Ezekiel 25:17


Featured Image – The  latest child sex grooming pedophile exposed in Taupo by the Palmy Creep Catcher


Anyone lays a hand on the Palmy Creep Catcher – there will be nowhere for you to hide.

Not in this Nation at least. And not for the rest of your days.

So best you weigh up any such thoughts very carefully. Including those people running this pedophile mafia in Taupo.

Here is what’s going to happen.

The pedophile satanists operating in, and indeed running some of our communities and Government are coming down.

They will be exposed and then chased up trees.

This is going to happen very soon.

We are all going to see it with our own eyes. Indeed we already are.

The horse has bolted. There are no ‘sides’. No ‘winning team’.

Just a predetermined outcome.

Kiwis do NOT want, nor will they accept having their children sexually groomed and/or abused by adults. All pedophiles will be exposed for what they are. New Zealand will not tolerate child abuse, no matter how ‘politically correct’ the criminals running our media and government claim it is.

So those people making threats against the Palmy Creep Catcher – you need to be aware that the outcome is already decided. You are being set up. There is no power structure behind you, which will be able to protect you. If you don’t believe us, then take it from those people who do your TV programming. Its called “A House of Cards”. They always tell you in advance.

Fair warning has been given.

If you are the one who conspires to, or actually lays a hand on this guy – for his work exposing these pedophiles in our communities – there will be nowhere for you to hide for the rest of your days. Not in this Nation.


Kelly Brownly So this is how u have changed your approach and you are now more professional….by placing these men under citizens arrest lol. You are more of a joke and a fuck wit than ever before. How are people supposed to take u seriously when ur nothing but a fucken clown. One day u gonna fuck with the wrong person….bring on that day 


Pol IVy Why u setting up all the ones off Grindr? Is that the only ones u can??? I might reactivate my account and meet up with use…just so I can run u over and do it properly……..

Scotty Royce What a pack of uneducated hillbilly’s lol these things……..

Disclaimer – the violence portrayed in this clip is figurative only – in our opinion, only. 

“Taupo definitely seems to be a hub for all these freaky creeps, its so obvious the ‘brotherhood’ are working overtime to cover this up.

Is the mayor covering up pedofilia and doing what he can to destroy the town? He’s fucked this town over since being ‘in charge’ ?

There are plenty of google searches showing photos of him with john the kiddie fiddler key, but there seems to be a trend going on around NZ with these mayors, trying to fuck their respected communities over.

Heres some links suggesting this guy is a major criminal

Thank you John Key



Theres also strong evidence that him and DUNCAN GARNER, have engaged in ‘acts’ between one another, he lies in this radio interview saying the town has plenty of jobs etc and he’s bullshitting about the amount of housing available.

Looks as though the Taupo ‘club’ has bitten off more than they can chew.

I think Taupo may well be the Pedofile ‘Homo hub’ of New Zealand

They’ve created this ‘homo hub’ in the town where its becoming a bit too obvious now, especially with creep catchers landing a good haul, but also regarding how the ‘big wigs’ are reacting to all of this happening. They’re worried they’re going to be caught up and thats why they’re keeping quiet about it. Not to mention the amount of creeps lurking around the place and also people who run ‘holiday activities’ in the Town.

Gareth green, since he’s been in Taupo there has been an increase in all this ‘behaviour’ looks very much like a lizard and have heard first hand this this creep is arrogant and very creepy. A very close and personal friend of the mayor also.

Theres been so many creeps caught in Taupo recently and No one in the town who’s in a position of ‘power’ has made comment, likely because they don’t want to be caught out for being alleged rapists and child blood suckers

Why would it matter when theres people like this guy who will only get them off the charge? Allegedly, this guy has managed to get pedofiles off in the past, has covered up other crimes and is a 100% confirmed freemason who’s ‘worked his way up the ranks’, the idiot has even been dumb enough to talk about his masonic ties to people in the community. He’s also well known amongst the council and the police – and very well liked also, could he be working to cover up pedofilia in the region? and hence why he has several million dollar properties in the region?

Clayton Stent


Heres the shadow government version of the council –


Gang Stalked in New Zealand for Exposing Homosexual Child Abusers

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  1. Trample on snakes says:

    Also there was a rumour going around that the red haired guy topped himself, there has been ZERO proof of this – no doubt another spy trying to infiltrate the pages and spread more fake news.

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