Gang Stalked in New Zealand for Exposing Homosexual Child Abusers


Featured Image – Taupo Mayor David Trewavas


Auditions Open 

 Media Whores is putting together a 2 hour documentary for Youtube on “Gang Stalking by Pedophile Satanists in New Zealand” . If you would like to be in this documentary, all you have to do, is show up anywhere near us out of the blue, and then point your camera or smart phone in our direction. And you are in automatically. We have a few hours of footage already – but welcome any more on offer. 

Someone pointed out to Media Whores today that Taupo Mayor David Trewavas is Facebook “friends” with Taupo homosexual pedophile Bruce Twentyman.

We went and checked it out and sure enough….

And looks like he is standing by his mate.

That article shows over 70,000 views in the past 30 hours or so (but is possibly 10 times that number as we have explained – all of the view counters are hacked and show different numbers – it is safe to presume that one is also hacked downward).. So you would think someone would have pointed it out to the Mayor by now…and so presumably a conscious decision to stand by his friend.

Taupo Creep Catchers – Homosexual Pedophile – Bruce Twentyman

Bruce Twentyman was caught read handed, chatting up a 15 year old boy on line, telling him he wanted to meet and kiss him, then filmed showing up for that sex date to meet the boy. Bruce Twentyman is apparently in his 50’s if not 60’s.

That is called pedophilia. Homosexual pedophilia to be exact. And it is illegal. The Palmy Creep Catcher quoted some other law the other day also such as sexual grooming of children or some such, which Bruce Twentyman is guilty of.

The Taupo police eventually showed up to the filming. and let Bruce Twentyman go free. Back into the Taupo community.

Is he protected by the Taupo police? How many other homosexual pedophiles are being protected in Taupo? And Palmerston North. And in our other Cities around NZ?

And what sort of message is Taupo Mayor David Trewavas sending when he apparently ignores all of this – possibly the most read story in NZ this week, and certainly the biggest story to come out about Taupo this week.

We all know there is this thing going on called ‘gay rights’ in NZ, but that is not the same thing as pedophilia rights. Is it?

We didn’t think pedophiles had any rights in New Zealand? The right to remain silent perhaps, but not the right to operate freely or with police and Mayoral approval and protection.

We have also previously reported on stories out of Taupo including NZ’s biggest alleged serial rapist still living there – apparently protected – that old German guy with as many as 1500 rapes under his belt, mostly of tourists and backpackers at well known Taupo lodges, done in cooperation with some well known Taupo businessmen it is alleged also. And again – a Masonic code of silence. Is this now proof of a pattern of behavior in Taupo? A criminal conspiracy by the very people running the town to cover up pedophilia and sexual crimes in their region? Including the actual mayor??

Claims Backpackers Being Drugged and Sexually Assaulted En Masse in New Zealand

And what about other NZ towns?

How many other Mayors around NZ – wearing those glamorous masonic Mayoral chains – are actively covering up pedophilia and massive sexual rape and assault within their districts and towns?

Are NZ – and indeed foreign – children safe any longer in any of our towns?

In fact – is Media Whores safe in any NZ towns for reporting on it?

Guess we will find out.

We think the vast majority of Kiwis agree that we would all like our communities to be safe places for kids. Safe from these pedophiles and predators.

In fact that should probably be the number one priority of any form of Government – making sure children are protected from predators within their towns.

Perhaps Kiwis need to put their other concerns and worries aside for a little while and all join behind that one cause – exposing sex offenders and pedophiles in their towns and insisting that the local mayors and police take action – instead of ignoring it? Who knows, it may lead to solving the rest of the problems and corruption as well?

Media Whores was reminded today when looking into this story again of that old German spy who approached us down in a Kumara Junction pub the other week. He had deliberately positioned himself at the bar as far as we could tell and asked us directly “So where do you live”. We didn’t complete that story, because after he managed to start an argument about it, then packed a sad and refused to reply with his name, he then said to us, in a very sort of staged and hurt fashion “Open your heart!”

It didn’t feel right at the time – like we had been deliberately set up – but we finally figured that out today. It was obvious he knew who we were, and that he was there to try and get in our face, but the meaning of that comment only became clear today.

What the old German spy in Kumara was saying was …..stop hassling the gays on line. Open your heart.


For fks sake.

Media Whores is exposing rampant pedophilia in our communities and the ongoing cover up of such by our establishment.

We are not being paid. And as far as we can tell, it is very dangerous work. We do not work for anyone, no Church, no other institution, we work for ourselves and then volunteer a few hours per day browsing news stories and piecing them together.

We started with 911 really, the complete load of crap that it was – the official story that is – then we eventually came across Justin Davis on Facebook who was spilling incredible info on homosexual pedophiles operating across our society with the apparent full protection of the system.

We have been at war ever since.

You know why?

Pure heart.

And that fkg old German creep in Kumara had the nerve to tell us to “open our heart”.

You piece of shit.

Fk off.

Media Whores is not anti ‘gay’. We are anti pedophile, anti child abuse and anti corruption. And it speaks volumes about those who try to spin things otherwise. In fact it speaks volumes about anyone who shows up around us suddenly, already knowing who we are. That means they are part of this ‘club’ that is spying on us and stalking us. You have no fucking right to spy or stalk people in this Nation, Krout. You nor anybody else. Not least on the West Coast where our family comes from and Grandfathers’ departed to go and fight wars in Europe. Fk off back to Nazi Germany where you belong, you filthy dishonest creep.

It has since dawned on Media Whores that we are in fact being stalked by pedophiles and homosexuals, who are concerned about their ‘gay rights’.

If you think that is in any way glamorous work. Think again.

All of these reports from overseas about gang stalking – some of you might be reading this website also – you are being stalked illegally by homosexuals & pedophiles – mostly Jews, Masons and new age churchy types – fighting for their ‘gay rights’. Homosexual fascists in other words. Forcing their ‘right’ upon you, illegally and by deception. They are in fact even the same group’s staging all of the terrorism as far as we can tell… age ‘liberal’ homosexuals….fighting for ‘gay rights’ and no more guns…by staging terrorism. Go figure. #Fascists

Now we have said before we couldn’t give a shit what other people do in their bedrooms, as long as we do not have to hear about it. We have also stated that we are often equally offended by straight perverts who want to wank on about who they have slept with or what type of sex they had. Keep it to yourself. Sex is not, or at least should not be, a matter of public interest. Only for perverts is that the case. It is a matter of private interest.

What we are concerned with however  – is the rampant child abuse in this Nation – ongoing – and apparently always being covered up.

When you research it – before long the clear question becomes – are we being ruled and governed over by a small group of homosexual pedophile rapists and child abusers?

And that does indeed seem to be the case.

Then we also stumbled across the work of Dr Nicolosi from LA who explains that every study ever done about being gay has proven it to be caused by child abuse, both emotional and physical. There is no gay gene, nor any other proven cause. Just child abuse. Video posted again below.

That was an eye opener, because it suggest that not only are we being governed over by a small group of pedophiles and rapists – but that they are now seeking to ‘normalize’ and indeed legalize their pedophilia and child abuse in our communities, simply by referring to it as “politically correct”.

Which is obviously quite a serious issue for any Nation. Not least that it is being done secretively and covertly, without any rational discussion, nor reporting of real facts. It is being done under the guise of being ‘liberal” and “politically correct”. Much like the water fluoridation, chemtrail spraying, food additive poisoning, massive intensive farming, massive land sell offs, asset sell offs, the TPPA, the prescription drug and anti depressant agenda, and on and on and on and on and on….

We are all being ‘liberally’ sodomized, taxed and poisoned to death.

Eventually one is left with the conclusion that we are in fact being ruled over by a small bunch of homosexual pedophile criminal fascists. Which should be a very disturbing conclusion to reach for any Kiwi who cares to look into it.

Then at some point comes the realization that it is in fact these people that seem to call themselves “Jews” who actually appear to own and run everything these days. Not ‘white people’ as the Jewish owned media always claims.

And this is the crunch issue for us at Media Whores at present. These mega powerful and wealthy Jews who own and /or control the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Google, Youtube etc – they are constantly trying to ‘upgrade’ us all towards AI and smart cars and on and on. Well how about first, we test your great new technology – to see if we can use it for possibly the most important purpose? Stopping child abuse in our communities.

That is number one.

You prove your tech can be used for that most important purpose – and then and only then do we discuss what comes next.

Or could it be that all of this tech, is simply designed to enslave us – and not free us at all?

Guess we are going to find out.

Here are your new ‘Gods’ folks – of this material World… well as a few of those harassing us….

Are these Jews working to make our societies more free? Or are they just enabling and protecting pedophiles in order to help bring in their new digital control grid to enslave us all, while making themselves all millionaires and billionaires in the process?

When prosecution orders came into force in July 1996, the suicides of separated fathers leapt to 4.6 times the national average. There is now a separated father or son suicide every working day of the year due to the Family Court’s gender bias.

Protection orders remove over 6000 fathers from families each year. No evidence is required. Yet those same orders rarely, if ever, remove mothers from families. There is virtually a 100% correlation between fathers with protection orders and those fathers not getting custody. It would appear that Godzone has become a police state for separating fathers.

“Are You My Father?” exposes how Kiwi fathers with protection orders have suffered thirty years of dishonest media terrorism from feminist lobby groups and unnecessary trauma from the Family Court. It examines way gender politics is now a bigger social problem than racism and crime.

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    Freemasons code broken says:

    There is now evidence that the mayor of Taupo is in fact a freemason, theres a photo of him on this page about half way down with some very creepy sodomite types.

    Another thing I will note about this ‘guy’ is that he too does not have an adams apple and has the same ‘features’ of a common secret Transgender. I wonder how many mayors in NZ are secret Trannys? off the cuff my guess would be at minimum 80%

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