Pedor Jackson Extorts another $180 Million from NZ Tax Payers for New ‘Temple to Hollywood Pedophilia’ in Wellington


Featured Image – Peter Jackson pictured with fellow Jewish mafia bigwig – Harvey Weinstein. Too often these serial rapists and satanists are not exposed until much later in their careers and by then the damage is already done. Weinstein we are referring to, of course. 

Media Whores could swear – although preferably not anywhere near a Bible – that there is an ‘artificial intelligence’ virus being used to sweep over our website and subtly change some of the spelling to try and make us look like we might sometimes be a bit drunk or thick. Other times of course it is just us doing it for fun. So bit hard to tell.

Pedor Jackson – another of these bigwig Jewish mafia types who seem to have taken over our World for their own benefit whilst the rest of us suffer under record taxation, ‘zero hour contracts’, and rampant homosexual pedophilia in our communities –  appears to have secured and/or extorted another $180 odd million from the NZ tax paying slaves to build another huge Temple to Hollywood Pedophilia in Wellington.

This will no doubt be another great boost for pedophile tourism in New Zealand and we can all look forward to seeing larger and larger swarms of these liberal pedophiles – not least from Germany – arriving to worship at the Temple soon. The benefits to Wellington and NZ in terms of even more pedophilia tourism are predicted to be ‘record breaking’ – once again.

Not to discount the value of the swarms of pedophiles already in New Zealand who are using the Jewish owned ‘smart’ phones and smart apps such as Grinder and Facebook Messenger to sexually groom then statutory rape children on masse. Peter Jackson’s new Temple to Hollywood Pedophilia will of course provide them with another fun place to lure their victims to.

This is of course a win win situation for both Peter Jackson and his gang and for all of the ‘smart phone’ pedophiles currently within New Zealand – both homosexual and otherwise.

Not so great for tax payers however. As per usual.

Some have suggested that the 180 million could be put to better use actually trying to stamp out and police the army of pedophiles now apparently operating openly in NZ under this new ‘liberal’ Jewish Corporate Utopia we have found ourselves living/ enslaved in. Such suggestion has largely been ignored however on the basis that it would not be politically correct.

As we all know – Hollywood is indeed owned and run by Jewish pedophiles and rapists of various persuasions – and they load their movies and even their children’s stories with subtle and even outright pedophilia messages and programming these days – with the very worst of these Jewish pedophiles seeming to enjoy meteoric successes in their careers as a result.

So what better way to celebrate this globalist outbreak in Jewish promoted pedophilia – than with another massive tax payer funded Temple to Jewish Corporate Pedophilia in Wellington?

And who better to extort the money to do it, than Pedor Jackson himself? A man clearly well versed in the system of Pedophile Satanism that these Jews are now using in our Nations to build and maintain their fascist corporate power and control….They promote pedophiles into all top positions of power, using their Mossad/ Israeli spy network and Jewish controlled technology, then they can bribe them into doing as they please.


No comment yet however from Peter Jackson on the allegations that these Satanist Pedophile Elites are using ‘virgin blood’ taken from child kidnapping victims to make themselves look younger….

Meet the Feebles….



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2 thoughts on “Pedor Jackson Extorts another $180 Million from NZ Tax Payers for New ‘Temple to Hollywood Pedophilia’ in Wellington”

  1. Mike says:

    Here is a 2 million tree deficit and estimated $600 million siphoned into electricity companies in auckland alone over only 5 years, as a bit of reading trivia.

    There appears to be a simple way to solve Auckland’s increasing pollution problem.
    Being based on the fact that the coal and fossil fuel power plant at Huntly is still being used and produces the dirtiest electric power in New Zealand. Over the past 10 years there have been regular promises and deadlines to cease use of this power plant, the latest spreading of the proverbial bullsh*t, being to have it stopped in 2020.
    The carbon emissions calculator is based on a coal burning power plant. And is calculated on a “tree” exchange value. From these numbers it is found that the average heat pump use over the winter period is 4 trees.
    Of fossil fuel or BELOW GROUND CARBON.
    Whereas in fact the average household using a fire every evening during the winter and weekends, will go through 3-4 cubic metres of firewood. Of ABOVE GROUND CARBON. Which is less than 1 tree. Most houses use less than 1 cubic metre of firewood as the fire use is merely aesthetic.
    MEANING that HEAT PUMPS during the winter generate some 3 times the amount of carbon emissions, compared to the average household fireplace.
    Which unlike the heat pump also dries out the building, preventing fungus growth and the human sicknesses and diseases that arise from such fungus growth that can almost irreparably contaminate houses. Such as in the leaky homes nightmare. Allow that these extra 3 trees have become at least 60,000 houses that were once fireplaces….this amounts to an extra 180,000 trees “totally wasted” per winter period. In the Auckland area. WHICH IS A LOT OF TREES.
    WITH the money from this “filthy” form of heating going to BIG BUSINESS and away from the jobs of hard working carbon recycling NZers. Which produces less money being spent in the local economy and the resultant infrastructure and business failures and near failures or subsistence businesses and poor quality jobs. At some $30 per week extra electricity for an average family home over 60,000 homes over 30 weeks = $900 x 60,000 being effectively stolen by bad business practise from the local economy. Some $50 million and 180,000 trees totally wasted.
    Recently on radio talkback a Dunedin woman complained that she was now going through 3 times the amount of fuel with her “new clean air act fireplace”, simply because she cannot slow down the burning process and as a result 3 times the amount of fuel is consumed to keep her home similarly warm to her old “pre clean air act” fireplace. OBVIOUSLY EVEN A TOTAL IDIOT would realise that 3 times the amount of fuel being used = 3 times the amount of emissions being made by her “clean air act fireplace”. WHICH MEANS 3 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF TREES being consumed throughout the community to keep their houses warm, due to the advent of these clean air act fireplaces. OFTEN FORCED ON THE COMMUNITY totally against the requirements of the building code, which does not allow anyone in authority to force upgrades to property. (see Kevin Collins ex Timaru fire safety officer on YouTube).
    Obviously this will not help pensioners very much, that their meagre $20 per week winter fuel bill, has just gone up to effectively $60 per week. AS DAMAGES CAUSED. Over a vast number of people. That someone needs to pay for. As effectively money stolen from food and other household essentials. So as to cause a considerable loss of quality of life. AS FURTHER DAMAGES CAUSED.
    Not to mention the fact that “clean air act fireplaces” are assessed on kiln dried wood, which is 9% moisture content.
    WHEREAS wood can be burnt to produce heat in a fireplace, anywhere from nearly bone dry (25% moisture content) to some 45% moisture content. Fresh cut wood is around some 55% moisture content.
    It is once again obvious even to a TOTAL NONG that a fireplace designed specifically to perform at a fuel supply of 9% moisture content has no relevance whatsoever to 25% to 45% moisture content. Depending on whether the wood has been properly seasoned over the summer by sun and air stacked drying methods.
    (1) Remove all the heat pumps and replace them with the older fireplace types that can be adjusted to slow burning.
    (2) Remove all the new clean air act fireplaces and replace them with the older fireplace types that can be adjusted to slow burning.
    The result with be an automatic saving over 5 years of 180,000 trees x 5 = 900,000 trees. By removing the heat pumps. And a further 180,000 x 5 = 900,000 trees by removing the clean air act fireplaces/ converting them to the clean air “slow burning” version. PAYMENT of at least $40 per week to 100,000 people for the past 5 years over 30 weeks, of home heating deception = $4 million x 30 weeks = $120 million x 5 years = $600 million. MINIMUM DAMAGES CAUSED. As well as the planting of 900,000 x 2 = 1,800,000 trees. To alleviate the damages caused to the environment caused by (1) heat pumps and (2) clean air act fireplaces.

    1. mediawhores says:

      and oddly enough the govt are now putting a tonne into forestry – removing trees.
      another anti environment agenda.
      they are all in fact just poisoning agendas.

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