Taupo Creep Catchers – Homosexual Pedophile – Bruce Twentyman


Featured Image – Taupo Homosexual Pedophile, Bruce Twentyman, as featured on Taupo Creep Catchers 


The World – NZ included – is currently being run by homosexual pedophiles.

This is hardly ideal – we are sure you agree.

They are currently engaged in a huge global push / mind control operation – aided by both the media and Government – to try and both normalize and legalize their pedophilia. To make it both easier and more plentiful.

Andrew Szusterman & the Sexual Exploitation of Kiwi Youth

Demonic Bowden on the Mk Ultra Child Sex Grooming Agenda

They usually pose as straight/ happily married men while joining into secret little clubs and groups, then build control over our towns, communities by infiltrating our councils and government, then place their little secret society emblems and logos at the entrance ways into those same towns. These emblems are a ‘Welcome’ message to other homosexual pedophiles from other towns as well as from around the World – telling them they will be safe within that towns boundaries. You will notice such signs up in most towns around NZ these days. Towns run by pedophiles, for pedophiles. And thus the ongoing pedophilia cover up and name suppression scandals we see all the time. They are protected by the very system that hard working tax payers fund.

They tend to prey on young disaffected youth, often posing as both ‘mentors’ and generous donors. Many of the top ones engage in this strategy on a global scale. Much like the Clinton Foundation. The top ones are indeed International.

They have been aided by the NZ justice system and family court over the past 30 odd years – a gang of alleged child sex traffickers tasked with breaking up Kiwi families, as fatherless children is the modus operandi of these pedophiles.

Open and honest communities and Nations, have no need for little groups of secret society men ganging up with each other to decide what is done, or not done.

They need to be exposed for what they are.


Meet Bruce Twentyman of Taupo. Homosexual pedophile. And quite well protected it would seem also.

Thou shalt not sexually groom children – Common sense/ Common Law/ Common decency. 

PS: watch as the Taupo police just let him go free – free to continue grooming and sexually abusing other children in the community. Apparently Bruce Twentyman is part of the ‘club’. And ‘the Club’ are seeking to both normalize and legalize, pedophilia. This is the best outcome anyway – the corrupt Taupo Judge would only give him full protection/ name suppression. “To protect” the fake “victim” lol. 

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