The Overpopulation Myth


Folks…the biggest threat we face…is our own stupidity.

Nothing else.

Really can’t stress this enough – you are what you eat. Get off the dead diet to be able to ‘see’.

The second most important thing we could all do – is learn how to speak Jew.

Or just plain old Astrology in fact. Astro Logos.

Media Whores has stressed this many times. Start with the Santos Bonacci videos. Learn what the letters and words we use actually mean. ABCD’s, abracadabra….spelling/ spells.

Until people figure out the language – they know nothing.

Check these numbers out….

7.2 billion. 72 Apostles. 72 Virgins. 72 heart beats per minute. 72 average age etc.

9.6 billion. The 6 is 9. 69. In 12 years.

It is just Masonic / astrological code.

And complete bullshit.

Much like the distance of the Sun from Earth. 93 million miles. That is 6×3. 666. They changed it slightly of late as that 666 became too obvious….


The tilt of the Earth is 23.4 degrees. 90 degrees minus 23.4 = 66.6.

The Tilt of the Earth Hoax 666

Learn to speak Jew. And you will see all of the hoaxes….not least in our newspapers.

That is all they feed us. Masonic BS.

Bill Gates -pedophile lizard…at TedX. XXX. 666

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