Chief Justice Sian Elias has turned New Zealand into a Pedophiles Paradise – by Design


Featured Image – New Zealand’s Chief Jewish Justice ‘Sian Elias’ – possibly a man named Shawn using an Alias – taking the vow to “uphold the law” – which means Jewish Talmudic Law. The Crown owns your legal name and can thus do as they please with you, if you choose to use it/ sign for it. And the Jews own the Crown. Thus they own you. 

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Check out these two comments from the Palmy Creep Catchers Facebook page – people upset that the guy is ‘picking on’ gays. lol

He is exposing adults from the ages of 20 through to 66 who are using ‘social’ media apps to sexually groom children, some as young as 12, and the only concern these two people have is that he is ‘picking on gays’. Incredible. He has actually exposed straight pedophiles also – so that is untrue.

Pol IVy Why u setting up all the ones off Grindr? Is that the only ones u can???

Claudia Smithen He goes on grindr because he discriminates against gay’s

Again they are probably fake names as well – there is an army of these Jewish Sayanim spies on Facebook, as well as in our communities. They are in fact running our councils and governments as far as we can tell.

New Zealand’s chief justice Sian Elias – another of these foreign Jews, and a fairly obviously play on the words Shawn Alias – has successfully turned New Zealand into a pedophiles’ paradise. Aided by all of this new Israeli/ Jewish owned technology.

This was always the plan. Rest assured.

Check out her Wikipedo / CIA page:

First of all they hide the fact she is a Jew. They usually do. For these top Government Sayanim at least.

She/it/he (whatever these people are – some say just lizards) – married Hugh Fletcher – an alleged serial child sex offender. Greg Hallett has alleged this was done by bribing Hugh Fletcher for his serial child sex abuse, and thus protecting him from any prosecution.

Was Convicted Killer Phillip Layton Edwards a Victim of Hugh Fletcher / Sian Elias Child Sex Ring?

Hugh Fletcher’s brother Jim – Sian Elias’ brother in law – was then stabbed to death in his home. Did he try to speak out?

Note she is also chummy with Justice Lowell Goddard – another Jew who helped cover up the Westminster child sex ring – 1000’s of kids raped and even murdered by homosexual MP’s, and not even one arrest. Jewish Talmudic Law.

‘She’ was appointed to chief justice in 1999 and apparently went immediately about the business of destroying the New Zealand family unit using the Family Court – fatherless children being the number one goal of these pedophiles…..


“When prosecution orders came into force in July 1996, the suicides of separated fathers leapt to 4.6 times the national average. There is now a separated father or son suicide every working day of the year due to the Family Court’s gender bias.

Protection orders remove over 6000 fathers from families each year. No evidence is required. Yet those same orders rarely, if ever, remove mothers from families. There is virtually a 100% correlation between fathers with protection orders and those fathers not getting custody. It would appear that Godzone has become a police state for separating fathers.

“Are You My Father?” exposes how Kiwi fathers with protection orders have suffered thirty years of dishonest media terrorism from feminist lobby groups and unnecessary trauma from the Family Court. It examines way gender politics is now a bigger social problem than racism and crime.” – Greg Hallett, Are You My Father? 


The result was of course thousands of Kiwi children being raised by solo mums, most of whom were paid a fairly stable sort of a benefit (initially at least) and many of whom then spent some years ‘socialising’ and living as single parents, many of them partying and drinking. Meth was introduced around that time also. They run the meth in New Zealand.

Crown Mafia Painstakingly Covering Up the Record $450M Northland Meth Haul

The kids were sitting ducks.

The Government schools then started teaching kids about drugs via the ‘DARE’ program and about gay sex ‘lifestyle choices’ in schools.

All studies ever done prove homosexuality is caused by child abuse – and not by anything else. So in effect, they have been teaching Kiwi children that is OK to be abused…in our schools. Off the charts.

Jewish Marxism on steroids folks. That is what we have allowed to happen in our Nation.

And now it is a pedophiles paradise – as the Palmy Creep catcher is proving. We have whole cities teeming with pedophiles – most of them homosexuals…….

(Looks like Facebook have now deleted Taupo Creep Catchers page) 

Media Whores has also documented who we have been/ are being stalked by these creeps also – due to our work exposing the likes of the Justin Davis Files and Greg Hallett’s work, as well as the various pedophile scandals from overseas – Westminster, Pizza Gate etc. If we ever get around to doing that video, you will see how these creeps all come out of the woodwork whenever we go somewhere, tagging you in their cars, pulling up next to you, following you down the street etc. And they all have some kind of homosexual pedophile spy APP on their smart phones. Sharing information, stalking kids, and then stalking those who speak out. Our towns are crawling with these pedophiles. We got two more on camera today while out and about. There are hundreds of them and they are in every town – hunting children.

These Jewish Marxists even staged 911 and run this fake war of terror in order to keep everyone across the West in fear and preoccupied while they go about implementing their pedophile new world order at the same time. It is a bloody military operation that they run. To implement their new pedophile World Order. Run by smart phones and ‘Intel Inside’ microchips. All data going back to Israel. Biblical.

Rings of Saturn-spying on U
Rings of Saturn-spying on U

They have promoted pedophiles across Councils and Government and are now poisoning our water supplies, our food, even spraying our air with chemtrails. Killing off as many people as possible, while sexually grooming all of the children.

Andrew Szusterman & the Sexual Exploitation of Kiwi Youth

Jews, Jews and more Jews. Chosen by God indeed. What God is that exactly?

It seems that is in fact their end goal. A global One World Corporate Digital system of control, run by pedophiles, for pedophiles, from their new homeland, the Israeli/ masonic/ Rothschild State.

Kiwi children are no longer safe in this country. With these fake pedophile ‘liberals’ running the show.

They may as well actually be an alien race.

Kiwis really need to wake up.

Get off their drugs/ medications, get off their toxic foods, and start doing as you were instructed….



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  1. Mike says:

    Suggest that the Buddhist view of “mirror wisdom” is applied to these clowns and their rascist and Kiwi murderous Talmud. Just stick the term Zionist wherever they use the term Goyim.

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