Israel Folau v’s Ray-not-so-lean Castle


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100’s of studies have proven that homosexuality is caused by child abuse – and not by anything else.

Both emotional and physical child abuse.

There is no other known cause of homosexuality. Only child abuse.

Homosexuals need therapy, not ‘gay rights’.

Successful therapy is well known to in fact cure them.

Instead the pedophile State prescribes them drugs and encourages gay sex. They have even invented the whole HIV Hoax, to help better kill them off. There is no such thing (look into it – same with all of their fake diseases – only the meds will kill you).

The Government couldn’t give a shit about gay people – just another form of mind control – and helps them get away with their child abuse.

Our Government is run by pedophiles, mostly homosexual pedophiles  – cover up after cover up. The Justin Davis Files, Westminster Scandal, historic child sex abuse, Pizza Gate…and on and on and on

Repeat – our Governments are run by child sex offenders. They rape kids. They specialize in it. And the cover ups. That is about all they do.

The gay agenda is simply about normalizing and legalizing their child abuse. And nothing else

Now lets see some Bible quotes on the diet, flesh and blood eating…and flat Earth 😉 But off to a good start.

No word yet from Sonny half ass Bill. Nor Rich$ie bend me over McWhore.

Dear God – take a look at this monster…….Raelene Castle . Who would you trust with your children?

Game, set and match.

Chief Justice Sian Elias has turned New Zealand into a Pedophiles Paradise – by Design



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