Years Old…


Featured Image – Dr Steve Pieczenik on Israeli run Dis-Infowars. Spinning his half truth lies and disinfo, chucking a few desperate bones to his dog and pony show, Alex Jones, as the Jews start to lose control of their fake narrative – worldwide. Once again. Note the very weird child kidnapping scene in the background. 

The game is up folks. We win. As always….

Sol Invictus

The unconquered children of the Sun

All they had to offer us – was never ending fear.

Fk ’em. 

To fear, is to Sin.

Only Truth will set you free. 


Looks like the Stasi/Mossad spooks have gotten on top of our latest view counter plugin – only showing 3 million views in the past 2 days for this post below. Back end raw data suggests it is more like 120 million. The Evolution will not be live streamed 😉 But don’t let that stop you. It is a leaderless evolution. Just get your diet right and get off their toxic medications – and the Sun will do the rest for you.

Folks, some of these inbred pedophile lizards are hundreds of years old.

And #TheyLive in our communities and indeed are running our Nations using chemical warfare, mind control, deception and lies. And rampant never ending pedophilia – indeed never even investigated.

The top ones are using full body ‘virgin blood’ transfers and infusions to reduce their age within days. The life force is indeed in the blood….

These demonic monsters got hooked on their materialism / the material World long ago, and have invested all of their money & power ever since, on life extension methods.

Life extension means have always been known. Virgin blood transfusions, or so called ‘Godly Living’ – following the Genesis diet and avoiding the 7 deadly sins. Both of which purify the blood.

These inbred pedophile lizards gave up on Godliness long ago and instead cheat. So in love are they – with the 666 material world of carbon.

They use the blood of their innocent victims to gain more life. And they traded their souls in doing so.

Been at it for a long long time…(skip video if familiar with the documented history )

Thus why so many of them wear those fake reading glasses these days – to hide their eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul. And their souls have long gone. Without the glasses, you will see their snake DNA. Literally. They are snakes. (Not all people with reading glasses mind, just check out their actual eyes, do they blink normally etc?).

The ones who seduced Eve and/or Adam aprox 24,000 years ago – and thus kicked off the ‘fall of man’.

The snake’s biggest victory – was seducing the ruling / royal redhead bloodline on this planet – and creating a 13th tribe of Evil/ Levi. Who then went on to breed with both dark haired, black, asian and white partners – passing on the snake DNA throughout the world.

Rothschild is not Red Shield. It is Red $ CHILD. The Red haired children of the dragon/ reptile/ snake. The seed of Cain. The seed of Satan. Not the original red haired royals who are now scattered around the world living fairly quiet lives –  the fake ones….Super Rich and on the magazine covers and TV. All Rothschild bloodline, now in a full range of ‘colours’. The fake Jews. The Synagogue of Satan. The ones who claim to be Jews, but still eat dead fried pigs bum, for breakfast. These people ruling over us all with fear and lies and chemical warfare. Satanists.

Controlling the entire debate – left and right – on your Saturn-light TV – ‘programmed’ from Tel Aviv…….the snake people….

Kidnapping children – taking their blood – and injecting it to give themselves more life.

Now done willingly throughout the World – via the blood donation programs and Jewish owned whore houses – donating the sperm.

Cloning and life reversal technology. The watered down version of which sold to the Goy as ‘stem cell replacement therapy’. The blood of other people. Now a market in it. Sick fks.

All developed in Israel. Satan’s land. Also the organ trafficking capital of the World. Supplying the other vampire snakes in the Middle East.

They are living among us – running the drugs, running the media, running the government, running fake terrorism and fake wars, and running pedophile and child kidnapping rings, for even more blood. A bunch of crazy demented lunatics.

They might by your mayor, your MP, your boss, your landlord, your friend, your step mother or father, you may even be married to one right now. Eventually they will stage their death, or stage your death, then disappear with the help of the Rothschild medical and state run apparatus – then do more blood therapy and reinvent themselves again, overseas with a new identity, having sucked the life out of you. Often with vast hidden wealth to follow with them – their only real job is to hide that mysterious source of money, usually by setting up some type of business, large real estate companies being one favorite, but ideally one that gives them access to more children in their new communities, new age type churches being a favorite.

Not to mention the so called “Rich List” – teeming with them. If not an actual complete account of these pedophile vampire / walking dead families.

Peter Jackson should really do another movie on it….

But the best way to identify them?

By their deeds.

Sodium fluoride in the water, poisonous additives in their foods, chemtrails covering the Sun, Israeli/ Mossad staged terrorism (the fake war of terror), supporting or in the political parties..telling you to keep voting, keep hoping, while we ‘explore space’ …..and calling you a “conspiracy theorist” if you dare think otherwise. These are the pedophile satanists among us. The living dead. They are in fact necrophiliacs – having sex with people they already plan to slowly kill, then leave behind.

And some of them are hundreds of years old. Living among us. Many of them posing as ‘community leaders’. Most of them appearing on TV. All of them featured on Radio New Zealand, many with their own shows. Posing as intellectuals and leaders. Framing the fake/ controlled debates, while ignoring or laughing at or simply shouting down ALL of the conspiracies. Because they are kiddie fiddlers and don’t want to be exposed. They may even be at your school – if they ‘drank’ enough blood – extremely wise, knowledgeably, calm, watching, waiting…like cold blooded snakes, controlling, usually even controlling some of the teachers. All working towards a Global corporate State – run by vampires – with you as their slave, and your children as their food.

The living dead.


The glamorous Hollywood version – truth hidden in plain sight, but always slightly twisted and perverted for the theater. Most of these snakes no longer even have penises and are riddled with diseases – thus all the masonic wife swapping these days…..someone has to do it for them….


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