Syrian War…and Rumors of War…Updates


Syrian War Rumor Updates – with Brendon O’Connell – long term undercover deep deep state sleeper cell – brilliant on the military intelligence – but admittedly still struggling a bit with flat Earth and astrology/ the word of God….

You know – if these ‘globalist’ lunatics are successful – by the time they are finished, the elites will all be sitting in large black cube office buildings, with all the human slaves running around working for them, wearing masonic orange and bright yellow ‘health and safety’ vests, paying all of the taxes, while their children get abused both mentally and physically in the govt schools and by the Facebook child sex grooming secret society pedophiles…….and anyone who questions it will be called “a conspiracy theorist” and/or “a flat Earther” then put on prescription medications

Shit, come to think of it……..

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